Uber Sports Babe Lori Levine Bringing May Flowers: Favre, Yankees, Rangers, Teen Mom

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NEW YORK, NY – So much is happening right now, it’s tough to not follow sports. First, you have Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia talking so much trash, it’s feels like Kobe Bryant on Mother’s Day. And, then you have Brett Farve. There’s talks he may be hired to work in the offices of the Packers. He won one Super Bowl, and then ended his 2009 season with an interception, and then blew off the city. I’m assuming this potential position would be in their social media division since we know he is great at texting pictures. Then there’s Alex Ovechkin’s criticism of the refs, which was as predictable as Teen Mom Farrah Abraham pretending to be pregnant after her pre-staged sex tape was ‘accidently’ released. Anyone who watches that video should forced to prematurely sell all their Priceline stock. I personally, would rather watch the WNBA preseason, than a fake sex tape with a chick who never stops talking.

And finally, hockey will soon be at Yankee Stadium. The National Hockey League announced that two 2013-14 regular-season NHL games will be played outdoors at The House The Hank Built, part of the NHL Stadium Series. In its five years, the new Yankee Stadium has been host to several college football games, soccer games, concerts and a boxing match. How exciting will the Rangers be at Yankees Stadium? And, just when you thought the only hat trick in the South Bronx was scoring coke, heroin, and ecstasy.

And, lastly, a little about myself. I think the most common question I get asked as a chick, is “Why are you so into sports?” I get asked that at games, in emails, in comments to my writings and the truth is, I have always been like this. And, it’s not just that I hold the same number of recognized Tour De France wins as Lance Armstrong, it’s more than that.

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Lori “Summering”

My childhood was probably different than most little girls. I Summered (and Falled and Wintered, and Springed) in the suburbs of Central New Jersey, sitting out on our lawn chairs for so long, people today would have mistaken us for Derrick Rose. Afternoons were spent listening to Yankees games in the MattinglyEra on the radio. And evenings were in my dad’s box seats on the finish line at the Meadowlands. If you’ve never been 4-years-old in the stables of the Meadowlands to watch a vet give a horse lasix while winking at you, you haven’t lived.

That’s my story, comment below if you’re game and check out Fake Sandy Alderson today and Preacher Collins tomorrow.

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Lori Levine is one of those people who should always be in a bikini. Don't be fooled by the fact that Howard Stern voted her his Hottest Fan, though. Her "degenerate dad" raised her at the track in New Jersey and watching the Yankees, NY Giants, NY Rangers and Knicks. She knows sports better than 99.9% of us and she's a wise-ass with the brain to make it all work.

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