2016 Favorites & Betting on Obama… Literally


ST. LOUIS, MO – Beneath the friendly friendly Stepford wifey Fantasy Football Work League that all of you are in there is always a guy in the office that either A) has a bookie, B) is a bookie or C) knows where to find one because he bets “occasionally.”

Cheesy Bruin now on C-Note.

In my office, there are at least three of us and occasionally we compare handicaps and share bits of our picks of who we think is hot and why.  Since I don’t bet on basketball and I lost the farm on the NLCS, I considered my gambling days for 2012 were over then my buddy in the office BLEW MY MIND!  I overheard him say he felt really good about the C-note he placed on President Obama when he was only laying 145….. Wait a second?!  You can place a bet…. On the outcome of the leadership of the free world?!  Where have I been all these years!!! I missed out on placing a bet on a recount.  I missed out on betting on the Ketchup guy to cover the spread.  I missed out on betting against Obama!

But one door opens when another closes, right? And , now I am so excited that I think it’s necessary to think ahead and give some odds on the 2016 presidential election:

Chris Christie 30 to 1:  What is better for the Republican Party that to have a guy run from a traditionally Blue State that elected a Red Leader? Having a guy run from a bleu state that managed to pull off some very conservative agenda’s while in office in that state.

Wait… Watt? What? Watts?

J.C. Watts 100 to 1:  So the Democrats elected a half-black guy? Why don’t the republicans fire back with a black man from Oklahoma that owns a Heisman Trophy?  I mean if Craig James (epic douche) can run in Texas then surely the rest of the country can get behind J.C..

Newt Gengrich: 1000 to 1:  He will try and he will not win but give him an “A” for effort.  Besides, if the Republicans win he will be calling the shots anyways.

Hillary Clinton 10 to 1:  Her husband got elected in Arkansas and she got elected in New York.  Together, that campaign will be very tough to beat…off.  In all reality many marriages stay together for the kids. Does that mean that the Clinton’s thing is that we are all their children?

Rahm Emmanuel 56 to 1:  As some may remember getting elected in Illinois is not very hard.  All you need is a lot of money and Rod Blagojevich’s phone number.  I think Blago makes a run as Rahm’s campaign manager via federal prison and pulls of an upset.

Al Sharpton 5452940582 to 1: Like Newt, he will try and he will not win.  The only difference is that Al will not do so with any semblance of grace, no matter how much he proselytizes about it.

Michelle Obama 2.5 to 1: What could be better than 4 more years of Obama? For fear of alienating some of you, I won’t expand here. We need to hold on to the gaggle of you that read this site.  Actually, maybe Obama is just what this site needs.  We could get some pork barrel financing to encourage you five to have some children and expand the readership.  That would probably keep the writers going as well. Lord knows, a government check would do me a lot better than what this site pays.

Last but certainly not least, my vote for President of the United States: Ron Paul:  Odds he is alive for the 2016 election: 5 to 1.  Odds he wins in 2016: 25 to 1.  For those of you out there that consider yourself to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative; do yourself a favor and stop voting for agendas you don’t wholly agree with and find a candidate that more closely suits what you believe. For me this is Ron Paul.  As long as we exist under a two-party system wherein myriads of lost souls woefully compromise at the ballot box and complain about the outcome, we will surely never grow as a country.

In 2016, don’t vote for someone simply because they are the lesser evil.  Vote for someone that excites you, someone that you truly believe is the best person for the job.  Then maybe someday some intelligible change will occur in Washington.  Until then we will vote for “change” only to be left indelibly disappointed as a result of our own cowardice to enact change ourselves.

Oh, and the Mets ate Jason Bay’s contract.

Cookie’s Corner tomorrow… Unless the dog eats her homework… again.

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Cam James hails from Missouri and is a down-the-line St. Louis fan: Rams, Cards, Blues... Thus his "Ram Rules" column. He hates Kansas basketball, been a wrestler, dabbled in Ultimate Fighting and now plays hardball for a team based out of Harlem. Oh, and he's Opie Taylor white.
  • DannyBax

    Michelle Obama is a top lawyer and extremely well-educated. That’s what Hillary was. But her husband knows better than to cheat on her.

  • You Suck

    Your office sounds like it needs a little Romney/Bain pruning. You first.

  • Fed Up

    Sore losers. Stop crying about it and deal with it.

