SEC Haters, BCS Championship Picture & 5 Can’t Miss College Football Picks


FORT WORTH, TX – In New England High School football, my boys from Torrington won the annual Thanksgiving Game. The TCU Horned Frogs put the defensive clamps down on the Longhorns Turkey Day Night. So what could possibly bum yours truly out?

The SE friggin’ C

… and the Minnesota hockey cheerleaders. They’re too cute.

Just two weeks ago, Johnny Football led the Aggies to a victory over vaunted Alabama in THEIR HOUSE…yep, the team that many pundits thought could knock off some of the lower tier NFL teams (you know, NFL teams like the one who somehow thought some Bible-banger who throws more knuckleballs than a Mets Cy Young winner could help them out).

Anyways, after Bama goes down, the entire nation of football fans located outside of the dip south breathed a collective sigh of relief…because we would not have to have another dang SEC team int e BCS Championship, and put up with their collective crowing.

Then bad stuff happened. Baylor somehow whupped up on a #1-ranked Kansas State team. Stanford, as the good Doc predicted, knocked off Oregon.

The result. An undefeated Notre Dame is #1. And three -count ’em, three – SEC teams are ranked 2, 3 and 4.

Alabama, who’s loss to A&M is somehow discounted, is number two. Georgia, who has already wrapped up the SEC east, is #3. And a one defeat Florida team is #4.

Nightmare scenario? USC knocks off Notre Dame and then the winner of the SEC title game (Georgia vs Alabama, provided Bama takes care of business against a crappy Auburn) plays against Florida for another friggin’ ALL-SEC BCS Championship. Yuk.

So what’s an SEC Hater to do?

First, root for Notre Dame. That keeps at least one of the SEC team out.Then, pray for upsets.

Then, we want Georgia Tech, who plays Georgia in a rivalry game that has been nicknamed “good old fashioned hate” to come up big and knock off the Bulldogs.

Then we want the two loss Bulldogs to win the SEC Championship.

Yep..that’s what we want.

For good measure, we want #10 Florida State to knock off #4 Florida.

That way, a one-loss Oregon or Kansas State would play the Domers for the Championship.

And if we’re really dreamin’, we want that crappy Auburn team to somehow upset Alabama.

And even though it won’t figure into the BCS Championship picture, we want #11 Clemson to paste #12 South Carolina. Just to have another high ranked SEC team lose. Because we hate the SEC. And Steve Spurrier also.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, and here are some predictions:
Notre Dame 31, USC 10. USC has to go with their second string QB, a freshman. Not good news against Notre Dame’s top-ranked D.
Georgia 31 Georgia Tech 27. Ramblin’ Wreck makes it tight, but can’t quite do it.
Florida State 30 Florida 10. Seminoles role.
Alabama 50. Auburn 3. Auburn sucks. Really sucks.
Oklahoma State 44, Oklahoma 38. Cowboys win bedlam.

Good luck to Wolcott, Woodland and Ansonia – putting 3 NVL teams into the Connecticut State Playoffs.

See ya at the game.

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Doc Diz resides in Fort Worth, Texas for the past 15 years. When not playing old boys rugby or skiing, he is known for sampling Maker’s Mark for its medicinal qualities. A native of Connecticut, the Doc has managed to move around enough to have lived in all four US time zones, which has allowed him to get a little perspective from west of the Hudson where guns, drilling for oil and gas and Big Gulp soda pops are still legal.

  • jgclancy

    Go Aztecs!

  • Cam_James

    SEC will win another national title. The only thing that disappoints me is that Ohio State will be ineligible to lose to Bama or Georgia. Also your florida state pick is crap if not for the fact that florida state may win but NO ONE can put up 30 points on that florida defense.

    Notre Dame Sucks. Every year there is one team that gets lucky to get through their slate when they should have lost 3 games. A testament to that fact is that they finally get a “tough game” against usc and they get to play a backup quarterback…. I cant wait for all the Cat Licks in this country to curse their way into 50 hail marys when an sec team gives notre dame a colonoscopy.


    • Brian Kelly is a fantastic football coach and I say this as a ND-hater. The same thing that happened to Kelly at Cincinnati will happen to ND comes bowl time–he had his team reach long awaited Top 5 ranking only to fail against the Big Boys of the SEC. Notre Dame is just not ready yet.

    • Doc Diz

      ND wins the whole enchillada this year…good D is like good pitching in baseball, it’ll win championships for ya. And ND’s D is dominent. Florida? Johnny football in his first varsity start moved the ball up and down the field on them; A&M plays them now they put 30+ on them easy now that their QB knows the whole offense. State wins…big.

      • Cam_James

        You sir are way off base. First off Johnny football has moved it on everyone. Secondly the Notre dame d hasn’t played an sec Offense that can pound you for 4 quarters Their o can’t put up points against anyone. Nd gets embarrassed. Florida wins 24-17

      • Cam_James

        Its only half time but are you going to disparage the florida D now? I dont know how you could trash them before. Evidently having a scoring avg of 12 pa in the toughest conference in football isnt good in your opinion.

      • Cam_James

        Good lord i like being right Doc Diz. Florida is soooooo bad that they just punched their ticket for the national title game assuming stanford wins tonight keeping oregon out of the pac 12

  • AngryWard

    I gotta agree with Cam on Notre Dame. I’m hoping like hell that USC beats them tonight. Hopefully there’s enough booze on hand here if they don’t.

  • Major Nelson

    I’m dead??? Jeannie!!!!!!!

  • WestCoastCraig

    Sign on 101 freeway today, where I was stuck…still miles away from downtown: “Event at Coliseum 110 South Jammed.” Jammed is a good word.

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