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My NFL Picks can pay for Holiday Gifts – like this calendar.

LAS VEGAS, NV -After a solid 3-1 outing last week, the overall record stands at 24-12 for a 67 % rate. These free NFL Picks have been dropping down the chimney since the NFL kicked off the 2012 season and are bound to cover the expenses associated with the holidays. Today’s gifts are

The Houston Texans have been the class of the AFC and/or NFL at this juncture of the season. However, they are not without their warts as the past two games have been defensive disappointments despite escaping with back-to-back and belly-to-belly overtime victories. Wade Phillips’ crew desperately needs to shore things up today in Tennessee against the Titans before next week’s marquee showdown with the Patriots. Tennessee helped get the ‘under’ play last week with an assortment of field goals and clock-eating running yards. No peril in the Titans hitting the scoreboard in this one as the only problem is a runaway Texans rout. Houston also gets back to its offensive blueprint of running the ball to keep Matt Schaub healthy for the playoffs. UNDER 47 ½ is the play.

One more sign of global warming are sixty degree sunny skies in Denver for the Broncos game versus Tampa Bay, while weather for the Jets game is as gloomy as Gang Green’s situation. Normally, warm-weather teams don’t fare well in colder climes and you’d like to see the thermometer dive if you’re backing the Broncos – like I am – in this match-up. The Bucs are a money earning 8-2-1 against the Vegas number, while the Broncos come off consecutive wins that failed to get the cash as a back-door San Diego cover and lackluster game against the suicidal Chiefs made for some long-faced bettors. Many tape-heads and analysts are on the Tampa Bay bandwagon as they have been in every game they’ve played this year—surprising for a team that sucks when it comes to defending the pass. Peyton Manning tunes up Greg Schiano & Co. to the point where challenging the snap in a Denver victory formation is an afterthought. Wild horses can’t keep me away from laying better than a touchdown at 7 ½ with the Broncos.

Maybe I’m falling into a trap in selecting the underdog Steelers at a nice bunch of points (+7 ½) against division rival Baltimore Ravens but two weeks ago Pittsburgh gave the Ravens all they could handle without Big Ben and a spirited effort is all but guaranteed as Coach Tomlin has called out certain individuals this past week. Baltimore is a mirror image of the Atlanta Falcons—often underwhelming about their business and odds makers are not impressed. Neither am I. An outright Steelers win??? Grab the points at the very least.

If Tony Romo can throw for 450 against the Redskins, there’s not a scintilla of doubt that Eli Manning can better the mark since he is on the same page with his receivers and gets better than adequate protection. The Giants can put up a 40-spot on the Monday Night stage and that leaves RG III responsible for twelve points in order to get the OVER 51 for us.

MTM Daily Double tomorrow, The Public Professor and West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

P.s… Check out DJ Eberle’s 3 NFL Picks at as well.

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  • AngryWard

    The Falcons look like they have another one and done team this year. That game Thursday night was a fantasy nightmare for all involved. Cheeseman, I like the Broncs pick and hoping you’re right about Eli on Monday.

    • Thursday night, ouch! Three players, one a QB= $3 and may have taken me out of contention for the crown. If he wants to and the score allows, Manning can throw for 600 yards and maybe 4 TD’s on Monday.

  • Grote2Dmax

    67%? As Meat Loaf sang “two outta three ain’t bad”.

    • Grote, I’m afraid nearly two-thirds of the NHL season will be gone by the Super Bowl. Tough loss by Boston University vs top-ranked BC on Friday.

  • BigBlue56

    RG III might not let Eli on the field and that worries me. Bet against the Jets the rest of the way.

    • Giants won’t fall for those RGIII freeze-options the way the Cowboys did.

  • Cheese Man, your smoking that wacky tabacky again if you think the Steelers have a snowball’s chance in Heck against the Ravens today. But we agree with you on all the other picks… Look for a shootout between Jints and Skins…

    • I’m not buying what the Ravens are selling! They’re exactly like the Falcons and scare nobody. The Steelers have the balls to man-up as an organization as quality drafts and coaching to player’s strengths rather than asking them to fit a system keeps Pitt competitive no matter who’s injured.

      • DannyBax

        I agree with Meet The Matts. Steelers will get spanked in Baltimore. They suck without Ben R.

  • Big Fat Toad

    Dirty Sanchez gets the hook!

  • Johnny Rox

    A B O U T
    E F F I N ‘
    T I M E !

    J . . .

    • It don’t get any uglier than that, JRox.

  • Cookie

    Broncos. Ta-da. And a helluva tough division too.

  • Love that Steelers pick! Better yet, hope you took the money line.

  • AngryWard

    Three for three! Does this mean your Eli/Over is doomed for tomorrow night. With my luck, I’d say yes.

    • AngryWard

      I was right…unfortunately. Giants forgot you can throw all day on Skins. Stupid.

  • StorminNorman

    Gotta like the Giants tonight! Mark Sanchez is done in NY. Maybe he does okay with Raiders or somebody like that.

  • So at the office Christmas party, who is my secret Santa!?!?

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