Post-Sandy Sports: No Baseball, No Hockey. But Jets Won’t Lose & Drunken Ben Storms Into Town


“I can guarantee that the Jets will not lose this week.”

SANDY’S WAKEHurricane Sandy has gone after giving the tri-state area the Port Royal treatment. Now the recovery has begun. I know many people still don’t have power or cable. Which probably doesn’t matter much since there isn’t much worth watching on TV these days anyway. Its back to work for me today since my office got power back late yesteday. One day work week ain’t bad I guess.

The NHL lockout is still going strong and it looks like another round of games and the Winter Classic will be axed soon. There are signs that both sides are growing weary of this work stoppage and I think everyone realizes that the cancellation of another season would ring the death knell for the sport. I don’t know how much longer fans like me and Cheesy Bruin can go without real hockey (that KHL sh!t is unwatchable) but there are no more plans for talks between the sides yet. Hopefully, December will bring with it some real ice hockey. Or I’m going to have to find something else to watch for the winter? Anyone know of a good place around here to watch some caber-tossing or cheese-rolling?

The NY Football Giants are looking good. They finally learned how to beat teams in the division, getting past the Redskins at home and the Cowboys in Jerry’s House, back to back. For a while it looked like the G-men would go 10-6 on the season and 0-6 in the division. But now its looking like all the Giants need to win is to be down by less than a touchdown with less than two minutes left. Up next for Big Blue is a tricky game against Ben “She Can’t Say No if Her Mouth Is Full” Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers. We’ll see whether Eli and the Giants can keep up with Big Ben. Should be another good game.

I can guarantee that the Jets will not lose this week. The league schedule mercifully gives the Jets their bye this week. Mark Sanchez still sucks and plenty of people are calling for Tebow Time. I doubt it will help very much, but they can’t get much worse. Rex might as well give God’s Stepson a shot. They’ve got nothing to lose at this point.

Last night’s Chargers-Chiefs game was the perfect remedy for insomnia. In fact, most Thursday night and Monday night games are pretty bad. I guess they’re something to watch since there’s nothing else on TV, unless you’re an avid fan of Honey Boo Boo (Junoir) or Cake Boss (Cam James).

Basketball’s second pre-season started this week. This one goes until March when meaningful basketball finally starts. The Knicks and Nets should both be good enough to make the playoffs and lose to the Heat. I could care less about the basketball regular season. I barely watch the playoffs.

All of this means its going to be a long winter for me if hockey doesn’t sort this shit out soon. Maybe I’ll head up to Bridgeport or Hartford to watch some AHL hockey. But who wants to spend more time than necessary in Connecticut? Cookie knows what I’m talking about. On the bright side, its only another 110 days or so until pitchers and catchers report.

It’s okay to come out now, friends.

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Different Matt is our cunning Cornell grad/rugby player. “Diff” joined us just after the switch from being “Mets only” to an all-sports stop. He’s a Yankee fan; thus he was “different.” Aside from the Yanks, he’s a diehard NY Giants, NY Rangers and NY Knicks fan. He also likes long walks on the beach and cappuccinos and nearly died in Las Vegas.

  • First Time, Long Time

    Big Ben is as mobile as Big Ben right now. Giants d-line has been chasing mobile QBs all season. Now they just have to get to him. I think they’ll knock him out.

    • He is the toughest QB to bring down because of his size so it will be interesting.

    • Diff

      The key will be to get to Ben quickly. If he has any time to throw down the field, the giants secondary is going to get torched

  • AngryWard

    The only part of the NBA season I can get excited about is this part. The Lakers ar 0-2 and my Warriors are 1-0. They need to go on strike now. Really curious how the Giants will play this week. Doesn’t Eli live in Hoboken? Gotta believe many of the players and coaches have been affected by this storm.

    • Nick Erbocker

      Basketball needs to be a 60-game season. Same for the NHL. Play 3-4 times a week and the players and fans will be better off for it.

      • Too bad the Nets and Knicks didn’t play the opener before the hurricane. That way, they could have both ended the season on a high note.

  • Walking Tall

    Trump’s hair makes the hurricane almost bearable. You guys should follow him with a fan. If Steelers line holds, Rothleisberger will pick apart Giants D II secondary.

    • AngryWard

      Following Trump around with a fan is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time. This could actually put Matts on the map.

    • This is a stellar idea! And if A-Dubya is endorsing it, it must be legit!

  • Diff: Nice work. It’s been great work by the entire MTM crew, and we’re greatly appreciative. If we can distract 1 person for 1 minute from their mess, it’s worth it.

  • Sam’s-A-Fan

    I think it’s easy to see a scenario where the Knicks don’t make the playoffs, what with their ancient and decrepit roster, Amare’s knees and Mello’s head. The sad part is no matter how badly they do, the only head that will never roll is that frog-up Jimmy Dolan!

  • MtM Staff road trip to watch Hartford. Someone set it up!!

  • vinny from brooklyn

    you guys ways make laugh. I need that today. thanks

  • jgclancy

    Is that hair on Trump’s head or are they really snakes like Medusa? It’s rumored if you look him straight in the eye you will fall over dead from uncontrollable laughter.
    Go Vikings!!!
    It’s decided-my new cult is called Yimology (the Y for the J switch seemed good).We will worship in “The House of Bacon”. Tuesdays will be Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon trivia night. Inside will be many big screen tv’s and beer on tap as well as a grill and deep fryer.Any other suggestions are good like poker/pool tables-you get the idea.A statue of Yul Brynner will greet guests at the entrance(he is still and always the patron saint of bald people). Each sermon will start with a short prayer for Short Matt. In place of Amen we will use the word Cheers. So sayeth the Jim.

    • Sam’s-A-Yim

      I’m in! What do I call myself? A Yim? A Yimologist? Or do I just continue calling myself a Heebie-Bastard? As I was a self-hating Jew, having nothing to do with the Judaism aspect, can I now by a self-hating Yim? Also, where does our Church stand on circumcision? While I personally prefer the aesthetic, I gotta say it was traumatic. I don’t care what doctors say about it, I couldn’t walk for a year afterwards! Oh also, as a legit religion, do we get tax breaks for bacon purchases, or if we say buy a smoker?

      • AngryWard

        You had me at deep fryer. Count me in.

    • Diff

      I’m in. This is a phenomenal idea. We just need to hook a celebrity to put us on the map.

    • Time Warp Tony

      You remind me of guy I met last week down in South America. Charming fella. Catchy name – Jim Jones.

      • Time Warp Tony: You could have warned us about Sandy.

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