NEW YORK, NY – At long last the holidays are over and we can focus our energies on more important things like drinking all of our gifts and slashing the tires on that car across the street whose alarm goes off every time a roach farts. Then, before you know it, we’ll be on to the glorious month of February, a month so dreary and depressing that they took pity on humanity by only making it 28 days long. But before we get to all of that fun, it’s high time we went through the refrigerator and cleaned out the holiday leftovers. The following is a list of what we found and who/what in sports it reminded us of:

Rancid Thanksgiving Turkey: The New York Football Giants. The Big Blue Blecching Crew has been stinking out the joint since their Turkey Day trip to Denver. Their odor got so bad these last two weeks that even folks in Jersey were remarking: “What smells?”

Fruitcake: Jim Caldwell, head coach Indianapolis Colts. Yes, we realize that playing your starters when your home-field status has been cemented risks injuries (see Wes Welker), but you have to be as nutty as this most horrible of all cakes to throw away a perfect season. Even if the Colts go on to win the Super Bowl, they’ll always think back on what might have been.


Stale, Half-empty Beer: Omar Minaya. As savvy Mets fans decline to renew their season tickets in droves, Omar answers the call by signing Jason Bay. He’s a nice player but he’ll make little difference on a club that has question marks galore and is still stuck with the likes of Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo. Oh yeah, and Jerry Manuel. To borrow from Shaefer Beer’s ad:

    “Omar, is the one GM to have when you’re an agent or another GM!”

Moldy Stuffing: The New York Jets. Like leftover stuffing, you can almost convince yourself that the Jets just might be good. They may even beat the Bengals again this weekend. But I’d take a closer look before you swallow any more. Gang Green ain’t as fresh as rotund Uncle Rex (not you O’Rourke) would lead you to believe.

The Last Slice of Apple Pie: The so-called BCS Championship Game. Yeah, sure, Alabama vs. Texas could turn out to be a great game but playing it almost a full week after New Year’s Day is a joke. I mean, how good is that last slice of pie when all of the ice cream is long gone? It was one thing when they moved the big game from the 1st to the 2nd but, c’mon guys, at least play the damn thing by Monday the 4th!

Overcooked Christmas Goose: Jim Zorn, the Buffalo Bills coaching staff, Mike Leach, and every other coach who’s time has long since been up. If only Brad Childress would someday appear on this list. But, no, the Vikings rewarded him with an extension. He’s like the seconding coming of Denny Green. His team wins despite what an idiot he is. Leaving Favre and Peterson in long after the game against the Giants had been decided was yet another example of his genius.

Sour Egg Nog: Every person that hates the New York Yankees. Of course yours truly is included in this group, and we all still have a sour taste in our mouths after the Bombers won the World Series this year. We can gripe and moan all we want about the financial chasm between the Yanks and everyone else but, bottom line, they won. So, hold your nose and drink up.


A Handgun in the Vegetable Crisper: Gilbert Arenas. Where else is Agent Zero gonna keep his gat now that the NBA won’t let him keep it in his locker? Besides, the vegetable drawer also happens to be Homer Simpson’s favorite hiding place for his gun.

Assorted Legs, Breasts, and Thighs: Tiger Woods. C’mon who else would you expect here? You know you’ve been a naughty boy when the New York Post prints a 12-month calendar featuring a different babe you cheated on your wife with for each month. Did anyone catch this in Monday’s paper? Classic.


Two Slabs of Fatty Ham: Carlin & Mike Francesa. Funny how the Mets and Yanks both have a big round face with a giant mouth to trumpet the exploits of their respective clubs. Carlin is on the SNY payroll but Francesa (apparently) does his shilling for free. In any event, if the FCC can’t ban these two from television can’t we at least get them on “The Biggest Loser?”

OK, that should do it for the fridge. I’d better get to work on cleaning that oven as I may need a place to put my head after the Super Bowl is over. See ya next week.

    Assorted Legs, Breasts, and Thighs
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Wednesday: Angry Ward, who has admirers at the NY Times, is the quintessential angry sports fan but one exception… he’s flat-out funny. And the angrier he gets, the more amusing his work becomes. Psychiatrists say, “Angry Ward’s ‘anger’ is a direct result of “Bronx/Mets syndrome: growing up in the Bronx as a Mets fan.” As if that weren’t enough, his Minnesota North Stars abandoned him for Dallas, forcing him to embrace The Wild the way conservatives embrace Mitt Romney. While the Vikings tease him incessantly with flirtations of success, the Golden State Warriors, “Don’t have a enough short, white angry guys but I don’t dislike them… that much.” A-Dubya is MTM’s longest-tenured indentured servant, its Larry David and quite simply, The Franchise.