    • Cam_james

      How am I a sore loser? I didn’t want either guy to win and my guy had no chance. I would say that makes me apathetic but certainly not sore

      • LaurenDe

        You sound like you’re anti-Obama. Are you Mormon? You bring up a joke candidate as your guy. How about real choices?

        • Cam_James

          How about i have voted for him twice now because I don’t believe that either romney or obama is the answer. Ron Paul is not a Joke.

          • Vigril Goode

            You are throwing your vote away! You should have voted for me!

          • Cam_James

            I have had the “throwing your vote away” conversation many times and my only response is that I can not support something I don’t believe in. Merely voting for romney or obama to make my vote “count” is a defeatest mindset. My vote did count. In Boone County Missouri there is a registered vote in my name for Ron Paul.

            Simply giving in is tantamount to accepting that our government is no longer a democracy and the election is merely a dog and pony show. If Henry David Thoroeau were alive he would be right by my side.

          • http://meetthematts.com/ Meet The Matts

            Cam, what you’re saying is that if you were voting on Hall of Fame Inductees and were faced with a choice of Clemens and Sosa, that you’d write in Scott Rolen??? That’s a wasted vote.

          • Cam_James

            I would write in Todd Zielle

          • Dude

            you’d have to learn to spell it first

            i thought this was a sports site… i have had enough politics lately

          • Johnny Rox

            THAT’S EFFIN’ HILARIOUS!!!

          • Johnny Rox

            I’m THRILLED he, and everyone else who voted for Ron Popeil, I mean Paul, Ron Paul!



          • jimclancy

            Leno.Letterman and all the comedians would disagree.

        • Cam_James

          also not Mormon. Religion has not consequence to me as it shouldn’t to you. I would vote for a sheik if i thought he was the best man for the job.

        • http://meetthematts.com/ Meet The Matts

          LaurenDe: Welcome to Mattville! Please bloviate here frequently!

      • MaryStein9er

        Ron Paul is not a friend of to us Jews.

        • Cam_James

          Ron Paul isn’t anti-Semitic. He merely doesn’t support some of the current policies in place towards Israel like paying for their entire military budget. That being said he doesn’t support doing that for almost anyone so it isn’t aligned with Judaism at all.

          That being said if i were Jewish i wouldn’t vote for a guy that would take the safety net away from my homeland.

  • http://twitter.com/Lori_Levine LoriLevine

    Can Ron Paul clean up Hoboken and give me power?

    • AngryWard

      Levine in ’16! That’s my motto.

    • http://twitter.com/Cookies_Corner Cookies Corner

      You’ve still got no power Levine?!? I’ve got mine.. but now have school delays and a critter living inside my bedroom wall. Clearly what I DON’T have is a wink of sleep.

  • jimclancy

    Today I’m going to have a nice toasted poppy seed bagel w/cream cheese at the corner bagel store.

    If they can make money off of it a bookie will let you bet on anything…today’s number of comments has the over/under line at 25 1/2 comments…

    Go Vikings!

  • Grote2Dmax

    Ron Paul will be in a nursing home by 2016.

    • Cam_James

      FDR was pres in a wheelchair with polio. Ron can pull that off. They even look alike.

  • Doc Diz

    Ron Paul wants to bring back the gold standard…whcih qualifies him as an economic idiot. Go with Christie…the country is getting fatter by the day, and needs a big fat slob to lead us….no one like a fat man will understand why we want more, more, more servies but don’t want to pay for it, since most fatties utilize that philosophy in thier personal life as they want to lose weight without cutting back on their calories or exercising.

    Yep…fatso for Pres…vote for the big man from Jersey, a cheesesteak in every pot.

    • AngryWard

      I think the country is still gun shy about voting for a fatty after Taft.

    • Tall Matt

      Loving the “needs a big fat slob to lead us” line.

  • Doc Diz

    p.s. nice to see the nice vote of confidence Wall Street registered after the election of the O Man …down 3%…ouch…it’s gonna be another long, hard slog for the next 4 years.

  • Doc Diz

    p.p.s. anyone who is Catholic, Jewish , Baptist or just about any other organized religon should not be mormon bashing…I mean, Catholics officially believe in exorcism, think ALL birth control is a mortal sin, eat the body of Christ and drink his blood during their services, and officially declare that God speaks directly through the Pope. And they also collaborated with the Nazi’s durung WW2 to make sure their precious Vatican was not harmed. So calling the momo’s wierd is truly living in a glass hosue and throwing some stones. I was raised RC by the way…but could point out all the wierd ass shit in the other beliefs also (why do Jews need to maim guys peckers at birth, for example). So momo bashing is just insecurity masked as rightousness….always a lethal combo.

