Giants Ground Jets, Mets Better Than Yanks

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Angry Syndergaard & Noah Ward?

NEW YORK, NY – For the rare NY Jets and New York Yankees fan, like Johnny Rox, yesterday was a bad day. For fans of the Giants and and Mets, like our Founding Matts, yesterday was a grand day. Why? Because we couldn’t help but think that today’s NY headlines could read something like this: Giants Ground Jets, Mets Better Than Yanks...

The Yankee fans out there will likely scoff, as their Royal Family Entitlement Gene makes it impossible for them to think about their Bombers being “the other team” in NYC baseball. But even a Grapefruit League game in March tells a different story. One of their guys, Curtis Granderson, banged out two hits and the Metsie’s big gun, Yo-Cesp, did just enough to forge a 4-4 tie.  Need more proof? The Grandy Man gave the kind of lip service that Jeter-Looks-Sad-in-Dugout-660x330Derek Jeter used to giggle through after any games against the Boys From Flushing, “They’ve got a great organization, a great team. I enjoyed my four years over there. I looked forward to seeing them today… [Tee hee].

Face it Yankee Fans, your team is loaded with crappy and old players. It’s going to be a long year… made longer by the Art being created on the Shea Park canvas, night in and night out. Remember, George Thomas Seaver called pitching his art form.

And there was also the great relief/news that the words “elbow” and “Thor” were not about Noah Syndergaard needing Tommy John surgery. It was just a classic Mets blunder-in-the-waiting; an article about what Nord God is doing to avoid having that now common-as-a-haircut surgery. And while this is clearly jinx material, we let out a collective, “Phew!” and breathed easier… for now.

Angry_Ward as Captain Jet Meet_The_Matts New-York-Jets-FanBut let’s get to the gridiron, where The New York Football Giants fired unanswered ground-to-air missiles at their Friedrich Air Conditioner Stadium (Angry Ward trademark) tenants, the J-E-T-S. First, Big Blue usurped any ground gained by Gang Green in football superiority by landing some big name free agents, Janoris Jenkins, Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison and bringing back Jason Pierre-Paul and Victor Cruz. Meanwhile, while taking a beating on both flanks and being pounded, ironically, by the Giants offensive, the Jets signed Matt Forte to play quarterback. Oh, wait… He’s a running back. [Guffaw].

Did we even mention the positives of Climate Warming (compromise of Global Warming and Climate Change)? 82 degrees in Newark. In March. Hell, the Mets and Yanks could play the next one at the Newark Bears ballpark.

spikeAll in all, it was a great day for Mets and Giants fans, while those of the New York Jets and New York Yankees had this headline smacking them in their downed heads: Giants Ground Jets, Mets Better Than Yanks.

That’s it for now, please comment below and comeback tomorrow for Hubit Chakockov. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook at @MeetTheMatts and Meet The Matts, respectively.

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  • vinny from brooklyn

    jets aren’t done yet! but i am at least a mets fan. dumb job by mets for the article.

    • You know it’s going to happen now, right? They can’t get through a Spring Training without one of their studs blowing out the elbow – so now they’re preemptively writing about it happening.

  • Randy Levine

    I enjoyed Curtis’s time here.

  • AngryWard

    Jerry Reese is spending like his job depends on it. And it does. As excited as you are about these moves, you might not be so much in a year or so when Reese is gone and the G-Men have no cap space. Hope I’m wrong, but Reese clearly thinks he needs to empty the coffers to keep his job, and that almost never turns out well… meaning buying out of fear. Better hope the McAdoo can hack it as a head coach.

    • McAdoo is no… slam dunk [Ba Doom Cha] but they did something in a big way, which means both he and Reese and must win. That’s a good thing. But no matter what, they have to get offensive lineman that aren’t offensive.

    • Junoir Blaber

      McAdoo is not up to the job and it will be proven during the season. Least we got the Mets.

  • Dude

    its kind of an old school notion that jet fans are met fans and yankee fans giant fans. most people i know are mets/ giants or jets/ yankees. being a met and jet fan is pretty much too much pain for one person to endure, and being a yankee and giant fan pretty much makes you a front running douche.

    • Those lines no longer exist, Dude. They vanished when the J-E-T-S moved to Jersey and the Nets moved to Brendan Byrne. Kids today are even allowing the Devils in the mix.

      • Dude

        i think thats what i just said. you said only johnny rox is a jet/ yankee fan.

        either way no one is a net fan except evan on the fan

  • Different Matt

    The mets really showed their dominance in that 4-4 tie yesterday.

  • jglancy

    Back in God’s Waiting Room for a day then off to the big city for a bit. Let me just say again- it’s preseason crappola. Stop watching it like it means anything or indicates anything. Time for March Madness..

    • AngryWard

      Back in NYC? Touch base after you touch down.

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