  • ChibaLotteAkita

    The picture of the turkey scared me. I did not expect it to move. You are very funny.

  • Dude

    nice one here ward… i did catch the mistress a month tiger calendar in the post… notice how the quality diminished considerably for the final 6 months?

    2010 should be fun… time to crack open that schaeffer!

  • Jersey Girl

    Tiger Woods is a jerk but every single woman he was with knew he was married. His wife had to know about this. Just the number of women would be impossible for him to hide.

  • miguel1082

    the biggest loser is omar minaya and every met fan on here. jason bay isn’t as good as jayson werth and he is getting beltran money.

  • Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

    You Americans don’t have the temperance for leaving food for another day. You’re obese and disgusting.

  • Sams A Fan

    I can’t really argue with Alexander what’s-his-face as I’m still full and hung over from a birthday night bacchanalia at the Oyster Bar last night. 24 delicious bivalves slurped down (actually 23, my wife had one of the kumomotos) and many glasses of chilled Stoli to go with it. But I can call out Miguel from down the turnpike and say what the h-e-double hockey sticks are you doing on a Met website you moron?!?

    Great post Ward. I’ve written to my congressperson and requested that the name “Wednesday” be officially renamed “Wardsday!” What do you think?

  • Dr. Diz

    The Colts actions were almost as cheese weasly as the way the wound up in Indiana-no-place…in the middle of the night. Now the rest of America can join the city of Baltimore in hating the franchise. Tanking a perfect season…the ghost of vince Lombardi is going to come visit them in the night, with tales of NFL past, present and future. What a bunch of putzes.

    I still say Tiger Woods should move in with John Daly and make a reality TV show out of it. Babes and Brews on Tour.

    It’s funny that one of the BCS’s main arguements against a playoff is that it would be “hard on the players” and “take away from school time”. And then they extend the championship into…school time. Dip sh*ts.

  • Randy Levine

    Cooked the turkey in the tub. Nightmare cleanup

  • Johnny 9X

    Ward, love your thoughts but disagree on Childress. He has the number one prima donna on his hands and is going to the playoffs. Diva Brett probably told him he wasn’t coming out. If he ain’t goin’ – Peterson ain’t goin…

  • Different Matt

    Another sublime effort, A-Dub. Thank you. The Colts have angered the football gods and everyone who, like myself, hates hearing about the ’72 dolphins and their champagne toast. The Colts will get their comeuppance for their actions.

  • Grote2Dmax

    Wardsday it is Sam. Moldy stuffing is a perfect analogy for the Jets this playoffs.

  • Junior Blaber

    That Tiger calendar reminds me did anyone see the Jimmy Kimmel skit with the commemorative plates

  • Sams A Fan

    The one with Billy Dee Williams? It was from Kimmel? It was brilliant. Thanks Blaber, you just solved an annoying mystery for my entire office.

  • A-Dubya: Sorry for late surfacing but we have breaking news after our exclusive interview with Roberto Alomar, yesterday:

  • We will deal with this tomorrow, however, as Mariah Carey warrants our full attention at this exact moment:

  • philview

    Blyleven missed by five votes, Alomar by eight. First time that two players have missed by less than 10 votes in the same year. You would expect both to get in next year. It was Alomar’s first shot; Blyleven has been on the ballot since Eisenhower was President.

  • West Coast Craig

    Matts, I had something very witty and timely to respond to AW’s great post, but now you’ve thrown off my concentration with that clip. Somebody help that poor woman…and don’t let Jeter near her ever again.

  • philview

    On Dawson, hell, I don’t know. Always thought he was a real good player, nice nickname, but never great, except for that one year with the Cubs. I mean, the guy played 20 years, and averaged about 21 homers and 80 rbi a year, with a .279 average. Nothing to write mother about.

    Hit 30 homers only three times; drove in 100 runs just four times. Good for some positions, but not for a power-hitting outfielder. What defines great?

