Can’t Miss NFL Picks: Week 10 Shoe-Ins


POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – A 17-8 record and a .680 winning percentage with NFL Picks sounds like contention for a Cy Young Award in baseball and could only be slowed by last week’s hurricane. No telecommunication service has me posting this column at the local library as I’m hoping all the knowledge shelved within doesn’t interfere with football intelligence.

New England has had anything but a normal past three weeks. An always-heated battle with the Jets preceded a trip across the pond to play the Rams in London and last week’s bye. London was a field trip and then they sat around digesting their Fish & Chips since then so, in essence, the Pats emotions haven’t been stirred since Oct. 21st. Now asking to cover 11 ½ against a division opponent sounds like a risky proposition even if it’s the Bills who have raced out to two touchdown leads the past two meetings against New England only to fall on their defensive faces to the tune of 50+ points each time. The Bills were game in their move up in class falling to the Texans, and after today’s tilt has a winnable schedule through season’s end. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for regular commenter buffalobilly84 and he’ll rejoice in what could be an outright win. Grab those points and the Bills as today’s underdog selection.

It proved to be a chore in finding a favorite to hang the “best” label on. and working their way to .500 after a slow start by winning two straight the Lions find themselves as 2 point road faves upon those merits. The opponents today are the Vikings and it seems as though teams have caught up to Christian “Left To” Ponder but now have to keep the feel good story of Adrian Peterson in check.

Provided Detroit getting the job done here defensively (<90 yds) and running the ball with further improvement the Lions won’t have to rely on the banged-up Megatron (Madden cover jinx?) or Matthew Stafford who for some reason just doesn’t look right this year. Detroit’s tight ends run free en route to keying a six-point victory.

The San Diego Chargers lack big-play offensive ability and rely on Philip Rivers not throwing INTs to win games. Tampa Bay’s defense isn’t scaring anybody as the Bucs are often involved in offensive shootouts because of this shortcoming. The Bolts also have the ability to make the opposition earn their way down the field unlike the Raiders ten-yards-a-carry run defense. Doug Martin will get his yards but in smaller chunks, Rivers stays away from tossing “picks”, and at 47 ½, this game goes UNDER.

The inaugural Enigma Bowl kicks off today as the Cowboys travel to Philthy in a meeting of under-performing teams lacking concentration, discipline, and execution. Both teams have stout defenses saving even further embarrassment by keeping their squads in games. Mike Vick makes more turnovers than a baker and Tony Romo isn’t too far behind as two offenses accustomed to moving the ball at will between the 10’s makes the OVER 44 ½ a risky bet, but I’m counting on the offenses to hold on to the ball enough to score some TD’s instead of FG’s.

Cheesy Bruin

The Public Professor and West Coast Craig, tomorrow… Unless either or both packed up and moved to Colorado or Washington.

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A man amongst men. Cheesy Bruin kicked cancer to the curb – twice. The Cheese Man’s a big, tough teddy-bear who survived the Bronx despite being an unabashed Boston Bruins fan and Sargent-At-Arms for Angry Ward’s Urban Spur Posse. Nuff said. Doctors have taken most of this throat and had to make him a new tongue from thigh-meat (his own) and still he won’t shut up about the Bruins, Cowboys, Pirates and Cleveland Cavaliers. And yes, his kids do love him.

  • ToughGuy5

    Chris Johnson gets stronger as A-Pete goes into hibernation.

    • Peterson is nearly 85% healthy, Tough Guy. He’ll start running down hill today.

  • Rex Ryan

    Those Chargers cheerleaders are painfully hot. I am getting some duct tape and going for a ride in my van.

  • Finns

    So which team has the best cheerleaders?

  • Cheese Man! Good to have you back – although we understand that you had to write this at the library? Are you still without power??? Hope that’s not true… Anyway, we hate to ruin the Buffalo lovin’ – but Brady is going to throw for your winning % today – 680 yards. In the first quarter… Changing gears, are we to read your opening lines as a prediction that R.A. Dickey will be traded?!

    • buffalobilly84

      Come on Mccarthy! You are an ass. You man picks Da Bills and you go Brady on me?! Dont listen!!! Bills will make Cheesy look brilliant!

      • Sam’s-A-Fan

        Cheesy is brilliant. His record speaks for itself. The Bills may further confirm his brilliance, which is legit and not just a factor of standing out next to Short Matt.

      • You guys are making me blush. Good for the ego, I tell ya. Billy you guys outplayed the Pats on both sides of the ball. The goal line fumble and countless penalties killed ya. Head up though, the schedule ahead is NOT daunting one bit.

    • Got power back late Monday as nary a Verizon truck was to be seen around these parts until Friday. Today they were like flies on a steamy August pile of dog scat.

  • Solid choices and a stellar record, Mr. Cheese… For 3 more picks, check out the aforementioned DJ Eberle’s picks on… Here’s the link:

  • 17-8 . . . Bitch, you on fiya! And I’m with ya on that under. luv it.

    • Some guy named McCarthy had a defensive TD among the other UNDER killing scores in that game PP.

  • WestCoastCraig

    Stafford is a total enigma…he’s been a terrible real-world quarterback this year, and again today he had like 90 yards and an INT in the first half…but every week he ends up with 300+ and 20 plus fantasy points.

    • Craig, I’d love to know the breakdown on Stafford’s fantasy points by quarter. Fourth quarter points will always be higher for most QB’s but this guy puts up better garbage time #’s than even Drew Brees and maybe Carson Palmer is in the conversation.

  • HOO-F*CKIN’-RAY! Communication lines are back! I’ve missed all of you guys which further displays my insanity.

  • AngryWard

    All hail the Cheeseman… and my Vikes.

  • Finns

    Not so sure bout the Vikings

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