The Ford Escape: Toronto Mayor, Incognito, Geno Smith, Wayne Gretzky

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The Ford Escape

NEW YORK, NY – For all I’m concerned, there are two types of people in the world: 1) People who do not understand the fascination with Major Rob Ford 2) People who love him. Of course I am one of the latter – and on the right side of history in doing so. Frankly, I do not understand this group that is acting like he’s Kony, the African warlord who took over the Internet. Or worse, a Mariachi band panhandling in my subway car.

Sure, the price of maple syrup may go up and a Tim Horton’s may not open in Soho this year but we needed this form of entertainment, especially after all these sad news stories about typhoons, NSA leaks, and the Giants starting 0 and 6… And I know this makes little sense but I think those who are intrigued by this mystical Canadian creature also feel the Patriots lost in the fairest way to Carolina on Monday night… or knew Geno Smith was going to be a JaMarcus Russell for the Jets.

Lori Levine

Lori Levine on Team Incognito?

And also, I am on Team Richie Incognito. If bullying is not appropriate in the locker room, then where is bullying appropriate? And, back to Major Ford….when the Toronto Argonauts told him to stop wearing their jersey, and the CFL commissioner told him not to attend the playoffs, he went ahead attended the game (in his custom jersey), and even carried in a replica Grey Cup trophy. This trophy may or may not have possibly been made out of the same tin foil he used in his crack pipe. This Canadian is definitely rivaling Wayne Gretzky as America’s pick for Top Canadian.

With that, I’m out. Channel your inner-Canadian and leave your two cents below and come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, with a Especial Viernes Edición.

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