    Okay, like most GOOD players, you can pick something out that’s “Hall-worthy” – his gold gloves, or his membership in the 400-300 club (homers and steals), with only Mays and Bonds.

    But in my opinion, they let in another good guy, not an immortal.

  • Sams A Fan

    Philview, 20 home runs per when the Hawk was hitting them is not the same as it is now. I grant you it’s not knocking the cover off the darn thing, but both your Phils and my Mets would’ve been ecstatic to have him back during any of those years.

    As for Robbie, it sound’s like his punishment for spitting is to sit out of the hall for a year to think about what he’s done, and next year he’s in.

  • Finns

    good stuff man

  • Yankee Joe

    No question your boy Robby should be in C’Town Matts. Nobody could handle balls better then him. Just bad luck that another Mutt didnt get in.

  • Angry Ward

    Sam, I’m touched. We could come up with a Carvel-like slogan to get the change across: Wednesdays are now Wardsdays at MTM and everywhere else dammit. I love that you gorged yourself at the Oyster Bar. Let it never be said that Sam is not a true New Yorker.

    Johnny 9x, I humbly disagree with you on Childress. I’ve been watching him for the last few years and he’s clearly overmatched by most other coaches.

    Finally, Different Matt, I agree 100% with you on the ’72 Dolphins and their sophomoric champagne toast every year. It truly makes me sick.

  • philview

    Sam – absolutely, I would have loved to have the Hawk in Philly. I thought he was a real, real good player. I guess I’m a crab, and still think that the Hall is for no-brainers only. If you’re on the bubble, then you don’t belong.

    I’m not going to picket the ceremony or anything. I mean, Bill Mazeroski, Rabbit Maranville, Hack Wilson, and a bunch of other non-deserving souls are in there, and the Hawk was better than all of them.

    I also agree with you that Robbie caught the first-ballot brunt of that old adage – “spitters never win.”

  • Angry Ward

    Of course Alomar didn’t get in the Hall. It’s the curse of Meet the Matts. I’ve been toiling here for years and not one stinking Pulitzer. In fact, no awards for any of us, not even a Razzie. I’d be lucky if they let me into Duff Gardens at this point.

  • Sams A Fan

    Phil, I think I’m just playing devil’s advocate today, because I also think the Hall should be for no brainers. Speaking of which where’s Jerry Lumpe been these days? On the other hand I did really like Dawson in “Hogan’s Heros” And his ability to play an English bloke while fending off the unwanted advances of that lecherous Bob Crane are pretty hall-worthy if you ask me. On the other other hand, his time on Family Feud should probably disqualify him from the hall. Never mind.

  • Dude

    glad the hawk got in… if rice gets in he deserves it also…i only really saw alomar with the mets, and he was so bad i say it supersedes anything he did before… all stars, gold gloves, world series? they mean nothing— bottom line: he stunk up the joint in ny– no hall for you buddy. philview, nice one re: the eisenhower admin for blyleven. how is he still on the ballot? wardsday is 2 for 1 day at carvel from here on out, just present your meet the matts biz card for 2 whale of a dad cakes for the price of one.

  • Sams A Fan

    Oh yeah Ward, if you do get in to Duff Gardens, watch out for Surly, he’s only out for Surly.

  • PhillyPhanatic

    Sam-Would we have been ecstatic to have him back in the day? Certainly. But I don’t think that is a criteria for the Hall of Fame.
    In my opinion, was the player dominant in his era and I am not convinced that Dawson was. He only led his league in HRs once, and finished top 3 three other times. He led the league in RBIs the same MVP season but only had one other Top 5 in RBIs. He led the league in hits once and total bases twice. NEVER in runs scored, OB%, slugging percentage.
    He did have that one amazing MVP season, but only two other times was he in the Top 5 and only 3 times total in the Top 10 in MVP voting. He won the MVP for a last place team so it wasn’t his team that prevented him from being voted as one of the 10 best players in his league ONLY three times.
    Dale Murphy has 2 MVPs and led the league in major categories many more times than Dawson. Don Baylor, Dave Parker and Met favorite Goorge Foster all had more dominant statistics then Dawson and the same number of MVP awards.
    Yes, I would have loved to have him on my team. But I’d love to have David Wright playing third and batting 7th for my team as well.

