imagesCATS19X1BOSTON, MA - Last week I prefaced the Sunday selections with unsteady confidence and still managed to avert disaster by going 2-2… or the same score of Friday’s Bruins-Rangers game before Captain Zdeno Chara scored the clincher. Improving on the 29-18 mark (61%) are today’s Free NFL Picks hiding in a Bruins versus Rangers recap.

FAVORITES As you know the Boston Bruins (2011 Stanley Cup winners and 2013 Runners Up) are my favorite sports team from which the nome de plume is a combination of an age old nickname and the NHL’s original Black and Gold. A current favorite coincidentally wears the same #54 as Dallas Cowboys HoFer Randy White but it’s having a teammate’s back that endears Bruins fans to Adam MacQuaid.  Friday, when a 6’4″ Rick Nash plays tough guy against a diminutive Lundqvist-killer Torey Krug, the tall and nasty Adam MacQuaid made Nash aware of the accountability to such actions. Another hockey favorite is the old tyme, Gordie Howe Hat Trick of a goal, assist, and fight and when a Bruins player accomplishes the feat against the Blueshirts it is as sweet as the beating Chara’s knuckles took at the expense of Brian Boyles noggin. A “fight” is what it was called but Boyle didn’t throw a punch so we’ll label it a beating.  CAROLINA -7 1/2

Queen of "B" Cups?

Queen of “B” Cups?

UNDERDOGS Like mostly all NHL teams visiting TD Garden, the Rangers were underdogs and had to know it as the Bruins were going to be ornery fresh off a 6-1 loss to the Red Wings. The Rangers fared well early on but folded when emotions ran high and the result was a Las Vegas-expected Boston victory. The favorites won the scrums, the fights, the face-offs, the goaltending duel, and most importantly, the game–just as they did last Spring in the Conference Semi-Finals.  The underdogs get another crack at the B’s in March at MSG.  Don’t worry, I’ll remind you all.  KANSAS CITY +5 1/2

OVER Many Rangers fans are oversensitive to the fair criticism that King of No Cups receives and makes most supporters oversensitive to these comments. Again, my issue is the nickname “King” based on the goalie’s overwhelming international hockey exploits and not what has occurred in the NHL. It’s unfair to say he’s overrated but when the Rangers play the Bruins they’re usually overmatched and overpowered to which it can’t be overstated. The Bruins were helped by another “over” yesterday–the Rangers PP was 0-fer-5 with only two shots on the man advantage.  NYG/WASH OVER 45 1/2

May or November, "The Little Ball of Hate" beats Henry again!

May or November, “The Little Ball of Hate” beats Henry again!

UNDER For most of this early NHL season the Bruins have underperformed but still find themselves atop the Eastern Conference standings.  Sh!t, I can’t wait until the new additions understand the Bruins system and maximize their skills under these conditions. After another physical affair on the back end of consecutive games, the Rangers might be temporarily underwater after yesterday’s reunion with John Tortorella and his new charges.  Under NHL realignment, the Blueshirts appear to benefit by qualifying as the second or third best in the Metropolitan Division and can possibly have fewer points then the wild card teams or the ninth and tenth place finishers.  TENN/IND UNDER 45 1/2

Tune in tomorrow for MTM giant, DJ Eberle.

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A man amongst men. Cheesy Bruin kicked cancer to the curb - twice. The Cheese Man's a big, tough teddy-bear who survived the Bronx despite being an unabashed Boston Bruins fan and Sargent-At-Arms for Angry Ward's Urban Spur Posse. Nuff said. Doctors have taken most of this throat and had to make him a new tongue from thigh-meat (his own) and still he won't shut up about the Bruins, Cowboys, Pirates and Cleveland Cavaliers. And yes, his kids do love him.
  • AngryWard

    I’m as far from a genius as you can get but even I’m not dumb enough to drop gloves with Chara. The guy is a monster. Cheeseman, I assume the reason you’re taking the Giants/Skins over is that the number there 45.5 is higher than it should be?

