Canada vs Sweden: American Hockey Hate, Lundqvist and Price of Metal


Henrik LundquistSOCHI, RUSSIACanada vs Sweden? Choosing who to root for in today’s Men’s Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Final is a tough one. It’s all about the medal, mettle and metal….

Regulars here on MTM know full well that my critical lens is always focused on the play – and nickname – of Sweden’s goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, who happens to man the pipes for the New York Rangers. My hockey pest goading/scrutiny and observations on The King’s play gets Blueshirts fans’ blood boiling or pulling their hair out (Short Matt), if you have any. But even the staunchest of Lundqvist fans must admit he looked more like the Swedish Chef of Muppets fame early in the NHL season, as he adjusted to the smaller NHL-mandated goalie pad size. Like a women’s hygeine product, a larger pad absorbs more; like bigger goalie pads. This stands to reason why Lundqvist was a Vezina candidate last year but won’t this year, since he couldn’t stop the flow of pucks into the net during the NHL season’s first month.

Cheesy Bruin

Cheesy Bruin

Talent is supposed to trump gear and as of late, King Henrik is rounding into the form that has made him an international hockey sensation. His improved play, coupled with the illness to Finland and Boston Bruins goaltending ace, Tuukka Rask, that weakened him from the quarter-finals on, the King Sweden finds himself on the cusp of another gilded disk.

Who to root for? This may sway you:

Another "Metal" for Swedes

More Swede “Metal”

In the other crease for Team Canada is double Canadian, Carey Price. Price plays for the hated Les Habitantes -  the Montreal Canadiens en anglaise – and as a result weighs heavily on my Boston Bruins heart because Patrice Bergeron is part of Team Frog.

Team USA made Price look like Ken Dryden on Friday. This is not to say Price hasn’t been stellar for most of the NHL campaign – because save for a two-week spell he has been one of the league’s better net detectives. The other day Angry Ward reminded me that Canada is the new Russia; the squad attracting the most American Hockey Hate - after medal losses in both Women’s and Men’s play over the last two Olympiads.

Side Bar: I also cannot root for any team Sidney Crosby (or Kris Kunitz) plays for, period.

The Swedes also have Rangers left winger Karl Hagelin – whose game I love – and Bruins forward Loui Erikkson, to help fill the net for the Scandinavians. charaSo with a Swedish victory, I proclaim a new nickname for Lundquist: Midas or Mr. T., since he’ll have more gold around his neck than any association with silver… as in drinking from the Stanley Cup. Or we can just still go with the King of No Cups.

Enjoy the game and come back tomorrow for DJ Eberle, if he didn’t maim himself on the ski slopes.

P.s… This one From The Vault shows how to handcuff a Hapless Hank:

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  • Espo

    Athletes go thru slumps. Lundquist went thru one and the team had to play its first 9 games away. He should have won a couple/three of those early losses. You sound like a typical Boston fan, making excuses for Rask. No objective hockey person would ever pick Rask over Lundquist. It sounds to me like you’re just fishing for controversey on a Sunday. If you’re not then you are just somebody that thinks he knows hockey and doesn’t.

    • Cheesybruin

      Rask for the tournament: .938 Save%, 1.74 GAA
      No excuses need to be made. If he didn’t come down with the flu, Finland beats Sweden and would be playing for the gold.

      • Toby12

        And if Romney wasn’t a douche he’d be President. You can’t say that.

  • RugbyWrapUp

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    Watch Ireland at England and you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

    • jgclancy

      What’s rugby?

  • jgclancy

    Sweden is getting stomped by Canada like my Aztecs did last night in The Pit against New Mexico. I knew the Aztecs #6 ranking was a bit of smoke and mirrors and now they’ve been exposed.It’s Sunday and I’m having coffee w/Blueberry pancakes.

  • Meet The Matts

    Spoiler Alert: The Damn Reds (Canadian version) won!

    • Cheesybruin

      Oddly enough, the guys I mentioned on the Penguins that I can’t stand (Crosby and Kunitz), scored.

  • Finns

    Article sounds biased…a little bit

    • Cheesybruin

      Yep, doin’ my best Ken “The Rat” Linesmen impersonation.

  • MartyStein9er

    WTF??? That Rangers tryout is hilarious!!!! How the f did you pull that off???

    • Broad Street Bully

      I am jealous!!!

  • DJ Eberle

    It’s amazing that the US can score 20 goals in their first three games and then 0 in their last two. I mean come on.

    • Cheesybruin

      It does make you scratch your head, DJ.

      • butch gorings nostrils

        It’s about the teams they played. The USA played 1 dog of a game – against Finland, which was understandable. They probably should have gone with a rested Ryan Miller – physically and emotionally – in the Bronze medal game. But clearly Canada had the best team in the tourney and credit the Americans for being 1 shot away from the title.

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