Oh No… Nomar’e Stoudemire Returns

Amar'e Stoudemire

Amar’e Stoudemire Returns!

NEW YORK, NY – Last night was the first night back for New York Knicks big man Amar’e Stoudemire, who has been recovering from a knee injury. And of course… the Knickerbockers lost 105-100 to the lowly Portland Trailblazers – at home. So, this loss once again begs the question and/or overreaction: Can Amar’e Stoudemire and offensive powerhouse Carmelo Anthony coexist on the New York Knicks? My answer?  Yes. Here’s why:

When healthy, Amar’e Stoudemire is one of the best power forwards in the NBA. Productive power forwards come at a premium in the NBA. When you have one you don’t to let him go. Only about a third of NBA teams a good power forward and their records reflect that asset. The best examples?
Atlanta Hawks with Josh Smith (3rd place in the Eastern Conference)
Oklahoma City Thunder and Serge Ibaka (1st in the Western Conference)
LA Clippers and Blake Griffin (1st in the West)
Miami Heat and Chris Bosh (1st in the East)
Memphis Grizzlies and Zach Randolph (4th in the West)
These players don’t come along every day. Amar’e is an asset.

Knick City Dancer Power Forward?

Knick City Dancer/Forward?

Who else would play power forward for the Knicks? Currently Mike Woodson has the Knicks playing Carmelo somewhat out of position at the Four while bringing in Ronnie Brewer at small forward. Here’s the problem: When the Knicks face teams like the Hawks, Thunder or Grizzlies, the opposing teams will have players stronger than Mello at the four who will be able to out rebound him and shut him down offensively. Stoudemire needs to be quickly placed back in the starting lineup so Carmelo can move back to where he’s comfortable. At the Three.

Ibaka grew up in Congo & has 18 siblings.

Ibaka grew up in Congo. Has 18 siblings.

The Knicks now have good point guards. Finally, New York has something they lacked throughout the “Amell’o” era (copyright that because it will be BIG one day): consistent play from the point guard spot. Last season they messed around with an array of players form, aging Mike Bibby and Barron Davis, to an out of position Iman Shumpert and to the NBA’s version of Ryan Fitzpatrick with Jeremy Lin. Just to name a few… Now the Knicks have two great point guards in Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd to evenly distribute the ball between Carmelo and Amar’e. Most importantly, Melo doesn’t have to try and be a point forward either.

knicks alt logoAll and all, stick with Amar’e because he will help guide the Knicks back into relevance by take the Heat to Game 6 in the Eastern Conference Finals in the spring.

Cam James and/or Lori Levine, tomorrow.

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  • AngryWard

    Thanks for filling in, DJ. Black Griffin? Is that just an unfortunate typo?

    • Yes & Yes! Thanks to Mr. Eberle for coming off the bench with a Double/Double and it was indeed a typo! It was supposed to be “Half-Black” Griffin… Not Black nor Blake. (We look forward to all scolding/scathing rebuttals; comments perceived as incendiary drive site traffic… p.s… It was Junoir’s idea).

  • Ibaka some of that.

    • Cookie, Cookie, Cookie… Liking good-looking, tall and ripped athletes is soooooo 2012. Try to be more mature/hip in 2013.

    • Big Fat Toad

      He must have hit his head all the time in the jungle.

  • D-Train

    You can give them a pass on last night because they are banged up. Felton’s injury really hurts them. He could be their biggest piece outside of Melo.

  • Doc Diz

    Jesus, the ROSE and ORANGE bowls were played and you guys are talking about the Knicks? Early season NBA games are about as relavant as a Republican in a Boston mayorial election.

    • I think we are just sick of the College Football shenanigans!! College Football is slaver of young College athletes. Plus I heard last nights game sucked more than a pornstar!!

    • Big Blue 56

      I am with you! The NBA doesn’t matter until June! Great games yesterday and not a word? I like the Knicks but c’mon man!

    • AngryWard

      I watched a bunch of the Capital One Bowl between Georgia and Nebraska. Lotsa action. Big plays aplenty. Speaking of college athletes, they have a definitive answer to Capital One’s question: What’s in your wallet? Nothin’.

    • You’re all off-base! We’re wondering why this isn’t a Fiscal Cliff Floyd column!

    • Sam’s-A-Fan

      [Trying to post this inane reply a second time]

      In that case should we just do away with the regular season altogether, have the AP or someone else choose the post season seedings by a poll and just play the play offs?

      I for one would miss the regular season as I enjoy it and believe that it matters in so far as it properly sets the stage for the play offs. I like to know how each team made it to the post, the story lines, the dramas, the strengths and weaknesses, their tendencies etc. I think that’s what makes one a fan as opposed to just someone who appreciates the athleticism and the spectacle.

  • DJ Eberle

    Okay here’s the thing with the college football yesterday… Orange Bowl was a blowout because NIU didn’t deserve to step on the same field as FSU. Then there’s the Rose Bowl and Wisconsin didn’t deserve to be there either… I mean they’re not even ranked. The only good game in my opinion yesterday was the Outback Bowl between Michigan and South Carolina. And I hope everyone saw Jadeveon Clowney’s hit on Michigan’s running back, because we may never see such a hard hit like that again.

  • AngryWard

    Happy 50th to my big brother Chris! We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

    • cnc63 is like the Easter Bunny and AZFLA… We’re sure they exist but don’t see them nearly enough! But… A MARVELOUS METS BIRTHDAY, to cnc sixty threeeeeeeeeeeee…

      • AZ2FLA

        don’t summon AZ2FLA unless you are willing to pay for the consequences….i.e. irrelevant postings and close encounters of the Angry Ward kind in “god’s waiting room”

    • WHAT?? WHAT?!??? IMPOSSIBLE!! Tell him Legz sends her very best bday wishes.

  • AngryWard

    Mets sign outfielder Andrew Brown!!! Woo hoo!!! I mean, Woo Who? Maybe they can trade him to the Knicks for Amare? You like how I came back to topic on that?

    • Sam’s-A-Fan

      I thought that we were going without an outfield this year?

  • Nick Erbocker

    I agree, the point guards will make it work Carmar’e.

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