    • AngryWard

      I defy anyone to find any fault with the practices of Yimology.

      • Yim Clancy

        We, at Yimology, accept all faiths, atheists,agnostics,sports junkies and just about everyone except those who don’t bring something for the BBQ You should be ringing the doorbell at the House of Bacon with your elbows.We’ll expel the occasional whackadoodle but it would take a whole lotta crazy for that to happen.We even would allow Short Matt–I debated long and hard at the last council meeting and drank lotsa scotch but he’s allowed. All beliefs have their quirks and idiosyncrasies…that’s okay….

    • http://twitter.com/DeclanYeats Declan Yeats

      God only speaks to Sarah Palin… and Joe Smith. He found the missing part of The Bible in the woods that said having a harem was holy. You eejit.

  • http://ThePublicProfessor.com The Public Professor

    Actually, odds are already up. Dems are -130, Reps are even money (-110 w/ vig)
    And OddsChecker.com aggregates all kinds of specific bets from various sites. Early faves are Hilary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Paul Ryan. Long shots include Newt Gingrich and George Clooney.

  • Johnny Rox

    LOL, that’s hilarious!

    Ron Paul is the Republican’s Ralph Nader!

    In the 2000 Presidential Election I thoroughly believed in Ralph Naders “Agenda”, but feared what would happen if George W. became President. I didn’t BELIVE in Al Gore, and he certainly didn’t excite me!!!, but I voted for him. That’s called Politics! Too many people voted for Ralph Nader who, given a choice between the “Two Parties” would’ve voted for Al Gore. We ALL know how THAT turned out!!!

    Ralph Nader was a free thinking, neither party affiliate, intelligent man, who didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of becoming President of the United States! He knew that! (Imagine most of America voting for a Candidate who’s first language is arabic??? lol) BUT, HE was a true Independent!

    Ron Paul is a Republican! He’s just another Old Rich White Man who Hates Homosexuals and Black people! Just because he opposes the Republican Party from time to time doesn’t mean squat! This third party you speak of exists, it’s called the Tea Party! They’re motivated by Hate and Anger, remind you of any other group???

    I want to thank you, and every other person who voted for Ron Paul. It’s because of this “throw away vote” that we have Barack Obama as our President for a second term! I voted for Obama, am very proud of all he was able to accomplish in his first term, and am THRILLED to have him at the Helm for anther four years!


    This is why you shouldn’t talk politics on a sports forum!

    • Cam_James

      Ron Paul supports gay marriage and all civil liberties. He has tried running republican simply to get elected because he knows he has no chance as an independent.

      He is in no way alligned with the tea party nor am I. If you believe that Obama is your man then so be it that is your prerogative. But to strike wide ranging platitudes about Ron Paul being a party line republican is simply incorrect.

      • Johnny Rox

        Ron Paul IS and Always was a Republican! And much like a racist who hides it in public, then don’s a white sheet at night, the worst type!!! He didn’t come up an Independent then switch to get elected! That’s simply the waste that comes out of a bull behind!

        As for his Tea Party affiliation, he’s tried several times to buddy up with them! Even going as far as hosting a fundraiser for them in Galveston. He’s quoted as saying “the difference between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party was that the protesters of the former are “Scared to death they won’t get their handouts,” while the latter are “sick and tired of paying for it,” NBC News reported. “I’m on the side of sick and tired of paying for it”

        Straight from Ron Paul’s infamous Newsletter:

        – “I miss the closet. Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressure forced them to hide their activities. They could also not be as promiscuous. Is it any coincidence that the AIDS epidemic developed after they came ‘out of the closet,’ and started hyper-promiscuous sodomy? I don’t believe so, medically or morally.”[174][175]
        – “[Magic] Johnson may be a sports star, but he is dying [of AIDS] because he violated moral laws.”[164][176]
        – “[T]he criminal ‘Justice’ Department wants to force dentists to treat these Darth Vader types [people with AIDS] under the vicious Americans With Disabilities Act;” and “[W]e all have the right to discriminate, which is what freedom of association is all about, especially against killers [AIDS patients].”[164][177]

        Yeah, sounds REAL Pro Homosexuality!!!

        But hey, he supports Gay Marriage! Right? And YOU truly believe that???


