Meet The Matts Radio: Is David Wright Done? Is Matt Harvey More Important? Do MLB Managers Matter?


Meet The Matts RadioNEW YORK, NY – We’re back from our prevaricated sabbatical to Turks & Caicos, where we couldn’t find a sound studio on a par with our MTM Carbon Footprint Studios. So today’s Meet The Matts Radio segment, featuring a rather “uppity” Bobby V and “caffeinated” Mad Dog, has particular pep.

The Topics (not to be confused with Tropics):

-Is David Wright Done?

-Is Matt Harvey more important than David Wright?

-Vinny Testaverde, Chad Pennington and Bill Parcells?

-Was Bobby Valentine a better manager than Joe Torre? How about Terry Collins?

-Do MLB Managers  really matter?

You may be surprised about the stances Bobby V, Mad Dog and Matt McCarthy (Short Matt) take… Have a listen and please feel free to comment/giggle/vent below.

Tune in tomorrow for the possible return of one of our Femme Fatales – or Junoir Blaber. You’ll just have to see.

P.s… Without Googling it, what do you call a person from Turks and Caicos? And think about this before you read the comments below!

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Matt McCarthy, is the MTM founder and consequently wears many hats: Director, Editor, Writer, Web guy and Podcaster... Also known as Short Matt, he's also a two-bit actor, voice-over pro, rugby, baseball and ice hockey player and likes hazelnut coffee with rice milk, while strolling in the sand, listening to foreign films... Matt also moonlights on MTM spin-off,, often wearing a wig and glasses while butchering a Kiwi accent.
  • Rugby Guy

    Not a mets fan and I don’t really like baseball but this was funny. Football coaches can control and do control games. As far as I know baseball managers really can’t do much.

    • RG, first off, say hello to RG II and RG III for us! And welcome to MTM Land… Baseball Managers are much more like shrinks than coaches, as they are with their guys for longer chunks of time, especially on the road.

    • Are you and Bronx Guy related?

  • vinny from brooklyn

    haven’t heard testaverde and pennington in a long time! parcells was the best. what did you think about terry not making flores bunt?

    • Okay, you’ve verified that Dog said Testaverde – because we weren’t quite sure! As for Flores and Bunt-Gate II, it would have been moot had Duda done anything but ground into a doubl-eplay on the first pitch with none out and runners on first and second. Look, we love Ox but he MUST execute there.

  • Harlem Shaskys

    Our 3-5 starters are better than Valentine’s in the 2000 series and we only have 2 starters.

    • You’re right about one thing; you’ve only got two starters.

  • Declan Yeats

    Bobby is an eejit. The Yankees and Joe Torre own the Hall of Fame. What do the Mess and Valentine have?

    • George Thomas Seaver. Highest vote percentage ever for the Hall of Fame. Better than Ruth. Better than Gehrig. Better than Di Maggio. In. Your. Face. #mets

  • Cheesybruin

    Wright has to feel like sh!t playing among the current dreck after being told by management they would build a solid roster. Shut him down for the season–it’s lost anyway. Managers get too much of the blame for losing while high profile guys get too much credit for winning. Booby V is a douche but hilarious as always on these podcasts. Ya dumb drunk Mick!

    • We could argue both ways on this. Short Matt is in his 21st season of hardball as a player/manager. There are situations, that if you are asleep at the wheel, you can screw up the outcome. Or if you fail to go with the percentages in pressure situations, you’re setting your team up for failure. Valentine was never asleep at the wheel. Collins has made some dopey moves – but he is clearly being told what to do.

  • Bronx Guy

    Mac, did you boys see this? Free booze at McFadden’s before the game on Saturday:

    • Yes! We actually just passed that to our staff to… investigate. And your cousin commented earlier!

  • Baseball Lifer

    David Wright is a very good player when there are other good players around him. Since he’s been the anointed one he’s been in horrific lineups, true. But the great ones still put up their numbers. Injury or not, he is in decline.

  • AngryWard

    Seriously, was that Mets team the worst ever to make it to a World Series?

    • bosoxbruins04

      If you look at that the Sox the year Bobby was managing and then the fact they won the World Series when he left, maybe Boston was the worst! haha

      • A-Dubya may be right. This could be the topic for tomorrow’s column!

  • FakeSandyAlderson

    Not a Met fan or much of a baseball guy either, but these podcasts are terrrrrriific! I would like to hear that handsome young Big Al on these again in the future-they’re much funnier with his sardonic, rapier like wit. But a good job by Bobby V who will milk his reliance on Benny Agbayani in perpetuity. Hey Bobby…the 20th century called…they want their micromanaging, top step standing fake mustached wearing stuff back.

    • Bobby Cox

      Bob Valentine couldn’t wash my golf balls.

      • Glad to have you and your golf balls back, Coach Cox!

    • You’re certainly no GM. Oh. Snap.

  • buffalobilly84

    Mccarthy, you can’t pay for a meal but these are good. I give you that.

  • SAF

    Are folks from Turks & Caicos called “Lucky?”

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  • NancyBoy

    Haha! Good job, good job, good job!!!!

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