  • Dude

    cookie, in these uncertain times there will be no new mold at carvel, sorry…

    the whole hall criteria really confuses me… especially when you hear people in the sports media talk about how someone is a “first ballot hall of famer” while they are still playing, but it means nothing… i remember back in the day there was always talk that harold baines was a sure fire hall of famer and he gets 33 votes… so what really is the criteria? why is robbie alomar a shoe in and don mattingly doesn’t even get 100 votes?

  • philview

    DUDE, I was on the fence with Rice as well. Unlike Dawson, though, I remember him as being a dominant player. But come on – finally getting in your fifteenth time on the ballot? I thought those types of elections only happened in Cuba.

  • philview

    While I’m on the subject, isn’t it time the Veteran’s Committee is disbanded? Joe Gordon, and his .268 lifetime average, getting in last year was a travesty. 58 years after he retired, and 30 years after he played.

    SAM, Jerry Lumpe is resting – he slept with every member of the Vet Committee last year to make sure that old Yankee Gordon got the nod.

    Finally, COOKIE – worked up HOW?

    Worked up for great blog posting – or “Robbie Alomar led the league in sacrifices in 1979 I’m wearing red cotton panties” worked up?

    Please clarify.

  • philview

    I’m sorry, I meant to say Gordon was elected 30 years after he died. There, the math makes more sense now. Old Joe wasn’t even around to speak at the ceremony. He was a dull speaker anyway, like DiMaggio.

    But enough about Joe Gordon –

    Hey Cookie, did you know that Andre Dawson was sixth in the league in triples in 1988?

    What does that do for ya?

  • jgclancy

    Hahahaha..Hall of Fame…in a thousand years no one will give a crap about something they once played called baseball….but that’s just the Ghandi in me talking not the beer….and no comments Levine!
    Now football…that’s forever… and dang it I’m back to hating the Washington Redskins after they hired that backstabbing, no good sunaby-itch Shanahan!!
    I will root for Dallas,The Giants and The Eagles to crush them every game next year!!!
    SAF–well done at the Oyster Bar–you made me proud….another thing I won’t eat = bivalves!
    I think it should be spelled Wardesday though. Anyone with me??
    AW– I give you the “Clancy Commemoritive Medal Of Honor aka Pledge Pin” for going above and beyond the call of duty in Mattlandia and for all Mattheads.
    In reality just name your Bourbon of choice and I’ll bring it for the Vikings next win!!

    Childress is like a Little League coach I knew. His team had the best players and won it all but he couldn’t even teach his own kid how to hit the ball or throw. sad.

  • PhillyPhanatic

    Mattingly had a three year run where he was arguably the BEST player in baseball, and a 4th season where he was just a notch below. In 1986, if the Yankees had beat out the Red Sox, he may have been a 2 Time MVP since bubble head Clemens won the award that year. Maybe if Mattingly quit after 10 years due to an eye problem and then croaked, he would be in.
    Alomar never led the league in anything but 2B are hard to judge because next to Joe Morgan for an eye blink and Chase Utley today, 2B are not in the best in baseball conversation. Alomar was the best at his position and won 4 silver sluggers. But so did Lou Whitaker and Julio Franco.
    By the way, do you know the infielder with the MOST silver slugger awards? Barry Larkin. Yet, he only had 51.6% of the vote.
    Larkin was an MVP, a 12 time All Star, 9 Time Silver Slugger and 3 Time Gold Glover in the Ozzie Smith era.
    Given the choice, who would you rather have on your team, Larkin or ALomar?

  • PhillyPhanatic

    So, any moisture yet Cookie?

  • Dude

    mattingly: 14 seasons 2153 hits 1099 rbi 222 hrs .307 avg

    alomar: 17 seasons 2724 hits 210 hrs 1134 rbi .300 avg

    alomar: 1990-2001 dominant
    mattingly: 1984-1995 dominant

    mattingly: 6 all stars, 1 mvp, 9 gold gloves
    alomar:12 all stars 0 mvp’s (highest 3rd- 1999), 10 gold gloves

    so basically alomar fleeced the mets & white sox for a few years of sub par play and mattingly retired with dignity after having a dominant playoff

    f alomar

    how’s that cookie… levine’s warming up the hot tub

  • Dude

    PP the 2nd base argument is kind of bs… you are either great or not, there should be no quota for positions

  • PhillyPhanatic

    Dude-No wonder why you are confused. Mattingly DOMINANT 84-95? WOW.
    1990 – .256 5 HR 42 RBIs in 105 games
    1991 – .288 9 HR 68 RBIs in 152
    1992 – .288 14 HR, 86 RBIs in 157
    1993 – .291 17 HR, 86 RBIs in 134
    1994 – .304, 6 HR and 51 RBIs in 97
    1995 – .288, 7 HR and 49 RBIs in 128

    Mattingly was dominant from 84 to 87, very good in 88 and 89 and below average for 6 more seasons.
    The reality is that Mattingly fleeced the Yankees for six seasons, while Alomar fleeced the Mets and White Sox for only three seasons.

