Super Bowl PED Scandal Chews Up Puppy Bowl: Performance Enhanced Dogs


dogonsteroids124VICKSVILLE, USA – On the biggest TV day of the year, the main event is not without controversy.  Many of the athletes competing are PED’s.  Over the course of the last eight years the Puppy Bowl has transformed from an obscure obsession that your girlfriend went in the other room to watch, to a no-holds-barred puppy death match.  Earlier this year the little known NPAA (National Puppy Athletic Association) launched a full-scale investigation into the new disturbing trend:  Performance Enhanced Dogs.

This disturbing trend started three years ago when an English bulldog named Rocco was snubbed in the Puppy Bowl MVP voting in favor of Pomeranian… Tootsie Campbell.  Allegedly, Rocco was incensed  after being accused of “dogging it” and plotted his revenge. dogonsteroids123The following year, Rocco tried to rig The Puppy and entered as a 1-year-old but was found out and banned from all dog competition by the NPAA. His ban, however, did not prevent him from developing the now controversial Puppy Bowl Combine.

Just days out of the womb, at an undisclosed location high in the alps, young dogs are eating… Mad Science Diet. This untraceable performance enhancing dog food is yielding dogs with super canine strength.  In addition, the high altitude food allows for a series of blood-hound doping. The end result looks something like the dog in the picture.

Unfortunately, due to poor compliance on the part of NPAA officers, the evidence collected against Rocky’s camp can’t be released or used against him.  There is, however, one leaked video showing you in inside look to nastiest training camp in all of sport.

NOTE: This video is not for everyone. Please view with discretion. Hallucinogenics help with the music and length.

As you can see come Sunday these vicious beasts are going to maul any Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Samoyed, Husky or Vishla that gets inside that fake football stadium pen.

Unfortunately some proponents of the sport want to make excuses for these dogs.  Just ask former champion Marmaduke, “It’s not the puppy’s fault.  They just played the game in an era when everyone was using.” Further, Fred McGriff had the following to say: ”I didn’t cheat and I’m not going to make the Hall of Fame.  If I had cheated I wouldn’t make the Hall but at least I wouldn’t be driving a Volvo today.

Beyond competition there is a dark side to the prolonged use of Mad Science Diet.  It has been reported than many of the dogs that don’t make it to competition and become addicted to their food.  The results are hideous:

A-Rod crying Meet_The_Matts

Tune in tomorrow for Top Dog Different Matt.

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  • I love puppies.. but when i got to the end of this post and saw that pic of A-Roid, I nearly punched my computer screen.

    • Cookie if you needed another reason not to root for the 49ers this weekend, here you go.

      • WestCoastCraig

        I saw that story…unbelievable. And in San Francisco! Way to wear out your welcome.

        • Cam James

          his apology is even better

          • Next somebody like T.O. will be bashing his QB with a “If it walks like a duck…”

      • I still take possible homophobe (because you KNOW that he’d deal with all the $$ he’s getting IF said hypothetical situation came to FRUITion).. over a murderer.. ANY. DAY. (And for the nay-sayer…. ‘alleged murderer’ and definite ‘obstructor of justice’ and MORe than likely ‘accessory to murder.’

        • AngryWard

          What’s wrong with murder? It’s in the Bible. Lotsa times. Ray Lewis’ll tell ya that himself.

  • OregonPete23

    The puppies have it ruff.

  • Baby

    I can’t believe the news about Dan Marino!

    • Cam James

      his litter just keeps getting bigger.

  • AngryWard

    This story is unfortunate indeed. I thought this kind of thing stopped when authorities shut down Victor Conte’s BALPO factory back in 2005.

    • Cam James

      I Blame the media. This whole cutthroat mentality started after the first puppy bowl when the victor starred in a commercial; the slogan: Purina Won.

    • Tragic!

  • Sam’s-A-Fan

    If these products do to a puppy’s privates what we are to understand that they did to Barry Bonds’ and Marion Jones’ cojones, does it not beg the eternal question of “Why does a (PED) puppy lick his balls?” or even can he find ’em to lick ’em?

    • S.A.F…. Consider yourself warned by the MTM Censors! Puppy ball-licking is off-limits!

  • WestCoastCraig

    That dog is all gym muscle, that stuff won’t translate to the field.

  • Sasquatch Hunter

    I smoked 4 bongs watching that bulldog video. Now I’d eat puppy chow for the my damn munchies.

    • Cam Purcell

      on a related note; Diamond Dog food was the cause of salmonella infections in humans in south carolina. So you aren’t the only one eating dog food.

  • I Hate dogs!!

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