Grote’s Gripes: 2013 Mets Giveaways; Best & Worst


Mets dog 2013FLUSHING, NY – Next Monday is Opening Day here in New York City.  Both the Mets and the Yankees will open their seasons at home at the same exact time.  How insane is that?  At least they will be playing teams within their own league, unlike the Reds and Angels who will play each other to kick off the season.  Now, with 15 teams in each league there will be an inter-league match up every series.  This will take a little getting used to.

Most teams like to have a promotional calendar to try and entice fans to come to a few more games.  I like to call these give away days.  The Marlins are the only team to hold their biggest give away day in the off-season, when they gave away most of their team to the Blue Jays.  Being a Mets fan, I always like to look at the schedule to see what those crazy Wilpons have up their sleeve for the upcoming year.  Let’s take a look at the best (or worst) of what the Mets are offering with their upcoming 2013 Mets Giveaways.

Concerts – The Mets have three concerts this year: Foreigner, O.A.R. and Nas. I don’t know O.A.R. or Nas but I’m sure both will be better than whatever is left of Foreigner.

Bobblehead Dolls – This year’s selections are Ron Darling, Doc Gooden, John Franco, Tom Seaver, David Wright and Mr. Met.  For some reason, the Mr. Met bobblehead is described as Mr. Met Knitting Bobblehead. I wonder what he knits, an over-sized yarmulke?

Life-size John Franco doll.

Mets Dog Bandana – The Mets certainly have had their share of dogs throughout the years so I guess it is fitting to give away bandanas with their images on them.  I’m hoping for the Vince Coleman Bandana myself.

Stress Ball – If there is one thing every Met fan should have… it is a stress ball.  I think these should be standard at every game.  These should have the faces of different Mets who have caused fans stress over the years.  I would love an Armando Benitez version myself.

Banner Day – On Saturday May 11th Banner Day is back.  We missed it last year folks, so this year I think we get a Meet The Matts Banner together for the boys to carry.  They love parading around in those suits, so why not do it on the field.

mets apple clockMets Apple Clock – This sounds like a great promo.  Who wouldn’t want a replica of the Mets Apple in a clock form?  The catch is there are only 500 available.  There would be plenty for everyone if this was a 1979 home game.

All Star Gnome – To celebrate the All-Star Game being played at CitiField this year, the Mets will give away a gnome.  Don’t ask why just enjoy the damn gnome.


“Gonna be a ruff year.”

Mets Headphones – These give you the experience of being at CitiField even when you are not.  These specially designed headphones drown out whatever you are listening to with airplane noise every 10 minutes or so.

Social Media Night – Who says the Wilpons aren’t cutting edge?  The perks for this $50 ticket-package include a scoreboard welcome greeting of your Twitter handle, plus pre-game and in-game Twitter giveaways.   Also, if you purchase through a special link you are eligible to win the drawing to throw out the first pitch to that night’s game (April 24th).  My bet is whichever geek wins the honor will throw out a Carl Lewis first pitch special.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our own social media expert, Angry Ward, who makes Carl Lewis look like a young Nolan Ryan.

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Grote2DMax (aka Kevin McGrory) is another of our Bronx-raised, urban white trash writers. Having grown up with Angry Ward, Cheesy Bruin, The Public Professor, JG Clancy (Mattville’s Otis of Mayberry) and Tall Matt. What’s really odd about him, however, is that he and Tall Matt both liked the NFL Rams and MLB Mets?! Bouncing twin boys, Matt & Matt, have forced him to hang up his keyboard to keep his lovely bride from socking him – and us – in the nose… but he still tosses a gem every now and then and can be seen on Twitter – @Grote2DMax. We’re luck to have him.

  • AngryWard

    I’m actually an anti-social media expert. And don’t be so quick to dismiss “Foreigner.” They’ve updated most of their hits to keep up with their new demographic. To wit…

    “Feels Like the First Time” = “Feels Like the Last Time”

    “Hot Blooded” = “High Blood Pressure”

    “Double Vision” = “Reading Glasses”

    “Juke Box Hero” = “Mahjong Hero”

    “Waiting for a Girl Like You” = “Waiting for a Nurse Like You”

    Anyway, you get the picture.

    • bosoxbruins04

      Mahjong hero and the line about the Marlins off season are the best on the web today. TBS would say Very Funny.

      • Agreed! We nearly spooged hazelnut & rice milk coffee on our keyboard!

    • Grote2Dmax

      They close with “Dirty White Boy” = “Dirty Old Man”

    • Actually heard that ‘Foreigner’ was banned from playing in Arizona for some reason…

    • WestCoastCraig

      Head Games = No really, where’s the bathroom?

  • Walking Tall

    I have a Mets apple in my Mets undies.

    • Now we know why you are Walking Tall!

      • Grote2Dmax


  • O.A.R…. bleh. I also think a missed opportunity for a give away would be a Turk Wendell Pez dispenser.

    • It could dispense different types of of big-game animal teeth.

      • Grote2Dmax

        Brilliant on both fronts.

  • Sam’s-A-Fan

    Last year I saw Ron Darling in the parking lot after a game. That man has got one of the biggest melons sitting atop his neck. I cannot imagine the structural requirements necessary to make a realistic bobble head of that guy. I think with Ronnie it’s one bobble and then rolling on the ground.

    • We saw him playing tonsil hockey with a demur blond hottie in the hallway between executive suites. It was a woman, for the record.

    • Grote2Dmax

      Nothing like Carlos Baerga’s head. I couldn’t imagine his bobblehead having a spring which could hold it upright.

      • Baerga’s head was like an orange on a tooth pick.

        • AngryWard

          They had a Baerga bobblehead but couldn’t afford the hernia insurance.

          • vinny from brooklyn

            ramon castro has a pumkin head.

        • ‘Twas like SPUTNIK so it was!’

  • Namby Pamby

    Baba Boohey throws like that?? He’s a huge Met fan! What a disgrace.

    • Embarrassing, yes… But he does know his Mets trivia, though!

      • Sam’s-A-Fan

        The game was rigged in his favor. Short Matt would have won a contest that was on the up and up!

    • Grote2Dmax

      No wonder he was part of the A/V squad in HS.

    • Johnny Rox

      Unlike the SUPERJOCK Mets fans, that is the norm!


  • AngryWard

    This just in, Senator John McCain has just introduced a bill to ban Foreigner.

    • Soooo.. he’ll finally use that pen that he walks around with glued to his hand??

      • be nice Cookie, I heard its the launch trigger device for our nuclear arsenal…

  • at least Maria Carey’s throw include a little curtsy that made you forget she missed home plate by a mile…

    • AngryWard

      The way I see it, it at least rolled across the plate. I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Carl Lewis but that Mayor of Cincinnati guy… where they hell was that ball going?

      • Grote2Dmax

        Eric Davis had the best reaction of all time to the throw too.

        • AngryWard

          Eric Davis was less surprised when Ray Knight punched him in the face.

  • WestCoastCraig

    Speaking of the Marlins and give-aways, I heard that even with a Groupon deal they aren’t coming close to selling out opening day. Opening Day!

    • AngryWard

      Loria turns that stadium into water park/casino within 5 years. Man did Miami get fleeced by that guy.

  • Tall Matt

    Baba Booey. Classic

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