NFL Surprises So Far…

"C"... (a chubby Cam James) & his boys give Reasons Cardinals Repeat

“C”… (a chubby Cam James) & his boys.

ST. LOUIS, MO – Three weeks into the NFL season and there are few NFL Surprises greater than the fact that the Giants are 0-3 and the Jets are 2-1.  Unfortunately for me, it’s not surprising that the Rams are 1-2 after their dismal showing at the Jerry Dome but that is still better than the Giants, so I’ll take that.  There have also been individual surprises, both on and off the field. Here are some of the best of both.

Colin Kaepernick.  Many people think that his start to the season is a surprise but I think this was due to happen.  There are many quarterbacks that can burst onto a scene and cause some ruckus in a handful of games (Tim Tebow, anyone?) and even make the Super Bowl – like C.K..  What happens when you give defensive coordinators all spring to game plan against a gimmick?  The gimmick stops working.  Pretty soon the read option will go the way of the wild cat.  Miami thought they were neat…for a season.

D’Angelo Williams.  Down in Carolina the man that should be getting all the press isn’t Cam Newton.  Williams is third in the league in rushing yards through three games – and he wasn’t even supposed to start this season.  His rushes are allowing Cam Newton a lot more leeway in the secondary as we all saw last Sunday, when the Jints were set back ten years.

aldon-smith-tree Meet_The_MattsAldon Smith. Missouri’s finest, Aldon is officially in the same category as Big Ben, Plaxico Burress and Mike Vick in the “When-you-do stupid-enough-crap-you-are-bound-to-get-caught” Department.  If you were to throw a party, how would you get people to leave your home?  I might flash the lights on and off, stop the music, tell the crowd that you have bed bugs….. I sure as hell wouldn’t choose to shoot warning shots straight into the air with a couple pistols, ignoring the fact that the bullets might come crashing down to Earth –  injuring somebody.  Then –  a few months later – I definitely wouldn’t get caught driving while intoxicated, especially since the NFL has basically provided a twenty four-hour car service to all players, simply to avoid this kind of stupidity. Poor tree.

LFL-Ref Meet_The_Matts

Are Refs too hands-on???

The officiating.  Coaches, players, fans and gamblers alike have seen ludicrous targeting fouls.  The contact the rule is intending to prevent is not preventable over half of the time, and the defensive players are getting railroaded for doing nothing wrong.  When a receiver goes up in the air and comes down on the defensive back, chances are he is going to come close to the crown of the helmet. If you ask me, this rule is the product of a greater conspiracy, where in the NFL is trying to find every way possible to raise the average scores in a given game.  The days of 9-6 Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburg Steelers games are over.  The league would much rather have a superstar QB in a giant and impenetrable bubble, throwing to receivers that have an infinite advantage over the defenders. P.s… The Lingerie Football League said that refs they fired – are in the NFL.

Come back tomorrow for Cookie and her Off The Field craziness in Cookie’s Corner.

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Cam James hails from Missouri and is a down-the-line St. Louis fan: Rams, Cards, Blues... Thus his occasional "Ram Rules" column. He hates Kansas basketball, lives in Denver, been a wrestler, dabbled in Ultimate Fighting and plays hardball. Oh, and he's Opie Taylor white.
  • Cookies Corner

    Broncs 3-0, Cam. What’s your take? Cookie here is LOVIN’ it!!

    Peyton need to school Eli on how to find his receiver and NOT someone on the other team. Seems the 0-3 Gints thrashings aren’t teaching him enough…. this last week’s game being REALLY something for those knuckleheads.

    • Big Blue 56

      If the Broncos stay healthy, they will win the Superbowl. My Giants can’t block but Diehl will be back at blindside for the rookie.

      • Pugh stinks! And as redundant as that sounds, the rookie blindside tackle replacing Diehl has been the biggest reason the Giants aren’t at least 1-2.

    • Cam_James

      Broncos 3-0 is no surprise. Peyton is the Larry Bird of Football. he is proof that a lack of physical talent combined with unparalleled work ethic equals the best player to ever play the game. 12 TDs zero picks. scary good. Thank goodness my fantasy team sports Peyton D Thomas and Eric Decker.

      • Junoir Blaber

        Peyton is Fantasy football gold, thankfully Post season accomplishments don’t matter.
        Oh and Cookie it is not Eli’s fault about the intercepts. I watch the maulin in Carolina and Eli’s WR’s aren’t separating and his O-line give him no time. The kid is more nervous in the pocket than a battered wife whose husband just got home and dinner is gonna take another 15 minutes to be ready!!

        • Wait. A howitzer arm, lightening quick release, fast feet, exceptional peripheral vision and accuracy on a man that is at least 6’5″ don’t qualify as physical talent? Put down the moonshine, you hick.

          • Cam_James

            watch some film. 38 year old manning post 20 thousand surgeries isn’t throwing the ball like he used to and he is the least mobile QB in the league. and i will gladly drink my shine.

          • Wait, you’re telling us to watch more of sports?! Stop with the Mad Dog 20-20, cut out the chewing tabaccy and leave your sister alone – you’re obviously “distracted” by something. Manning is rifling the ball through defenders this year – just like last year and the 50 years prior. Further, you are a poop-head.

      • And like Peyton and his father Archie, where would football be without it’s father… Rugby?!

        • jgclancy

          What’s rugby?

          • AngryWard

            Beats me.

  • Before we start lowering the boom on Mr. Smith, do we really understand the burden of going through life with the name Aldon?!

  • jgclancy

    Hmmm…just noticed a certain team was eliminated from the MLB wildcard race.
    Just sayin…

  • Rex O’Rourke

    If the Giants don’t do something about that O-line it’s going to be a looooong season!

  • Rex O’Rourke

    Note to Robinson Cano. We’re coming in fourth with you, we can come in fourth without you. Enjoy San Diego. I hear Jay-Z has a condo there.

  • Rex O’Rourke

    Yes THAT Rex O’Rourke!

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