Meet The Matts Radio: Kobe, Durant to Knicks, Lupica Gone Nuts, Best MLB Manager, Mad Dog Rants on NASCAR


Meet The Matts Radio

NEW YORK, NY – With all the rumors circulating around the Knicks with Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, Big Al Sternberg and Matt McCarthy decided it was time to put those rumors to rest… Also, on the docket, Mike Lupica defended Sandy Alderson and Sandy’s “plan” up until Friday. Our guys take The Lip to task and ponder what dope he was on… Finally, Mad Dog rants about Golfers and NASCAR drivers, following up on The Grinding Ax’s column from Tuesday…

All this in today’s Meet The Matts Radio segment – and in less than ten minutes… Download for later or listen now.

Hope you enjoyed that… Please feel free to comment and come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber.

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Matt McCarthy, is the MTM founder and consequently wears many hats: Director, Editor, Writer, Web guy and Podcaster... Also known as Short Matt, he's also a two-bit actor, voice-over pro, rugby, baseball and ice hockey player and likes hazelnut coffee with rice milk, while strolling in the sand, listening to foreign films... Matt also moonlights on MTM spin-off,, often wearing a wig and glasses while butchering a Kiwi accent.
  • The Bird

    Mac, belated happy b-day. This one is better than last week. Lupica is a pencil necked geek. Mad Dog is right about the walrus. That was funny. Took me three listens to understand what he said.

    • Perfect call on Lupica. As young-ins, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Daily News to read him. Then we saw him on TV and realized he was a geek.

  • TRS99

    Dead on with the Kobe and A-rod analogy. That would be a really bad move for the Knicks.

    • Kobe should retire a Laker. But the trade helped the Knicks – not because Cleanthony Early, who has the best name in sports history, came in as a draft pick – but because it got rid of Fat Boy Felton and Tyson Chandler, who talked the talk without walking the walk in NY.

  • dannybax

    NASCAR drivers are cab drivers on steroids. That doesn’t mean they are athletes. Mad Dog rocked that answer! haha

    • Yes, yes and yes… Dog has a way of getting points across.

  • Cheesybruin

    Orson Welles and FDR drove. Classic!

  • Declan Yeats

    Good stuff! Very clever, boyos.

  • Drunk In Joisey

    Sandy has to go. You guys have me seeing the light. Believe it or not, I was with Lupica on this. But you’re right, the plan was never public as far as I could see.

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