Michael Vick, Ravens Repeat & Super Bowl in Jersey

NFL camp is just around the bend.

NFL camp is just around the bend.

PHILADELPHIA , PA – The NFL season is never over. The NFL Combine is only two weeks away on the 20th, Free Agency is already approaching on March 12, and then there’s the NFL Draft on April 25. But, until then I have my three story lines for the NFL Off-season. Enjoy!

If you were an NFL GM would you bring in Michael Vick?

Would you bring in Michael Vick?

Who is lucky enough to land Michael Vick? No, this is not sarcasm. I fully believe that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has plenty of juice left in his NFL battery. I blame the injuries and turnover this season to a poor Eagles offensive line which forced Vick to do too much. Now the question is… Who is lucky enough to sign the two-time 100 million dollar man, and that is if the Eagles let him go before March 12?  My favorites are the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Arizona Cardinals. The Bills were one of Vick’s top choices when he was starting his return to the NFL, until Roger Goodell stepped in the way that is. There’s a lot of turnover in Buffalo and with a good offensive line situation that the Bills have, it could be a match made in heaven. The Jacksonville GM is standing strong behind Blaine Gabbert, but I’m not. Gabbert is one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL and Vick could easily replace him. The Cardinals played three different quarterbacks this season and Vick is better than all three of them combined. Period.

Raven Repeat?! The Super Bowl XLVII championship Baltimore Ravens have a lot of decisions to make this off-season about player personal. First, they have to decide how much they want to pay Super Bowl XLVII MVP quarterback Joe Flacco. Flacco feels that he is an “elite” quarterback and he should be payed that way, and I gotta agree with him. When you beat Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in the back-to-back playoff games and then win the Super Bowl, you are elite. Then you gotta decide who you want to replace Ray Lewis. Right now the replacement for Lewis is Josh Bynes, and I don’t even know who that is. The Ravens also have couple core players heading to free agency, Ed Reed, Paul Kruger, Cary Williams, and Anquan Boldin. It’s already hard to win back-to-back championships and it’s even harder with the player turnover the Ravens are facing.

Football is meant to be played outside in extreme elements. But the Super Bowl isn't.

Football is meant to be played outside in extreme elements. But the Super Bowl isn’t.

Should there be an outdoor Super Bowl? Next year the Super Bowl is in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium and outdoors. Now for those of you who do not live in the Northeastern United States, there was a major snow storm here. One year from now there will be an outdoor Super Bowl in the northeast, which poses a lot of problems for the NFL. There is the threat of snow and extreme cold weather. And rumor has it, there may not be a halftime show because of the cold temperatures. Personally I feel that the Super Bowl should be kept down in the South and indoors, where it is warm and safe. Next year will certainly be interesting come February.

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  • WestCoastCraig

    Nobody should ever forget what a total evil person Michael Vick is, and I hope he never plays again and is torn apart by wolves one day.

    Same thing for the Baltimore Ravens.

    I’m all for a snowy Super Bowl, and if that means no halftime show, so be it!

    • Johnny Rox

      Wow! If Michael Vick deserves to be “torn apart by wolves” then what does the Pope deserve???

      And the RAVENS???

      • J. Roxy… see Django? I covered my eyes for that part.. and a few others.

    • Cam James

      Somewhere in this world Cookie will back me on this: Michael Vick paid his debt to society and reformed his life. He may not be the guy you want your kids looking up to but he is no RAY FROGGING LEWIS!

      • Damn f*ckin’ tootin’ Cam. I wouldn’t let Michael Vick dog sit for me… but, yea… i;ll take him over Ray Lewis ANYDAY.

      • WestCoastCraig

        Here’s a little reminder of evil. “Vick and his friends quickly judged the dogs who did not fight well or refused to fight at all and killed them on the spot. Some were shot and some were hanged from the trees on the edge of the clearing, some were held by their hind legs while one of the men forced the dog’s head into a bucket of water until the dog drowned. Some dogs were slammed into the ground until they died.

        Dogs who fought aggressively were given food and water. Dogs aren’t stupid, they know what they have to do to survive.

        Nobody knows for certain how many dogs Vick killed. He ran his operation for six years, so one can imagine how many dogs didn’t fight well enough over that time span. Vick had the money to run his operation, but he was clueless when it came to being a dog man.

        “He took a street fighting mentality and tried to apply it to a large-scale dog fighting operation,” Hanley said. “None of his dogs ever won because he was still thinking like a street fighter, breeding a ton of dogs. None of them would fight so he killed them all. A lot of more high dollar dog fighting operations thought he was a complete joke and an amateur.””

        • Trust me WCC… i’m not downplaying what he did. It’s disgusting and he should burn for it… but Ray Lewis is in front of him in line.

  • AngryWard

    This site has fallen and it can’t get up… apparently.

    • Cam James

      What happens in vegas stays in vegas

    • Johnny Rox

      This is a good place for Christopher Dorner to hide!

      NOBODY’S HERE!!!

  • Randy Levine

    Taylor Swift boated me at the Grammys

  • I’m back! i was FINALLY in the right place, at the right time.. in VT on Thursday night as the snowstorm hit! Now, coming back to shovel my driveway on Sunday.. not so great.. but oh well.

    And an overdue THANK YOU to my guy, Diff for covering for me on Friday on short notice. Nicely done.

  • jgclancy

    Hmmmm….what’s for lunch? Lasagna…okay.
    Go Aztecs!

  • Sam’s-A-Fan

    WTF? Matts, where are you?

  • Tall Matt

    Well since there’s no topic today let’s have a discussion – irreverent or not. WTF is wrong with the International Olympic Committee? They are dropping wrestling as a competition beginning in 2020!!! Tom Cruise is madder than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!!

    • AngryWard

      Isn’t wrestling like one of the original Olympic events? Back then I believe it was two men, wearing only what God gave them, grappling on the steps of the Parthenon.

    • It’s amazing that rhythmic gymnastics and aqua dancing are still Olympic events and wrestling gets the axe.

  • I think a lot of teams will be hesitant to pick up Vick. It’s not like he’s coming back from a broken leg. I don’t know how many teams will spend big money on him when one hit could put him out for the season with another concussion.

    And don’t worry, Vick haters. With all of these concussions, Vick will probably kill himself five years after he retires anyway.

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