New Video: Cancer Survivor Forgives Baseball, Ends Exile: Mets or Yanks?

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NEW YORK, NY – It’s not often that an often cold and calculating corporation gets a second chance with a disillusioned and disappointed customer. But Major League Baseball can thank it’s lucky stars today, as a kid whose heart was broken by the 1981 MLB strike, just a short time before he’d find himself in cancer’s cross-hairs, is forgiving them for the Crime of Greed. Now, 30+ years later and major surgeries later, Rich “Cheesy Bruin” Perlongo, was in a forgiving mood. And along with fellow MTM Staffers, Angry Ward, Junoir Blaber and Tall Matt, we got to witness history.

And you can too. Watch this:

20160408_162118All kidding aside, this a great story of perseverance in fighting a cancer he didn’t earn. @CheesyBruin is one tough SOB. He never, ever has a complaint and is always positive, even when the poop hits the fan. And it has. Often. He’s a Man Among Men and will make a marvelous Mets fan.

Speaking of Mets fans, you must have a gander at these idiots and the Worst Sports Chant Ever:

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  • bosoxbruins84

    I had to pause and rewind like 5 times to understand him. He should be a Red Sox fan since he hates the Yankees though! Haha

    • We usually just nod politely when El Cheese speaks. He doesn’t care.

  • WestCoastCraig

    This is (ahoooga) great. Though the Yankees would welcome you too brother!

    • Well thanks, WCC! At one of our pundits weighed in… but you can’t have Cheesy and you should start getting used to the exodus of Yankees fans.

  • Great American

    You manage to make cancer almost funny. Almost. Good job knuckleheads. Hehe

    • Rich has an unbelievable outlook and a he’s a wiseass. A great combo.

  • Maureen

    I just forwarded this to my boss. He just found out he was in remission and has an unbelievable sense of humor about it. Credit to Cheesy. Big hugs.

    • Awesome Mo… let’s hope you don’t get in trouble for checking us out while at work!

  • Fluffy

    The Cheese stands alone!

  • Cheesybruin

    Boy, I had a lot to say and even I don’t understand myself at times!
    LET’S GO F***ING METS!!!!!!!!!

    • Tall Matt

      NOW YER TALKIN. kinda

  • Junoir Blaber

    Cheesy Bruin has been a class act. It was a pleasure having him be my day-trip buddy.

  • staten island stench

    That guy should be your spokesman. Did you get him from Howard Stern? Where can I get a Staten Island ferry hat??

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