Grote’s Gripe’s: Newsflash! 23 Rolling Stones Tied To Sports News


BROOKLYN, NY – The Rolling Stones hit the stage at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center this past Saturday in their first of three shows here in the New York area celebrating their 50th Anniversary.  Tickets for these shows are insanely expensive (think behind the plate seat prices for your average Yankee game), so I’m sure almost all of our readers will be sitting these shows out.  The addition of Lady Gaga to Saturday night’s Pay-Per-View show just shows how they are more about dollars than anything else these days.

Regardless, I was able to get my hands on the set-list for the first show and will provide a little sports association as to who Mick Jagger and the boys should have dedicated their songs to.

Rolling Stones tied to Sports News… And the haven’t aged a bit.

  1. GET OFF MY CLOUD – This one goes out from Notre Dame to Alabama
  2. I WANNA BE YOUR MAN – This one goes out from Mark Sanchez to Rex Ryan
  3. THE LAST TIME – This one goes out from Greg McElroy to Mark Sanchez
  4. PAINT IT BLACK – This one goes out from the NHL to their fans
  5. GIMME SHELTER – This one goes out from Jay Cutler to his Bears offensive line
  6. WILD HORSES – This one goes out from Andrew Luck to Peyton Manning
  7. GOING DOWN – This one goes out from Juan Manuel Marquez to Manny Pacquiao
  8. ALL DOWN THE LINE –  This one goes out from the Yankees to Kevin Youkilis
  9. MISS YOU – This one goes out from Meet The Matts to the National Hockey League
  10. ONE MORE SHOT – This one goes out from Roger Clemens to Brian McNamee’s replacement
  11. DOOM & GLOOM – This one goes out from the Seattle Seahawks Defense to the Arizona Cardinals Offense
  12. IT’S ONLY ROCK ‘N’ ROLL – This one goes out from fans asked to pay $800 per ticket to The Rolling Stones
  13. HONKY TONK WOMEN – This one goes out from our very own Cheesy Bruin to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
  14. BEFORE THEY MAKE ME RUN – This one goes out from Bobby Valentine to Red Sox fans
  15. HAPPY – This one goes out from Met fans to David Wright
  16. MIDNIGHT RAMBLER – This one goes out from Adrian Peterson to Eric Dickerson
  17. START ME UP – This one goes out from Tim Tebow to Rex Ryan
  18. TUMBLING DICE – This one goes out from the L.A. Dodgers to every MLB player agent
  19. BROWN SUGAR – This one goes out from Carmelo Anthony to all you patient Knicks fans after a sweet start
  20. SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL – This one goes out from yours truly to Fireman Ed
  21. YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT – This one goes out from Donald Fehr to Gary Bettman
  22. JUMPIN’ JACK FLASH – This one goes out from Heisman voters to Johnny Manziel
  23. SATISFACTION – This one goes out from sports fans everywhere to Lance Armstrong

Stay tuned tomorrow for a man who certainly can’t get no satisfaction, Angry Ward.

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  • Anonymous Punk

    Clemens was not found guilty and its time everybdy stopped with the nonsense. He should be in the Hall.

    • Grote2Dmax

      Being found not guilty doesn’t mean you are innocent.

    • Pete Rose was found guilty – of tax evasion. That’s right, tax evasion – for not reporting income on baseball card signings. He served jail time for it despite the amount being less than what Mayor Dinkins, who was left alone, had been caught for hiding from Uncle Sam with a shady stock deal (“Gimme [Tax] Shelter”) he did with his son. Rose is not in the Hall. Rose gets in before Clemens, as far as we’re concerned.

      • AngryWard

        Are you saying David Dinkins is in Cooperstown? I would have guessed the Tennis Hall of Fame maybe.

        • Diff

          Dinkins had a great career OPS+

          • Sam’s-A-Fan

            But his Wins Above Replacement was horrible.

        • Big Blue 56

          Dinkins and Abe Beame were the worst mayors in the history of New York City. By far.

    • Cam_James

      There are two courts in this country. The Judicial court and the court of Public opinion. No one gives a shit about the first one. Casey anthony killer her kids, OJ did it and Clemens ate roids for breakfast and had his wife inject his dinner.

      You sir must be on roids yourself to sympathize with such a pathetic douche like clemens.

      • bosoxbruins04

        Everybody in baseball is doing something. And everyone was definitely doing something when/if Clemens was. But he was the best against his time period. That’s what matters. He was the best. He should be in. They all cheated so it’s fair. He is a douche bag though.

  • OregonPete23

    That must have been one cool crowd for a 70 year old band at $800 a ticket. Damn. Sorry I missed it.

    • Since you put it that way… But Tall Matt and Mrs. Matt went, so we’ll need a report from them before rendering our decision.