  • Dopey Dude: Are you completely daft, too?! Aside from Jim Rice BEING IN THE HALL, Alomar’s stats, regardless of his Shea hiccup, are exceptional. You, Sir, are an ignoramus. No offense.

    Philly Phanatic: Nobody had more hits than Alomar for a DECADE. He did that while winning 10 Gold Gloves with 12 All-Star appearances. He has two World Series Rings to Donnie Baseball’s… Uh, ZERO! Did we mention that he had us in his house yesterday?!

    Cookie: Throw philview a bone, it’s cold in Philly.

    SAF & jgclancy: This is some of your best work, to date!

  • PhillyPhanatic

    Which decade would that be?

    By the way, big deal, Richie Ashburn had more hits in the 1950s than any player in baseball. Yes, more than Aaron, Mays and Mantle. He only got in because of the backlash from the good old boys putting in Phil Rizzuto for no good baseball reason.

    I know you need to say that Alomar stuff for political reasons, but we don’t have to agree.

    Wait, my phone is ringing. I’ll be back.

  • PhillyPhanatic

    Alomar was screwed. He should have been voted in easily this year. Who knows what these voters are thinking? I wish we had him on our team. Utley should retire and Alomar should come back. He’s only 40. He would probably STILL be the best 2B today.

  • Dude

    maybe the term dominant is too strong for the 2nd half of mattingly’s career. but his numbers are very similar to alomar’s career wise. he was exceptional for half of his career and just really good for the 2nd half vs solid throughout, but never exceptional for alomar. its really about the position, which i think is ridiculous. and while he may be a good guy and welcomed the matts in his home he still stunk with the mets.

  • bosoxbruins04

    Dude, you may want to see this:
    James Edward Rice (born March 8, 1953) is a former left fielder in Major League Baseball. Rice was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on July 26, 2009, as the 103rd member elected in by the BBWAA.

  • Yankee Joe

    Lookeee all the Mutt fans arguing about Robby! Typical of you idiots to take 2 minutes of a players career and make a judgement. Mattingly should be in – no question. So should the Matts boy Robby. Dudette is a nice girl but she doesnt no sports

  • Yankee Joe

    I meant know – dont let your mascara run Dudette

  • Dude

    i didn’t say either did or didn’t deserve to get in… just that i DON’T UNDERSTAND the criteria for admission you dopes. its incredibly inconsistent and will only get more so when bonds, clemens, and sosa are up for a vote.

  • Grote2Dmax

    I hope The Hawk lets Mariah Carey introduce him in Cooperstown.

  • jgclancy

    From The Matts: “SAF & jgclancy: This is some of your best work, to date!”

    I apologize.Not for SAF , of course, who is usual right on and too down to earth and realistic. I never strive to be anything but sarcastic, pedantic and mediocre. I will dumb it down aka YJ, Lord Pferrerneusse and apparently Johnny 9X for his belief that Childress is a good coach. Johnny 9x, please read my previous post.
    PP….I have to state that none of the people in baseball mentioned in anybodies posts today (including Rice) should be in the HOF. The fact that writers vote them in is really a shame since they usually don’t know jack!
    Dearest Lord Baron von Pfefferneusse Phatelence:
    You said, “You Americans don’t have the temperance for leaving food for another day. You’re obese and disgusting” Apparently, you do not ( note theabsence of an apostrophe, know Americans who not only overindulge but make sure there is food leftover for days on end….we chew it all with nice white, straight teeth too! I’m sorry if this idea is foreign to you…but I guess I’m just ebing pedantic!
    Go Chippewas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • jgclancy

    P.S-Yeah..I’ve been drinking White Russians again!!

  • Randy Levine

    Gandhi’s in the tub. So is Ghandi.

