Will Touchdown Jesus & Brian Kelly Get Notre Dame In BCS Title Game? Plus 1 Winning Pick


Sing her glory and sound her fame…

Notre Dame: Touchdown Jesus & Brian Kelly

With the familiar words and tune of the Notre Dame Fight Song reverberating in our collective skulls, Brian Kelly, the coach of the undefeated Cincinnati Bearcats team on its way to the Sugar Bowl, jettisoned his team to accept the coaching position at the venerated Indiana institution a few years back.

At the time, it seemed to be a tough but logical choice for Kelly. Tough, because he had to abandon a Bearcats team that he led to an undefeated regular season – before a final, culminating, Sugar Bowl appearance. Tough, because this Bearcats team achieved so much despite adversity. That adversity included losing Heisman-caliber and NFL-bound quarterback Tony Pike to injury for several games. Tough, because this was a Bearcats program that traditionally played second-fiddle to The Ohio State University in their home state, and who Kelly brought to the forefront with their second major bowl in as many years.

But the choice was a logical one, however. It was Notre Dame. Unlike Cincinnati, if Notre Dame goes undefeated there’s pretty much no question they’ll be playing for the BCS Title. They still have the aura and mystique of Touchdown Jesus and the Golden Dome, and don’t have to play second-fiddle to anyone when the recruiting wars come about.

It doesn’t hurt that Notre Dame has the richest television contract in college football. Instead of being happy with a crowd of 40,000 or so, the Irish sell out their 80,000 plus seats for every game – with over 200 consecutive sell-outs.

Brian Kelly has been a screaming success!

So, as hard as it was, Brian Kelly took the job at Notre Dame.

Some people said that maybe he moved to quickly…  That he could’ve had the job that opened up at the University of Florida.

But lookee here…he’s lookin’ like a purty smart fella now.

So here’s my question Matt heads: If Alabama, Notre Dame, Oregon and Kansas State all run the table -a distinct possibility… Who plays for the National Title?

Beats me… But won’t beat me, or you, is this College Football Pick:

Upset special: TCU takes on West Virginny up thar in the hills. Frogs beat the Inbreeds, 38-31.

That’s all, Doc’s gotta go back to work. Tune in for Cheesy Bruin, tomorrow.

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Doc Diz resides in Fort Worth, Texas for the past 15 years. When not playing old boys rugby or skiing, he is known for sampling Maker’s Mark for its medicinal qualities. A native of Connecticut, the Doc has managed to move around enough to have lived in all four US time zones, which has allowed him to get a little perspective from west of the Hudson where guns, drilling for oil and gas and Big Gulp soda pops are still legal.

  • OregonPete23

    Which of the teams have the tougher schedule? I’d pick one of those to play… Oregon!

  • Yimclancy

    Diz–I hate ND but I’d even let them win it all it means no LSU or Alabama champion—hate them even more. Hoping Oregon or Kansas St. stay at top of polls too.

    To answer yesterday’s questions about my new religion—Yimology:

    @ Sam’s a Yim–stick with Heebie Jew Bastard–has a nice ring to it.The rest of us are called “Yimmies”–sorta like Moonies except no funny tea just Irish coffee.As for the circumcision question—I’ll leave that to personal preference since Yimology only takes converts I figure the issue is solved by then.All pork purchases will be tax exempt but donate some for the barbie.

    @Time Warp Tony–While Jim Jones had a great first name he should’ve known you spike the juice with vodka only.
    @AngryWard–Thinking your daughter will be designated future high priestess and future leader .

    Break up the KNICKS!!!!

    • End the NBA season now and just have the playoffs. They are nearly as long as the regular season anyway.

    • AngryWard

      I am more than happy to volunteer my daughter as the Suri Cruise for Yimology.

    • Yimminites has a nice ring to it. Since friars used to brew beer, can Yimminites distill our own whisley?

  • ToughGuy5

    99% of us would have left the Bearcats for the Irish. Not an issue. And N.D. vs Tide. Another non issue.

    • Wait! There are a TON of reasons to stay in Cincy! There’s the… uh… Well, what about the… um…

      • AngryWard

        Skyline Chili!

  • DannyBax

    I hope that Notre Dame doesn’t have some scandal. But I just don’t fully believe Brian Kelly is clean. Just my gut.

  • ALL: Your comments will appear. The Web Host is doing maintenance and some comments are being delayed… Please be patient. Thanks…

    Dr. Diz…. We’re not really sure whether you like Brian Kelly or not. As a consequence, we’re not sure. We follow. Lead us!

  • Doc Diz

    ND vs Tide..no issue.. K State has been takin’ names and kickin’ ass…and Oregon is scoring more points that a brownnose with Sister Hope, and has been beating everyone by 30+. And why is Bama an automatic?
    Just another reason college game needs a real playoff.
    Right now I’d go with ND versus K State, based on their schedules.
    The good doctor neither hates nor loves Coach Kelly.
    Bama loses today to Ellie Ewe. A&M toasts Mississippi State. Oregon beats USC by a TD or two.

  • Johnny Rox

    As of now Yankee FANS have donated more to Hurricane Sandy Relief than the New York Mets Organization!

    Make some calls!!!


    • AngryWard

      I just called the Wilpons. They don’t have any money, but both Fred and Jeff have vowed to donate their brains to medical science so that doctors can one day find a cure for clueless ownership

      • Johnny Rox

        If they think THEY don’t have money, they should see MY bank account!!!

        MLB and the MLB players association donated One Million Dollars!
        The Mets have posted on their website a link encouraging their fans to donate.
        How EFFIN’ Pathetic is THAT???

        They should move the Mets out west and bring back the Dodgers!!!


  • Dont look now but Our Lady is down at home in the third to those pesky Pitt Panthers. I personally hate Notre Dame and hope they lose.

    • AngryWard

      Notre Dame wins in triple overtime a game they should have lost multiple times. They make me want to puke. A win but a crap performance against a team they were 17 point favorites against. Wonder of BCS computers will remember this.

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