Finding The Next Bill Belichick, NFL Playoffs Notes and Is Ryan Another Romo?


FOXBOROUGH, MAChannel Your Inner Bill Belichick. That’s exactly what happens every January. It’s not just the coaches whose teams are making playoff runs. GM’s and owners are collaborating, sifting through data, utilizing crystal balls, Ouija boards and anything else that will help them land the “Next Belichick.”

and the winner is…

Hope Springs Eternal, some say and around the league, particularly in those cities where losing has become a tradition. In those places, these sentiments echo for decades. One town has cemented its legacy of stupidity. Cleveland had him and lost him. In the last forty years, the Browns have had sixteen coaches! That’s less than  two and one half years per coach, when you factor in three seasons without a team. (The smart/real Browns left for Baltimore after the 95 season). Bill Belichick was treated like a dude whose wife took a job transfer and told him he was not invited to move with her!

As expected, the cities that have the worst records in coaching tenure are at the forefront of this year’s  carousel.

MTM’s own DJ Eberle rides the emotional rollercoaster of being a Buffalo Bills fan. Each Summer, fans from the Nickel City raise their hopes and dream of a return to the days of First Loser designation. Things are not working out and will continue to not work out with the hiring of R.E.M. lead singer Michael Stipe twin Sean McDermott.  I predict that within a couple years, fans will transform from Shiny Happy People into a group where Everybody Hurts. Sorry Hot Takes!

That’s me in the corner”

San Diego oops, Los Angeles Chargers & Anthony Lynn? This guy has bounced around the league as a position coach until the Bills gave him a one game rehearsal… he failed and so will the Bolts.

Los Angeles Rams & Sean McVay? Hey, I hope they give this kid a shot at stardom. Why not! LA is La La Land. The place where fantasy is their reality!  I am amazed by the fact that a GM( Les Snead)who traded away multiple picks in order to draft Mediocre J-Goff, retained his job. He pushes all his chips to the middle of the table by signing a dude with a shorter resume than the dollar menu at Wendy’s.

Jacksonville Jaguars & Doug Marrone? Why do billionaires think that their business success automatically translates into making great football decisions? Marrone is one of those low character guys. Just ask the Buffalo Bills organization and the players from his short term.

Week II of the NFL Playoffs- 

I must state for the record, that I am a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan.  With that said, Dallas will defeat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. This is a young talented team that matches up well against the team from the frozen belt. The offense will score for both teams, however, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott will utilize that offensive line to wear down the Pack. They also have a guardian angel named Lynn on their side.

Seattle over Atlanta: This makes zero sense but Matt Ryan vs Russell Wilson just looks like a mismatch in the clutch department. Ryan is like Romo, in big games and I think the trend continues.

In the AFC…

The Kansas City Chiefs will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Texan fans will host the Super Bowl! Just not with their team… New England over Houston.

Stop back tomorrow for the real deal Cheesy Bruin who will hand you the winning scores!

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“Grinding Ax” Walter Hynes (GAW) comes from the same Sports Royalty bloodlines as Short Matt… He’s heaving hatchets off the heads of any deserving Sports Personalities… His favorite teams are the NY Rangers, Detroit Tigers, Dallas Cowboys, NY Jets and Manchester United… A suburban husband and father of two, Walter understands what it takes to be a second-guessing, sideline-heckling parent and coach.

  • Redskins44

    I agree with your Dallas over Green Bay pick but disagree about Sean McVay. He is very good and just may be the next king.

    • Is this John Riggins?! Either way, your point is taken. And welcome to Mattville!

    • GrindingAx

      I think that the Rams hope that you are correct.

  • bosoxbruins04

    I hate to say it but the Cowboys will beat the Pats head to head. Hope they lose! ?

    • And if we admitting things, we admit that we’d watch a Dallas/New England SB. Damn you for being honest!

      • GrindingAx

        You must have viewed that inspiring video!

  • Cheesybruin

    If McVay handles himself and the team well, we could be looking at a thirty year run as NFL head coach and he’ll still be a young man of 60. Walt, if there is a lot of scoring like you think in the Cowboys game I just can’t see Dallas winning a shootout. 27-21 Cowboys sounds about right to me.

    • GrindingAx

      I agree. I think Rodgers will move the ball down field quicker unless they contain him. Hoping a grinding running attack wears GB down. Look for Beasley today.

  • benwhit

    I think the Falcons are gonna take down the Hawks. And the Cowboys better wear down the Pack because the Pack won’t have any trouble scoring.

    • GrindingAx

      Time will tell. The Cowboys defensive coach Marinelli has done a masterful job with a substandard group. Excluding Sean Lee and the newly found David Irving, who can disrupt any QB. If they have good games, Dallas will win.

  • Junoir Blaber

    great piece Ax. I hope the Browns finally win more than 5 games in 2017

    • GrindingAx

      Thanks. I’m 1-1 with the picks however.

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