        • Cam_James

          He firmly believes that government has no place in things like marriage. I could retort with 1000 obama quotes taken out of context or ripped from some unsactioned source representing obama but i won’t.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harlem-Shaskys/100002347021401 Harlem Shaskys

            Awfully political for a guy who’s nickname is Quaker.

          • Johnny Rox

            Yeah, NOW HE DOES!!!
            LOL, that was RIPPED from Ron Paul’s Newsletter! and its old hat!

            The Tea Party affiliation thing was ripped from an NBC NEWS report! THAT could be considered “out of context”. THAT I’ll give ya!

            Chris Paul would make a better President! His crossover, while illegal, is SICK!!!
            Hell, even Rupaul would be better!!!

            Can we just agree to Ban all Politicians from Texas?


          • Cam_James

            the newsletter stuff was from the 80′s and not written by him. He is looped in because he was an owner and didn’t know what was being published. That has been confirmed in interview after interview and he has apologized for his lack of oversight. not his words. Check his voting record. He is a constitutionalists. He does not discriminate. if he feels something unconstitutional he will vote against something even if he is in favor of the merit of the law he is voting on. If he really was so disgusting then he would not have won primary’s in progressive states like Iowa and Minnesota.

  • WestCoastCraig

    What are the odds on Elizabeth Warren?

  • Tall Matt

    To quell the rancor growing on the site I encourage everyone spend the 8:54 minutes watching our Election coverage meets the NY Giants Super Bowl video above. That there IS some our best work.

    • http://meetthematts.com/ Meet The Matts

      Quell the rancor!? This is our best day since Lori showed her ti…

  • Time Warp Tony

    We call Taft “Raft” because of his rotundity. But when the blazes did Davey Thoreau die?

    • Baseball Lifer

      Tony you kill me!

  • http://meetthematts.com/ Meet The Matts

    Leave it to politics to ruin the biggest story in baseball in decades! Hello??? Anybody out there listening/reading?! The NY Metropolitans, for the first time in 50 years, ate a contract that was over $35.67!!! In newsworthiness, this Overshadows Obama! It Romks Romney! (romks is Mormon slang)… It Trumps Trump. It It Pulvarizes Paul! Come on! The headlines here and everywhere else should be:

    (And the A.P. story)
    NEW YORK, NY – Jason Bay, the Concussion Kid, has rung his bell for the last time in Flushing… as a NY Met, at least. Fred Wilpon’s NY Mets showed some balls – scientists had been questioning the very existence of Wilponian balls – and ate nearly $20,000,000,000,000.00 of the Crashing Canuck’s contract. Wilpon, whose money problems have been well documented, fought back vomit as scientists cupped his balls and demanded that he, “Cough!” Wilpon, to his credit, did not indeed vomit.

    Upon leaving CitiField with two Sanitation Dept trucks filled with cash (one driven by John Franco, Sr.), Bay was overheard saying he can’t wait to play for the Blue Jays, now that his buyout will be safe under the Bush Tax Cuts.

    “In three months, Flushing will be Canada, anyway. This is f*ckin’ awesome timing, eh?”

    More on this story and Obama’s Canada tonight, on FOX News with Charles Krauthammer.

    • vinny from brooklyn

      that is funny!

    • Johnny Rox

      Ahhhhh, that was YESTERDAY’S “Big Story”

      Just sayin…

  • bosoxbruins

    Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul! That video is hysterical… even for a Pats fan. haha

  • AngryWard

    If today has taught us nothing it’s that this site should dump the sports angle (it’s just not working, people) and become a full-time forum for political junkies and religious nuts. So sayeth the Ward.

    • Yim Clancy

      We,at Yimology, accept all political junkies, religious nuts and yes–people who buy coffee et al at Starbucks. From Ron Paul to Rupaul there isn’t much difference once there’s food on the barbie, ice in the glass and sports on the tellie. I just think to myself what a wonderful world…

  • SentFromMyBlackberryWireless

    “I never thought that I would say this, and this is the first time
    publicly that I’ve said it: We need a third party to save this country.
    Not Ron Paul and the Ron Paulites. No. We need a legitimate third party
    to challenge the current system that we have, because I don’t believe
    that the Republican Party … has the ability to rebrand itself.” -Herman Cain


  • Knuckles

    Newt Gingrich calling the shots?! Really? Gingrich’s presidential campaigns are just book tours. Nobody in the party has taken him seriously since ’96

    • JerseyGirl

      It’s over people. Let’s move on.

  • http://twitter.com/JunoirBlaber Junoir Blaber

    JC Watts always sets off alarms!!

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