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LockerRoomBeltranST. LOUIS, MO – Most of you tuning in today might be thinking that I am going to do nothing but gloat about my hometown’s current position in the sports world… and you’re right.  The Rams managed to get Matt Schaub cheered off the field and have me giddy – at a modest 3-3 record. Granted, this may seem somewhat sad – on both accounts –   but after a decade of abject failure, a 3-3 start is enough to make me start thinking a playoff berth in 2015 is an actual possibility… In other St Louis Sports News  The Blues are off to a strong start and the Red Birds are one win away from their second Fall Classic in three years. Yet, following last nights failure to close out on the road, I am holding my breath.

In the remaining games of the series, the Cards are facing an uphill battle. While they do hold home-field advantage, the two opposing pitchers might as well be Cardinal Kryptonite.  Game Six sees the return of Clayton Kershaw and game seven will be the tallest Korean in the world Hyun-Jin Ryu.  Both are dominate lefties and the Cardinals are well below .500 against the southpaw this year.  You might even call it the southpaw jinx.

Cam James diehardcardsfan

Die Hard Cam James

Last year in Game 5 and up an eerily similar 3-1 on the series the Cardinals made a washed-up Barry Zito look like he was back in an A’s uniform (sorry JG Clancy) and back in Cy Young mold.  In this year’s Game 3, Ryu was solid – but nothing special.  The Cardinals failed to work counts and take advantage of Ryu falling behind hitters.  His breaking ball was consistently out of the zone but the change to the hitters was enough to stymie the lineup three times through.

When you look at the Cardinals lineup, it makes sense that left-handed pitching is their weakness. Three of the first four batters are lefties and Beltran prefers to be on the left side.  The absence of Allan Craig has proven disastrous to the balance of the lineup.  Without a true right-handed hitter in the first four, the best offense in baseball is putting up numbers more akin to the Houston Astros.

redsoxfanAll things considered, the Cardinals do have a better one-two combo on the hill to finish the series.  Michael Wacha has only allowed 2 runs in his last 23 innings – or something like that. Adam Wainwright is looking for another signature win or 4. When it comes to brass tacks I think the Birds will pull it out in seven, with an outside shot to take the series Friday in extra innings….  So far Mark Matheny has proven masterful when managing the bullpen and Don Mattingly is proving my mustache assertion true when it comes to decision-making.

As far as that other league goes with their DH rules,  I sincerely hope that Boston wins.  I want the Cardinals to have another shot at the Sox Nation.  Pedro Martinez left a greasy Jheri-Curled taste in my mouth back in 2004 and the only thing that can get rid of it would be to see the Cards eating dinner after a win at the Cheers bar at Fanuel Hall.

Cookie’s Corner, tomorrow.


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Cam James hails from Missouri and is a down-the-line St. Louis fan: Rams, Cards, Blues… Thus his occasional “Ram Rules” column. He hates Kansas basketball, lives in Denver, been a wrestler, dabbled in Ultimate Fighting and plays hardball. Oh, and he’s Opie Taylor white.

  • Walking Tall

    It’s Allen, not Allan. D’bag.

    • You are correct, Sir! (To be proclaimed as Ed McMahon would). And he got his Manager’s name wrong, too!

      • AngryWard

        Just be happy he didn’t say Pat Metheny, who’s a Missourah native as well.

    • Cam_James

      This is what editors are for…

  • you suck

    You had me at the Beltran picture. I now hate St. Louis.

    • Shasky52

      It only let me upvote this once… I have a whole bag of upvote for anyone hating on St. Louis after reading this article.

  • Baseball Lifer

    The Cardinals are frustrating for many of us because they consistently win in a fashion that makes the rest of us angry at the team we root for. They don’t do it like the Yankees or Dodgers or Angels. They don’t seem to rely on any two or three mega-stars. They are like the NJ Devils of baseball. And it drives me crazy because I think my team should be able to do it if they can!

  • Shasky52
    • bosoxbruins04

      Couldn’t help but add this one!

      • oblique outlook

        Classy. Is that her mom? Jesus.

      • Cheesybruin

        Thanks bb04! Today’s pix were in need of female flesh!

  • Junoir Blaber

    Does Ryu go “atthhuukiiccck” before every pitch?

    Gamers will get that reference.

    Talk about in depth analysis of a boring sport.

  • Different Matt

    The blues will storm through the regular season and get bounced in the first round of the playoffs again.

  • Tall Matt

    Is it ironic that you could be the best fans in sports and the most boring people in the country at the same time?

  • Yankee Joe


  • Cheesybruin

    WTF! I get back on-line in time for a shirtless Beltran and two fat baseball f*cks? I’m going to shatter my lcd screen, again! All that’s missing are “shakeweights”! EGADS!

    • MartyStein9er

      Couldn’t resist! Go Leafs!

  • jgclancy

    Go Tigers! No one should ever want Boston to win for any reason. Call it my childhood brainwashing growing up in the Bronx.

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