Olympic Hockey: Déjà Vu All Over Again as Canada Tests USA Mettle for Medals


Canada Fan teeth missingSOCHI, COMMIELAND – Yesterday’s gold medal tilt in women’s ice hockey was quite the spectacle. The USA and Canada faced off for gold for the umpteenth time and for the umpteenth time Canada won. The loss is a bitter pill to swallow for the Americans. They were up two goals in the waning moments of the third period. And then things came very unstuck.

WScreen shot 2014-02-21 at 7.47.22 AMith just three-plus minutes left, Canada finally found a breakthrough to make it a 2-1 game and set up a frenetic final three minutes. With under 90 ticks left and the Canadian net empty, the US had a chance to bury the game. The puck was sent hurling towards the empty net from the American blue line. A 3-1 lead with a minute left would surely have guaranteed gold for the Americans. But the puck could only find the left goal post… not gold.

Seconds later, Les Americans were picking the puck out of their own net. The game that the USA was firmly in control of just minutes before had gone completely off the rails. A Canadian winner in overtime was inevitable. The goal came on a Canadian power play on what, to me anyway, was a penalty call that was softer than wet dog shit. C’est la vie, I guess. Canada has their fourth straight gold in women’s ice hockey. The American ladies have to settle for silver again – and cry as they got them.

Today it’s the men’s turn… The Canadians and Americans face off in the semifinals of the men’s tournament. Boasting most of the best forwards in hockey, Canada has found goals hard to come by. The fact that Sidney Crosby has done next to nothing so far scares me more than anything. They’ve made it this far and they haven’t really played that well.

Canada will have to go without the second best player in hockey today. John Tavares is out for the tournament (and the rest of the NHL season) with a knee injury. And I’m not convinced Carey Price is a gold medal goalie. The US definitely has the advantage in net. Jonathan Quick has been very good. I’d like to see him moving around less. He flops around like an Asian carp out there. But whatever works I guess. Keep it up Quick. The US men will be looking to avenge the ladies’ loss yesterday and book their place on the podium. Hopefully this game goes better for the Americans than the gold medal game in Vancouver four years ago.

Canada Wins Gold over USAThe game should be a real barn-burner. The winner will meet either Sweden or Finland in the gold medal game. The losers of these games will meet for bronze. Finland has three goalies on their roster that are better than anything Canada has. Sweden has the King. It should be a feisty, low scoring affair. Earlier this year the Fins beat the Swedes in the gold medal game at the World Junior Championship by a score of 3-2. I think five goals might not be scored if these teams played twice. Look for a 2-1 game either way.

My previous prediction of a Russia-Canada gold medal game was way off – base due to me overlooking the fact that the Russians don’t or can’t play defense. Now I’m hoping to see Finland and the US meet for gold on Sunday. And Canada plays Sweden for bronze tomorrow.

That’s it for me today, come back tomorrow for a guy that would be happy with Gold Medal Flour, Junoir Blaber.

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  • vinny from brooklyn

    tavares being out is like losing harvey. i can’t take it.

    • FakeSandyAlderson

      Like Losing Harvey to an injury suffered during the World Baseball Classic! Garth Snow was rightly outraged, even asking sarcastically if the IOC or Team Canada would reimburse Islander season ticket holders now. I asked both of them if they wanted to be reimbursed.

      • http://meetthematts.com/ Meet The Matts

        vinny from brooklyn: Just think about how cheap tix will be at the Mausoleum come… next week. Oh. Snap. (Not the knee).

  • AngryWard

    I think this pretty much sums up my feelings on today’s game.

    • Puck Face

      That is a classic! That was all Canada in the first… USA needs to step it up.

      • http://meetthematts.com/ Meet The Matts

        Wait! A-Dubya did you actually see that on Facebook or Twitter?! Are you really picking up some Social Media skills?!

        Puck Face: Quick was the difference in period one…

  • jgclancy

    USA better beat Canda today….that is all.No wait -here’s a photo of CC in spring training

    • SAF

      Did CC go on the crack head diet? Holy-moley!

      • http://meetthematts.com/ Meet The Matts

        Is that David Justice???

        • AngryWard

          He keeps that up and Sally Struthers is going to start doing commercials for him.

          • jgclancy


  • Cookies Corner

    Excellent hockey coverage and feedback.. as always DIff.

    USA! USA! USA!!

  • http://rugbywrapup.com/ RugbyWrapUp

    #MLB Fans: Check out this short/funny #Podcast by @MeetTheMatts w/ Mad Dog, Bobby V & Sandy Alderson http://t.co/7dGL1PVvRb @metsblog @cc660— Rugby Wrap Up (@RugbyWrapUp) February 21, 2014

    • http://meetthematts.com/ Meet The Matts

      Thank you, Pardners…

  • http://meetthematts.com/ Meet The Matts

    Hey, Cheesy Bruin… Guess which team’s goalie is playing for the Gold???

    • Big Blue 56

      Lundquist could steal the gold.

  • http://meetthematts.com/ Meet The Matts

    Les Tim Horton’s just potted one. Ruh-roh.

    • buffalobilly84

      Canada should be up 4-0 right now. I’m sold on Quick now. Originally thought Miller should play.

  • Goose Loonie

    Who the hell is Shat On Kirk?

  • jgclancy

    USA looked so slow…amazed they only lost 1-0 after that 1st period in which Canada was just so much better. Going to be the bitter losing side and root for Sweden…

    • AngryWard

      Yes, yes, I am.

  • AngryWard

    That game was awful. Quick kept us (or is it US?) in it. More importantly, and because we have far more traffic here today that we will tomorrow, I want to wish my friend Cookie a Happy Birthday one day early. Appropriately, we met at a hockey game.

    • Cookies Corner

      Awwwww.. thanks AW. Yea… that game sucked maka-hiya-ding-ding (and not just because the U.S. lost). Though i gotta say there were many points that made me super nervous and considering the score ended up 1-0, that wasn’t too bad.

  • Junoir Blaber

    I am really starting to hate those canucks!!

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