By Rex O’Rourke,

Stony Point, N.Y. – I have to admit it. I love Jets fans. They are among the most loyal in the land and have certainly endured their share (and my share and your share) of heart ache over the years. Even this crusty old Giants supporter has jumped on the bandwagon a bit. It’s probably a one and done, but that’s why they play the games, right?

Last night I attended a little get-together at the clubhouse for The Friends of the Hudson River Valley and experienced life in the ultimate Man Cave. Multiple TV’s, fireplaces, grills, adult beverages, ribs, wings… well you get the picture. What separated this gathering from many others was the rabidity of the fan base. We’re talkin’ guys that have gone to 240 straight Jets home games (and some roadies as well) and tailgated ’em all! I should be so dedicated, or crazy, I’m not sure which.

Any way, I was thinking about all the times Jets fans have had their heart ripped out of their collective chests and shown their still beating tickers. Richard Todd, A.J. Duhe, Bernie Kosar, Keith Byers, the list goes on and on. Yet Fireman Ed’s faithful do just that; they keep the faith. I was happy to see the diehards get a W yesterday and with that D and running game I suppose anything is possible.

Even Mark Sanchez, who was asked a bit more of than usual, showed signs that he’s the real deal and played a terrific game with a few very good throws. I wonder what Pete Carroll thinks now? So dream your little dream Jets fans, live to fight another day, and enjoy it while it lasts, because it rarely does. I’m happy for yuuz!

I finished at 27-21-3, after a miserable O’fer, recording only a handful of victories in the last five weeks, yet still finished well above .500 for the year. If anyone was actually taking my advice and wagering hard earned dough on my selections, I hope you won. Caveat Emptor! You’re on your own for the playoffs!

Happy New Year,

P.S. Watching Philly play Dallas in the playoffs was akin to having my gums scraped. It was only a question of which team I hated more. Unfortunately, that team prevailed. UGH!

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  • jgclancy

    Hmmm….no unofficial picks for the day REX? Come on man…I know you don’t care about who wins but pick ywo teams. I go with GG & Patriots.
    I came out ahead 140 for the season on my conservative play.
    Cookie, that was one nice GO VIKINGS! you posted ….keep it up.
    Breakfast is done …..3 1/2 hours ubtul kickoff….to the supermarket!

  • miguel1082

    mcnabb has to go and so does the o-line and fat andy. they had no answer if last week. disgusting. go flyers

  • jgclancy

    P.S.–man that was a lot of typos from me. And Rex… excellent work on the proper usage/spelling of the word ” yuuz”….A+ there.

  • Rex: Nicely done, succinct. Yet that Jet draft flashback is of the Vietnam ilk. Ugh.
    miguel1082: The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl – just sayin’…
    jgclancy: You have a Grammar Pass, here. Don’t you get yourself bogged down in minutiae.
    Cookie: You bashin’ the Rangers with an un-PC slur?! Watch your step, or we’ll send Nick Fotiu to your stoop.

  • Time Warp Tony

    Next time Nicky Fotiu lights up Wilson, I’ll be at the Spectrum for it. Anybody have ticket connections?

  • Finns

    Hey Rex yeah you were over .500 but your no Jimmy the Greek. Where the hell is Stonypoint? the Matts putting you in exhile? at least they like the jets and eat wings.
    Nice hockey fight. Your a man’s man o’rourke now step away from the typewriter and get laid.

  • Rex O Rourke

    Hey Finns, cut down on the coffee. No need to work blue. Note to Keyshawn Johnson and Cris Carter. “Imo” is not a word.

  • Dr. Diz

    I remember seeing Joe Willie score on a naked boot leg on his gimpy knees in the last minutes of play to seal the victory of a lousy Jets team over a lousy Giants team back in the Yale Bowl. 1973 or 74…I forget which. Carl Barzilouskus at DT (the pride of Kennedy High Eagles in Waterbury) and then, a little later on, Gasteneau, Klecko and the Sack Pack. A little further back than that, Don Maynard catching Joe’s passses and Emerson Boozer up the middle.

    Looks like the TX Rangers are picking up Bad Vlad Guererro to play DH. Will be a steal if he comes back from his injury riddled season.

    Cookie. Ozzie Guillen and the denziens of South Chicago officially exonerate you for the use of the word homo, blow up dolls, or utilizing the word that rhymes with “truck” as an all purpous adjective, adverb and conjuntion in everyday speech. If Ozzie can do it, so can you.

  • Dr. Diz

    P.S. NO PLAYOFF PICKS? Whaz up wit dat?

