Snow Job: Kate Upton & Nemo

Hey Nineteen

Kate Upton melts Nemo…

UPTON, NY – With the snow up to our under-carriage, Dr. Diz succumbing to the flu, and a time zone discrpency causing a rift in the MTM Editorial Department, we’ve got no choice but to close today for technical difficulties… Please fogive our lack of storm preparedness and try to enjoy the Kate Upton picture and MTM video.

Thank you.

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  • YIM

    It’s M “t” M…snow or no snow you slackers. I shoveled then had some coffee & buttered poppy seeded rolls. Spending day on couch then back at it tomorrow.

  • WestCoastCraig

    overcast and a bit chilly–in the 50s!–today in La La Land. Hope you all are curled up next to a fire with a nice bottle of Knob.

  • Sam’s-A-Fan

    As we’re into day two of your slackness, I would at least expect another picture of Kate Upton. You can skip more MtM video, but give us more Kate!

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