Baseball vs Football: Bikinis vs Tank Tops… Plus Tebow, Yanks, Hard Knocks Tannehill & More


NEW YORK, NY – As the fall season comes along, the days get darker earlier. Which means it’s time for me to stop wearing a bikini (unfortunately) and move into a short tank top. Baseball vs Football: Bikinis vs Tank Tops… It’s a time when I realize that the only thing I like about this time of year is… that football is back. Well, football and the MLB playoffs – but only if the Yankees can secure this AL East already. But watching my Super Bowl champions lose in Game 1 to their division rivals was very painful. Jerry Jones is like J.R. from Dallas: he’s from Dallas, he’s egocentric and he died in 1980. It’s like the Giants defense wanted to work about as hard as a Chicago school teacher… Anyway, I’m praying that this week our defense does what it is supposed to do and that the Republican National Convention isn’t the only embarrassment from Tampa.

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What’s equally as annoying, though, is Jets fans thinking this is their year. You guys won your first game last season, too. And don’t forget, the Jets only got Tim Tebow because Peyton Manning didn’t want that spot. I’m as impressed by Tebow’s Wildcat as I am with Ryan Tannehill’s overly-hyped plays. And, now it’s reported that Texans defensive end J.J. Watts learned the Miami snap by watching the Dolphins documentary Hard Knocks on HBO. I don’t understand how Watts watches the show and helps win the game… I watch the show and only learn how to put sunscreen on – unevenly – all over my face like Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin.

It’s funny how life and sports can be so contradictory too. Heisman Trophy winner Andrew Luck had 4 turnovers, yet Heisman runner-up, RG3, showed off that Baylor offense. He completed while getting hit and was able to navigate the pocket. It reminds me of how I’d be a lot less embarrassed by a head injury than I would by being seen in a bike helmet. Or, for that matter, Bruins forward, Tyler Seguin signing a $5.75 million/per, 5-year deal, when I’m more likely to see Roger Goodell bear-hug Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma – like the pizza guy in Florida did to President Obama – than to see any NHL season. Not to mention, I am pretty sure I can buy Boston for $5.75 million and have change left to buy the NHL.

Tell me your thoughts below 😉 and also check out Cam James. You get a double dose from us today.

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