Brief Turkey Day Football Recap


Couch City – It’s the day after Thanksgiving and many readers on this site are just rousing from a food coma. I’m staying on point with this brief Turkey Day Football Recap:

In the early game yesterday the Lions got hosed by a silly rule involving challenge flags. The Lions did look good but in the end they couldn’t stop Matt Schaub and the Texans. We almost had another game end in a tie as neither kicker seemed to be able to slot anything further than an extra point. After this game it was time for dinner.

Does anyone else think its strange that all of America turns into senior citizens on Thanksgiving? We all think it’s a good idea to eat dinner at four in the afternoon like Thanksgiving is some early bird special down in Del Boca Vista.

The traditional Thanksgiving Cowboys game was a barnburner. By the time I was finishing my first plate and going in for seconds, RGIII had the ‘Skins 25 points to the good. Then by the time I was going in for my second dessert, Tony Romo had brought the ‘Boys to within a touchdown. Washington held out to win in a good one.

I really wish RGIII didn’t play in the NFC East. I want to root for him but I can’t root for the Redskins. The kid can play.

In the night game the Patriots destroyed Sexy Rexy and the Jets. If you weren’t already asleep on the couch due to your 7,000 calorie dinner, this game would have definitely put you to sleep. It was over before it even started. Much like my Thanksgiving dinner.

That’s it for me today. Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was good.

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Different Matt is our cunning Cornell grad/rugby player. "Diff" joined us just after the switch from being "Mets only" to an all-sports stop. He's a Yankee fan; thus he was "different." Aside from the Yanks, he's a diehard NY Giants, NY Rangers and NY Knicks fan. He also likes long walks on the beach and cappuccinos and nearly died in Las Vegas.
  • Baseball Lifer

    That call against the Lions was so ridiculously wrong it made me want to call somebody or write a letter. Then I had some black rum and forgot about it.

    • OregonPete23

      That call was just ridiculous. The coach throws the flag because he knows something is wrong. He is right, but they don’t give him the right call because he threw the flag. That’s like saying a jury can’t convict a killer because the police saw the murder too. Being stoned didn’t help me understand.

  • Dallas Sucks

    All is good, the Cowboys lost.

    • Cookies Corner

      And.. I didn’t kill the Mothra-in-Law and the turkey (the cousin made it) was edible. I also made it about 1/3 way down my fifth of vodka yesterday. All good.

  • Cheesy Bruin

    It was a Johnnie Walker Thanksgiving…JW Red, then Black, and to top it off–Double Black. Slept on the ride home from Staten Island.

  • Meet The Matts

    Sorry we’re late today… We were in TCC Arrest…Tryptophan Turkey Coma! As apparently were the NFL Referees in Detroit. That was just upsetting, like Baseball Lifer said. But we had some Polish beer, some Spanish wine and an enormously obnoxious American meal to focus on, so we were good. That, and our brother Tom – apropos name for the day – doesn’t have TV. Yeah, we were at his house in Ringwood without TV. Oy.

  • WestCoastCraig

    what, you’re too good for the blue plate special?

  • Junoir Blaber

    Less said about the Jets the better!!

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