    • Big Blue 56

      Giants and Skins will both score a lot.. Chara is a freak.

      • Cheesybruin

        I like when we agree BigBlue–it keeps things very civil. Happy Holidays.

        • Meet The Matts

          The Giants will win but it will be ugly.

    • Cheesybruin

      Exactly. About two-three points higher than what it should be. Isn’t Griffin due for a good game? And Manning?
      Chara’s pugilistic skills could actually be better for a guy his size while I haven’t seen a waste of size in a hockey player like Brian Boyle since Willie Huber (Red Wings and Rangers D-man) would get abused back in the day.

      • butch gorings nostrils

        Boyle has a concussion history and its not his role to fight. Mario is 6’4″. Was he a waste because he didn’t fight? What about Ken Morrow?

        • Cheesybruin

          Size/nastiness is a prerequisite for roles on a hockey team’s third and fourth lines. Size on the top two lines is a commodity that is coveted with the expected skill of those players. SuperMario was a freak himself. Lindros never developed into that and Messier was Messier–he could do it all.

          • AlexanderBorisDePfeffelJohnson


          • Meet The Matts

            Forgive us, Your Excellency.

        • Meet The Matts

          Butch, Cheesy knows NOTHING about hockey. He thinks fans like the fighting and the winning of Stanley Cups. He’s also a guy from the Bronx that likes something in Boston. You do the math.

          • jgclancy

            Olympic hockey is good hockey…this niche sport known as the NHL isn’t worth thinking about until June!

  • jgclancy

    Ruining football stuff with all this niche sport talk ya know :)
    Hmmm…Tampa has been playing really well lately.Manning is pissed about losing to Pats due to stupidity so he’ll light KC up. I’m never good with O/U so I’ll believe ya and let you have those.
    Tonight it’s College BB -MY San Diego State Aztecs vs. Marquette (#25). We upset #20 Creighton to get to this game and it’s a pick ‘em! GO AZTECS!!!!
    Now for some coffee and some nice breakfast sausages..

    • Cheesybruin

      Clancy, you just blew your cover of “butch gorings nostrils”! There’s only one Aztecs fan on this site, sir.

      • jgclancy

        Here we go Aztecs here we go!
        No idea who” butch gorings nostrils” is though.
        And this just in for Angry Ward..Percy Harvin has suffered a setback in his recovery…imagine that!

        • Cheesybruin

          Carolina -7
          KC +6
          NY/WASH over45
          TENN/IND under 46

          • jgclancy

            Okey dokey…thinking 2/4 for ya again though….maybe 3/4 with a late insignificant score that won’t matter for the win.
            Go Vikings!!

    • Meet The Matts

      We are thinking of forming a commission to consider possibly suing you and all San Diego State grads for the insult of Aztecs everywhere.

      • jgclancy

        My brother and I (as SDSU alumni) will gladly head the commission and limit it to three people. We’ll name our late mother as honorary 3rd member (she too was an SDSU alumni) so the voting is always unanimous. Motion is passed. To Monty’s Den for a few beers to celebrate! Go Aztecs!!

  • jgclancy

    2 for 2 early Cheeseman…..will you go 4 for 4?? Will the Vikings win in OT or get a 2nd tie? Will I run out of beer? All good questions.

    • Cheesybruin

      The Vikings are making a Football Follies video on the last few weeks alone and now this game. UN-F*CKING-BELIEVEABLE

      • jgclancy

        And somehow they win! Was kinda hoping for another tie LOL
        KC just went up 7 for you…good start.

  • jgclancy

    Cheeseman–it looks like your day hinges on having faith in the Giants offense being good and defense being bad! The other manning is carving up KC like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

  • AngryWard

    Skol Vikings!

  • jgclancy

    2-2 The G-Men won but let you down Cheeseman.

  • Junoir Blaber

    Bruins still suck Cheesy. Nothing good has ever come out of Boston!!

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