  • Sams A Fan

    Matts, thanks, but it wasn’t me, it was the oersters. By the way, don’t anybody believe the aphrodisiac myth about oysters. I had 23 of them last night, and only 3 of them worked.

  • jgclancy

    Mohandas or mohatma…ghandi or gandhi..favre or farve…dechone or desean..tomato or tomahto..Economics or eeconomics….coin or kern…jgnancy or jgclamidia ( well, jgclamidia is still better than anything Yanker Joe’s little mind could ever conceive—I think SAF came up with that one..) .
    Well, let’s just say at least Levine covered all the angles!
    Go Chippewas….well, just cover the 4 point spread at least!

  • jgclancy

    P.S.–Oh yeah, I before E except after C…but I digress…been watching too much tv for this last commercial reference

  • philview

    Somewhere, far away, in a shadowy room half-lit by a dying fire, next to a phone that didn’t ring, and may never ring, Fred McGriff, his home run total forever frozen at 493, is sitting alone by the smolder, inconsolable.

    The night nurse looks in, and all she hears, over and over, is the same pitiful mumble from the broken man – “Seven more. Seven more. All I needed was seven more. Seven more. Seven more. All I needed was seven more.”

    She wipes away a tear, and closes the door softly.

  • jgclancy

    His home run total….the same as Lou Gehrig……is he Lou Gehrig….NO…..but without him Atlanta never wins a WS despite all those playoff appearances. He was a classy guy and while I await PP to chime in with the satistical yea or nay on McGriff,,he was a 1980’s Yankee mistake trade for Dale Murray. McGriff as a Yankee with 493 homers gets in the HOF easy because of the overvalue of doing anything as a Yankee player….oh wait, Mattingly has proved this theory wrong, didn’t he?

  • philview

    JG, the Phanatic and I go back and forth on McGriff, waffling like politicians in a brothel. There is no right stance, we’ve learned. Plenty of pros and cons – the prototypical “bubble” player.

    Like Dawson, he was a “very good” player for a long, long time – even better in some ways. Ten 30 home run seasons is pretty impressive. But was he ever “great?” Maybe not. But there are an awful lot of guys in the Hall who didn’t get to 493. It’s just strange – 500 homers is a ticket, while 493 gets you 20% of the vote. Don’t get it – never will.

    Our guess is – his stock will rise when more steroid boys start to hit the ballot. McGriff, by all accounts, got to 493 without syringes in the ass, so he should get the backlash votes.

    Fun stuff.

  • jgclancy

    I always thought he was the guy that was good enough to make whoever was behind him better since they’d pitch around him if they could.
    Can’t accept Mac, Sosa, Barry B***s, etc and when they get to that point they say,” Hey, he did it without chemicals” . Of course, it’s voted on by sportswriters who ain’t (yes ain’t) the brightest bulbs on the tree.
    Politicians waffling in a brothel.??.I thought they just charged it to the taxpayers and said, ” Yeah baby !”

  • Angry Ward

    Christ, I only wish I could take credit for all of these posts.

    Clancy: Rip Van Winkle Bourbon, 15 yr. or under. Anything older is a rip off. 12 yr. is sublime.

    Goodnight Alexander Boris, wherever you are. Hatchacha.

  • jgclancy

    Rip Van Winkle Bourbon it is!!
    The Central Michigan Chippewas battled back against mighty Troy in the fourth quarter at the GMAC Bowl! They overcame a 31-19 lead and went ahead 34-31. Troy laid siege to the last minute and tied it up at 34-34.
    OT had the Chippewas scoring first with a TD but couldn’t hold back the hordes out of Troy who tied it at 41-41. Finally, the defense pretended to be Greeks bearing gifts and stopped the Trojans which allowed the offense to chip (yes chip) in a FG to win it in 2OT.
    Why do I care? My friend needed the Chippewas to win by 5 to complete a 4 game college bowl parlay for big bucks…..alas, he has nothing but a white ticket slip and an empty wallet to show for such a great game!

  • Don’t you dare ‘Dumb It Down’ jgclancy! Dont u dere!

  • mezmanhattan

    i’m a Giants and Mets fan so a dreary winter just may very easily lead to a boring summer .. Thank God hockey lasts until June , unless the Rangers blow it too, in whioch case i’ll sleep til August …

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