Baseball vs Cricket: Baseball’s Father Vs America’s Pastime


BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – It’s only fitting that on Angry Ward’s day off, they’re throwing in anger for the first time since somebody that wasn’t a Met got somebody out to win the World Series. Yet today, we’re like giddy girls on Prom Night. Because we have one of our favorite features on camera: Baseball vs Cricket: Baseball’s Father Vs America’s Pastime.

Tony Gwynn

But to whom do we really owe our baseball glee to? Who should we thank? Abner Doubleday? The folks in Cooperstown would have you believe so, but it’s abundantly clear that he’s not the guy. In fact, Hoboken, N.J. calls Cooperstown out on that, claiming they had the first baseball game. However, after a little Wikipedia action, one can see baseball going back to 1744 England. And even more probing – we like probing – has French clerics playing something baseball-like in 1344. Interesting how probing and clerics pop into the same sentence… But there’s no way in HELL that we’re going to attribute our national pastime to France. No frogging tile way!

Instead, we’re inclined to go along with the popular theory that Rounders and Cricket were the likely parents of our MLB baby. Forget inclined – we’re cocksure! So cocksure (we like typing cocksure),  that Cricket is baseball’s Daddy that we went to Australia to check it out – on’s dime. Check it out:

And there you have it. You can see all the similarities. The wicket keeper is the catcher. The bowlers are the pitchers. You got your silly mid-offs (Manny, Ollie Perez, Ozzie Guillen, Roger McDowell) and so on… And the 8-day matches are like a Red Sox/Yankees series.

Now grab your balls and get ready for the high hard one. As you move up in the box, imagine how you’d handle a Randy Johnson… And for Pete Rose’s sake, don’t let any balls hit you in the face!

Baseball vs Cricket… Gotta love it.

Cam James, manana.

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  • ToughGuy5

    Watch the box!

  • The guy spends TWO WEEKS in Florida (unapproved might i add), whereby sports disaster strikes in the form of Peyton Manning becoming a Bronco, Tebow becoming a Jet (still making me nauseous to write that) and Joba open fracture’s his ankle on a trampoline and he gets a day off?!!??       I mean.. the guy hasn’t had one in awhile… and not that he doesn’t deserve it… but i was looking forward to a post-Florida/opening day report from the guy and i’ve got cricket.   

    Just when I thought i couldn’t get any more depressed. …. 

    • AngryWard

      I have no problem with Short Matt printing the second paragraph of the e-mail I sent him requesting the day off.

  • Dude

    whats with this opening day while spring training is still going on thing? isn’t opening day not til next week? what genius came up with this plan? baseball is clearly an improvement on cricket… 7 day long games? silly mid-batsman-on-thymes? sounds like a good cure for insomnia

    • Same genius who came up with this year’s new wild card one-game nonsense.

  • bosoxbruins04

    It would be cool to see aging major leaugers try cricket. Imagine Manny ramirez on the cricket tour? He’d be huge in Pakistan, with fans wearing his wig under their head wraps.

  • Different Matt

    Howzat? That was a wicked googly.

  • Wonkergirl

    Very funny! I didn’t know that was cricket!

  • AngryWard

    The Mariners are a juggernaut. Really explained things to Clancy’s A’s in the land of the rising sun this a.m. Four hits for Ichiro, now hitting in the three hole.

  • vinny from brooklyn

    met hat at the end on big screens – did you guys really get on those?

    • vinny from brooklyn


  • MeetTheMatts

    Replacing Angry Ward is obviously NOT an easy task. It’s like replacing M*A*S*H with Two & A Half Men… But hopefully you got a chuckle from our silliness and in fact learned something… We did. But opening Cricket’s son’s season in Japan is just blasphemy!

    • I watched the cricket World Cup in Bermuda.  It lasted over two days of a weekend.  I went for the 2nd day.   Every time the ball (that’s what i’m calling it) got hit out of the park (for lack of a better word), play had to be delayed for the outfielder to go get it.   The game and cup also ended in a tie.  

      Here is what I learned about cricket…  it sucks. 

  • WestCoastCraig

    nice sunscreen!  

    Maybe Japan should have their opening games here as a sign of good will.  

  • Grote2Dmax

    Vacation? Who gets a vacation?

    • Johnny Rox

      Hey Grote, the Bruins pulled out a tough win last night! Congrats!

      Playoffs right around the corner, new slate!

      We play you guys Sunday at the Garden. I’ll be there screaming like an effin’ retard!!!
      April fools day, WTF is that???

      A win would be nice, but I’m just hoping nobody gets hurt!!!
      My advice to the Blueshirts?

      GO RANGERS!!!

  • Johnny Rox

    Forget what they’ll have you believe!


    Here’s a riddle for ya Mini-Matt
    What does Sasha Grey, the Mets, and Cricket all have in common?

    How do ya name a game after an insect???

    Hey Cook, didja miss my tribute to ya yesterday?


  • Wisconsin Walt

    Is Ward retired in Florida? Lol. I liked th video. Did’nt know a thing about cricket.

  • Tony Gwynn has really let himself go.

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