Angry Ax Wednesday? Dak Prescott, Billy Goat, Dawg Pound, NY Rangers Rolling

The Future is Now

The Future is Now, Dak Prescott

FREEHOLD, NJ – While Angry Ward enjoys some R&R, management reached out to me to bring some civility back to this forum. The word is that ratings here are tanking at the same rate as the NFL’s! That’s just horrible! I trust that they sent out an email blast to let readers know that The Grinding Ax would be swinging an Angry One on Wednesday. So without further ado, let’s ramp this mother up with some talk about Dak Prescott, the Cubs Barking by the Dawg Pound, NY Rangers Rolling!

Unlucky 13

Unlucky 13

The Future of the NFC Least is here. Unfortunately, it does not include MTM favorite Eli Gump and his Little Giants! Sorry folks, but Big Blow is tanking. This week should be interesting as they line up against an angry group of Iggles, who are still licking their beaks after another demoralizing loss to those Cowboys of Dallas. Look for a rebound by Misery Town’s Birds, as Carson Wentz shows-up Ol’ Man Manning. Odell Beckham Jr. will be queefing out his mouth and kicking that net in frustration when Eli let’s loose a few ducks, while under constant pressure from a very good defense. Big Al Sternberg is cursing me out from somewhere! 

Trade bait?

Trade bait?

Dak “Could Be a Trap” Game –  We all know what can happen when you Assume the easy win. Just ask Angry Ward’s Vikings. They dropped a gimme game to the inept Jay Cutler and Da Bears. I think the real Sam Badford has returned. Anyway, Sunday will be a good litmus test for Prescott as he comes off a great finish on Sunday night. The Brownies would love to knock off the hottest team in the NFL. That would go a long way for their suffering fans. Hell, the ASPCA should file charges against this team for decades of abusing the fans in the Dawg Pound.  
No Chance! Ezekiel Elliott will tear it up for his old fans. Let’s face it, the Buckeyes can beat this team!

How ‘Bout Them Rangers! Let’s see how long it takes for them to trade another great young talent (Jimmy Vesey) for some aging defenseman! At 7-3, leading  the NHL East and scoring at a record pace, we just know that management will do something stupid before the trade deadline! Kudos to Henrik Lundqvist on his first clean sheet of the season and number 60 for his career.

And a SIDE NOTE for MLB fans: There will be a game seven, as the Chicago Cubs evened up the World Series with a impressive 9-3 win over the Indians of Cleveland.  With the momentum turned in their favor, I think The Curse of the Goat is over!

Angry Goat

Angry Goat

Well, that’s a wrap for now. Management only paid me for 400 words, so chime in all you hostile Giants fans. Stop back tomorrow and find out what’s worse than a Cowboys fan –  when Buddy Diaz (an Eagles fan?) flaps his wings. And please follow us on Twitter, @Angry_Ward & @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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