Snow Job: Kate Upton & Nemo

Hey Nineteen

Kate Upton melts Nemo…

UPTON, NY – With the snow up to our under-carriage, Dr. Diz succumbing to the flu, and a time zone discrpency causing a rift in the MTM Editorial Department, we’ve got no choice but to close today for technical difficulties… Please fogive our lack of storm preparedness and try to enjoy the¬†Kate Upton¬†picture and MTM video.

Thank you.

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  • YIM

    It’s M “t” M…snow or no snow you slackers. I shoveled then had some coffee & buttered poppy seeded rolls. Spending day on couch then back at it tomorrow.

  • WestCoastCraig

    overcast and a bit chilly–in the 50s!–today in La La Land. Hope you all are curled up next to a fire with a nice bottle of Knob.

  • Sam’s-A-Fan

    As we’re into day two of your slackness, I would at least expect another picture of Kate Upton. You can skip more MtM video, but give us more Kate!

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