Playoffs?!? Playoffs?!? You Bet! And Here Are NFL Picks To Make Bets With

Cheesy Bruin

Cheesy Bruin

LAS VEGAS, NV – What has transpired on MTM every Sunday of the 2012 NFL season has been pretty damn special, according to research. Finding NFL Handicappers who win at a 55-60% – which is considered successful – takes some effort. But try finding NFL Picks with a 67% success rate who also documents the advice! Yeah, that’s right. I’m talkin’ about my sh*t… my 41-20 record is just that and if you know somebody who likes to throw a dollar on NFL football, direct them to our site.

Having passed on yesterday’s playoff action, there is one game today that more than piques my interest. At 1:00 the Baltimore Ravens are hosting the Indianapolis Colts, where the visiting underdogs are getting more than one handful of points – six to be exact – despite having a better record (11-5 vs. 10-6). The Colts also come into the game winning five of their last six, while the Ravens conversely managed to lose four of five. Andrew Luck has also proven to be unflappable and looks nothing like a rookie, registering a league-leading number of 4th quarter comebacks.

Home teams in the NFL playoffs almost always have a decided advantage and Las Vegas sets the line accordingly but this point-spread should be no higher than 4 ½. Odds-makers always have reasons for setting a line where they do—simply put this is their livelihood and know more based upon information giving the house a tremendous edge. For a team enjoying a 6-2 home record, the Ravens were 3-5 against the spread and an indication signifying difficulty covering a higher number. Perhaps some of the same reasons why I’m selecting the Ravens -6 are shared by Vegas. And here they are:

1) Ravens newest Offensive Coordinator Jim Caldwell is less than a year removed from being fired as Head Coach by today’s opponent. Who better to attack his old team’s defensive personnel?
2) Emotions are to be high for both teams – Chuck Pagano on Indy’s sideline but Ray Lewis on the field for the Ravens.
3) Ray Rice is to have a monster game against the fourth worst run defense in the league – giving up the most 20+ and 40+ yard gains ,while creating a league-low four fumbles.
4) The QB/Coach connection: Joe Flacco has won at least one playoff game in each of his first four years and was a drop away from last year’s AFC Championship game. Jim Harbaugh trumps the other sideline. Who do the Colts listen to now? Pagano or Arians?

ravens cheerleaders in flight MeetTheMatts

No drops for the Ravens today.

Bottom Line: The Colts magic carpet ride comes to a crash-lands today because the Ravens have more defense than the Horseshoes.
Ravens -6 ½ and OVER 46 ½.

The Public Professor tomorrow…

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  • Cam_james

    I just want to thank The Lord for hockey coming back and the country of Argentina in general.

  • Big Blue 56

    A rusty Ray Lewis is still better than 90% of the players out there but Pagano’s return has the Colts pumped. Should be a tight game. Take the points with Indy.

    • Johnny Rox


      • Fellas, the Ravens are going to do whatever they want on the offensive side of the ball. The defense will make the Colts punt at least a few times.

  • Johnny Rox

    And now, the three simple words EVERY girl longs to hear.

    H O C K E Y I S B A C K !

    Now, I’ll boycott the season by not watching or going to games!
    These fuckers need to be reminded who’s important!!!
    Before anyone tells me, I know it’s futile as no one else will do so but it’s a matter of principal!
    If all hockey fans bonded together on this, and avoided this pathetic excuse for a season, they’d get the message AND QUICK!


    • SentFromMyBlackberryWireless
    • The Rangers will win the Cup. And we don’t care that it’s 48 games. A Cup is a Cup.

    • AngryWard

      I have wanted to do the same after baseball strikes and lockouts. Rox I want you to help me start a fan union. I am kinda serious about this.

    • david

      ok i’m in for not watching or going to games

    • Doc Diz

      We are about to enter that most horrible time of the year…the period where football ends and abseball season has not yet begun…where we will our time with lonely women, bad booze, basketball and the NHL. We are about to enter into the darkness….

    H O C K E Y I S B A C K !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A ten year (possibly eight) deal means fans won’t have to re-live this crap for a while.

  • AngryWard

    Pack showed me nothing last night. I thought Webb might help the Vikes with his running but now think Minny would have won with Ponder in there.

    • Ward, while I was watching that game last night I was saying how lucky the Packers were that Webb was the QB. GB let the Vikes stick around for almost the whole game. Based on their performance, GB looks like a loser against SF. The same exact thing happened in the HOU-CIN game. Matt Schaub has regressed in his play.

    • jgclancy

      They should’ve had Webb bombing it up deep early to loosen up the Pack’s D-line. If Ponder had been in I think the Vikes might’ve won.That being said I’m sorta rooting for Peyton Manning now…Cookie will like that. 🙂
      Go Knicks!!!

  • butch gorings nostrils

    I smell a great 48 games! Let’s see Nash on Broadway!!!

  • Hip, hip, hooray for Hockey!!! Gary Bettman for President!!! Donald Fehr for King! Okay… We need to calm down. VERY hungover.

  • AngryWard

    Bettman and Boehner should keep walking until their hats float. Roll tide!

  • I agree completely. Baltimore will not a face a real challenge today.

  • I’m elated that hockey is back. But at the same time I’m furious that things went this far. I’d love to boycott the NHL season. I just don’t think I can. And I still cant believe that gary bettman still has a job.

    • AngryWard

      Roll tide!

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