Meet The Matts Radio: Bobby V Helps Us Fix Soccer and Golf


Meet The Matt Radio Fixing Soccer and Golf with Bobby V

RIO DE JANIERO, BRAZIL – Following up on Big Al Sternberg/Fake Sandy Alderson’s excellent piece on the Soccer World Cup and U.S. Open – and the subsequent schism it has created in his family – we called upon sports celebrity and Baseball Genius, Bobby V to join us in today’s Meet The Matts Radio segment to help us fix the dreadfully boring game that is soccer and the activity that’s not a sport – golf.

The fixes include:
And you’d be surprised how all of the above are applied. Tune in and have a listen. Then let us know your thoughts below.

Don’t forget to come back for the Rain Man of Sports, Junoir Blaber, tomorrow.

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Matt McCarthy, is the MTM founder and consequently wears many hats: Director, Editor, Writer, Web guy and Podcaster... Also known as Short Matt, he's also a two-bit actor, voice-over pro, rugby, baseball and ice hockey player and likes hazelnut coffee with rice milk, while strolling in the sand, listening to foreign films... Matt also moonlights on MTM spin-off,, often wearing a wig and glasses while butchering a Kiwi accent.
  • Favorite Cousin

    Guys you really need to get professional help for stalking Bobby V! haha I like soccer and golf but would love to see your versions.

    • That really is our Bobby V! And which bleeping cousin/whose bleeping cousin are you?!

  • buffalobilly84

    You could appeal to Cross-fit people with the running to the next hole but caddies would be out of work. And I golf to relax and get out of the house, not excercise.

  • Drunk In Joisey

    Where the hell is Mad Dog?????? He has to be in these.

    • There were too many fire hydrants and postmen en route to the MTM Studio, so he missed the dang thing! Next time!

  • Young Webb Ellis already fixed soccer in the 1820s when he picked the ball up and started running with it. It’s called Rugby.

    • And the way he came up with the name “Rugby” is simply astounding!

    • Mista Pedantic

      And thankfully in 1906 the forward pass in real football was made legal and made rugby obsolete and archaic.

      • The 3rd most watched sporting event is the Rugby World Cup. #1 is Soccer and #2 is the Olympics. Your gridiron, and it’s concussions, 4-hour marathons of 16 minutes of action and prison sentences will be the one that’s obsolete! Put that in your pipe, Pedantic!

        • Mista Pedantic

          You’re going to piss off all the cricket players with those lies!
          And smoking a pipe – disgusting and uncouth – almost as obsolete as……….nah, I won’t repeat it

  • GrindingAxWalter

    The way to ramp up soccer, would be to take away the offsides call once the ball is past midfield. The whole Offsides Trap ( reminds me of the friggin NJ Devils of the nineties) crap takes away from scoring and we all know that the game needs it.
    Golf is NOT a sport. It’s a game like lawn darts and horseshoes.

    • GrindingAxWalter

      I will elaborate on Tuesday on my stance on what is and what isn’t a sport.

    • butch gorings nostrils

      Or Roger Neilson’s Florida Panthers.

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