  • Rex O Rourke

    You will all have to learn how to gamble without my help. I pick games because I’m in a regular season pool. It’s 2010, time to focus on pitchers and catchers.

    Writer’s note – I didn’t mean to throw Freeman McNeil, who was a great back, under the bus in that video, but it was just too priceless.

  • Grote2Dmax

    That was a great video Rex. Whenever these GM’s go off the board with some pick it usually backfires. They should learn that they are no smarter than the guys who get paid to do this for a living now. My Rams would be a million times better off if they just went with Mel Kiper’s best available every time they pick – recent top picks like Chris Long and Donnie Avery would be Matt Ryan and Deshawn Jackson instead.

  • Jersey Girl

    Joe Namath naked – ewwww… lol

  • vinny from brooklyn

    rex, i agree with the matts about that being like vietnam for a jet fan… but freeman mcneil was a great pick. they left out browning nagle, though.

  • Ed Nelson

    Vinny, with all due respect the only player out of the following drafted above McNeil in ’81 was LT at #2

    Hall of Famers Taken in 1981 NFL Draft
    Lawrence Taylor, LB, New York Giants – 1st round (2nd overall)
    Ronnie Lott, DB, San Francisco 49ers – 1st round (8th overall)
    Mike Singletary, LB, Chicago Bears – 2nd round (38th overall)
    Howie Long, DE, Oakland Raiders – 2nd round (48th overall)

    Mark May of the Skins was also a number 1 after McNeil

    1 New Orleans Saints George Rogers RB S Carolina
    2 New York Giants Lawrence Taylor LB N.C
    3 New York Jets Freeman McNeil RB UCLA
    4 Seattle Seahawks Kenny Easley DC UCLA
    5 St. Louis Cardinals E.J. Junior LB Alabama
    6 Green Bay Packers Rich Campbell QB California
    7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hugh Green LB Pitt
    8 San Francisco 49ers Ronnie Lott DB USC
    9 Los Angeles Rams1 Mel Owens LB Michigan
    10 Cincinnati Bengals David Verser WR Kansas
    11 Chicago Bears Keith Van Horne T USC
    12 Baltimore Colts Randy McMillan RB Pittsburgh
    13 Miami Dolphins David Overstreet RB Oklahoma
    14 Kansas City Chiefs Willie Scott TE South Carolina
    15 Denver Broncos Dennis Smith DB USC
    16 Detroit Lions Mark Nichols WR San Jose State
    17 Pittsburgh Steelers Gary Keith DE Oklahoma
    18 Baltimore Colts2 Donnell Thompson DT N C
    19 New England Patriots Brian Holloway T Stanford
    20 Washington Redskins3 Mark May T Pittsburgh
    21 Oakland Raiders4 Ted Watts DB Texas Tech
    22 Cleveland Browns Hanford Dixon DB So Miss
    23 Oakland Raiders5 Curt Marsh T Washington
    24 San Diego Chargers James Brooks RB Auburn
    25 Atlanta Falcons Bobby Butler DB Florida State
    26 Dallas Cowboys Howard Richards T Missouri
    27 Philadelphia Eagles Leonard Mitchell DE Houston
    28 Buffalo Bills6 Booker Moore RB Penn State

  • Dr. Diz

    Um, naked bootleg. A football play. No one blocks for you when you run (or in his case, hobble) around end.

    In his time, Broadway Joe reportedly got his backfield in motion with quite a few female fans from New York. Toast of the town, not an ewww was heard..he held out until his early 50’s before getting htiched on a permanent basis.

    Smart man, very smart man.

  • jgclancy

    I looked on Youtube…last video of Dancing Larry is in October so I’m guessing he’s still around.
    J-E-T-S are going to San Diego with Ravens winning. I predict they will not do well against the Bolts. They don’t match up well.

  • Rex: Like a savvy politician, you keep avoiding the demand of your fans re picks!
    Cookie: Yeah, but still!
    Ed Nelson: Freeman McNeil would have gone down as a Super Bowl name if not for Don Shula’s wise move to keep the tarp off the Orange Bowl field, making Adam Joseph Duhey a legend.

  • Finns

    Good advice Rex. Now how about some playoff picks?

  • Sams A Fan

    Keith Van Horn played pro football before sucking in the NBA?!?

  • Angry Ward

    Rex, you’re tops with me, but please try to avoid any further mention of Fireman Ed, one of the most annoying fans on the planet. By the way, James Brooks was a great pick for the Chargers at #24, how on earth did he end up with the Bengals? I can’t recall.

  • Finns


  • Junior Blaber

    The jets showed the giants how you finish with some style and not give up on the season for the first time in a long time.

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