VIDEO: Yankees Start Fight Between Reds Fans & The Matts

Meet_The_Matt fight Reds Fans

Yankees start fight between Reds fans & The Matts

FLUSHING, NY – The deceivingly dormant détente that has existed since Ray Knight of the New York Mets pummeled Eric Davis of the Cincinnati Reds exists no more. And you can thank none other than the New York Yankees for the traumatically troublesome Blood Bath Between Reds Fans & The Matts this week at CitiField. Somehow, someway, the onslaught was caught on camera by a shocked and stunned sole – and it is not for the feint of heart.

But first, some back-story.

See, Joe Noonan was a disenfranchised kid (literally) back in 1961 when he made a pledge: He would back for life whatever team won the World Series. Why? Because he hated the Yankees and was left disenchanted, disillusioned and disgruntled by the departed Dodgers and despicable Giants. But make no mistake, it was his hatred of the Bronx Bombers that forced his Cincy fancy and, consequently, blood is on their hands. As mentioned above, the contents of the following video is not for everyone. Please use discretion.

There you have it. We hope you, like Joe Noonan of Bridgewater, can one day recover. At the very least we know you’ll be…


Please feel free to comment below, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to tune in tomorrow for a despondent Cheesy Bruin, who’ll be wondering why his and Grote2DMax’s Boston Bruins can’t escape failure.

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