      • Tall Matt

        Get your last black shelter wild.
        Down down you shot gloom.
        It’s women make happy rambler.
        Start tumbling, sugar devil.
        Can’t flash satisfaction.

        The price was pathetic but for the Mrs and meself, it was a no-brainer. Some people have to go to every football game of a season and pay as much PLUS the seat licensing fee and that’s their thing. I’d rather pay the Stones. And when it boils down to it, Ticketmaster and Stubhub are more criminal than the band or the venue. There were $95 seats. $150 seats. Where did they go? Joe Blow couldn’t buy them because they went from Ticketmaster to Stubhub. Oh, we also saw the Who last week. Blew the roof off the Garden doing Quadrophenia.

        • Tall Matt

          Oh the crowd absolutely sucked at the Stones and wasn’t much better for the Who. Too many hedge fund nitwits and curiosity seekers.

          • Johnny Rox


        • Johnny Rox

          That’s less than $10/hit song!

          If you paid current artists along those lines, average ticket prices would be about $15!!!

          Sounds like a bargain to me!


          • Tall Matt

            Well…those WERE the prices. NOT near what I paid per song. But it’s still cheaper than per touchdown by the Jets. OOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

        • Grote2Dmax

          Wow I love the intro here Tall one. I missed Quadrophenia but I guess I really should have seen it since it is by far my favorite who album and that is say a lot. Just wouldn’t be the same without Ox. I might go to the Stones show on Saturday. Would you recommend I go?

          • Tall Matt

            They’re playing the Nassau Coliseum in either Jan or Feb. Don’t miss it. It’s crushingly brilliant.

          • AngryWard

            By Stones, of course, you mean The Flintstones on Ice at the Felt Forum with your twins.

  • AngryWard

    Shattered is what Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record would be if the Vikes had any kind of passing game. Meanwhile, I’m just waiting on a friend to step in and write my column tomorrow.

    • Grote2Dmax

      That column really is your beast of burden.

  • They look like they put on those outfits during the go-go 80s, never took them off, and shriveled within them as they aged.

    • Grote2Dmax

      What a drag it is getting old.

    • Diff

      They all look like dead flowers.

  • Johnny Rox

    Wait, I’m confused.
    The Rolling Stones are on Steroids???

    Pete “Charlie Hustle” Rose is one of the Greatest Baseball Players of ALL TIMES!!!
    HE doesn’t need the Baseball Hall of Shame nearly as much as THEY NEED HIM!


  • Dude

    Midnight Rambler should be dedicated to any MtM’er after drinking sam’s hooch at the gala egging gary bettman fest.

  • A little T and A never hurts, Grote. Missing hockey does.

    • Johnny Rox

      Why don’t they settle it with a fight? Both sides send there best three guys in a room, and who ever comes out alive wins!

      We’d have Hockey by tonight!!!

  • Tall Matt

    Love it. The column AND the Stones show that Mrs. Matt and I attended in Brooklyn. No Christmas presents for the kids this year because of tix price but my kids don’t need a damn thing.

    • Johnny Rox

      I disagree! You gave your kids the BEST Christmas present you could possibly give!

      Two Happy Parents!!!

      Merry Freakin’ Christmas!

      • Johnny Rox

        I bought my kids a bottle of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve!

        Ice is for making Snow Cones!!!


        • AngryWard

          When are your kids cracking that thing open? I’ll be right over with my snow cone cup.

      • Have you ever met them?!

    • Grote2Dmax

      Great. Were you disappointed that Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman weren’t there?

      • Tall Matt

        I was Grote, to be honest. They could have flown them over for that. But 75% of the nitwit crowd probably wouldn’t have known the diff. We’re old

  • Under My Thumb: Entire MTM writing staff’s position to Short Matt.

    • AngryWard

      Heard “Under My Thumb” on the radio the other day (what was I doing listening to the radio?). Anyway, I never really gave it much thought before, but that is a great song. Guess I’d heard it so much growing up that I never really bothered to listen to the lyrics and the overall attitude of the track. Brilliant.

  • Youk is a Yank. Sympathy for the Devil.

  • jgclancy

    Well done Grote–almost makes me not say Go Vikings since they’ll be playing your Lambs this weekend..but I did say almost.

  • jgclancy

    I’m 2000 Light Years from Home these days but getting a bacon cheddar cheeburger at the Piper’s Kilt tonight will make up for it 🙂
    Go Vikings!!

    • AngryWard

      Crap! I actually coulda been there tonight… I mean last night.

  • Nick Erbocker

    Melo!!! Knicks and Nets playing exciting basketball!

  • Great set list Grote. You managed to get the Jets in there 3 times!!

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