Ebs’ Hot Takes: New York Knicks, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, New York Yankees, New York Mets


WILKES-BARRE, PA – Part of me wanted to use this column to just discuss the GRAMMYs.

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But that wouldn’t be very responsible of me, would it?

Either way, there were some interesting things to happen in sports over the last week. I won’t take any longer with my introduction. Let’s get right to it.

Here’s this latest edition of Ebs’ Hot Takes:

The New York Knicks are the worst franchise in sports. How happy is Carmelo Anthony right now?

For once, the spotlight isn’t about him. Which is good, because honestly, he doesn’t deserve it and I hope Phil Jackson trades him out of this mess.

I know the James Dolan-Charles Oakley saga has been discussed at length here, but I just wanted to quickly add my two cents.

Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images

James Dolan is an embarrassment to his franchise. Who bans a franchise player? My God. That’s terrible. You never turn your back on family, and Charles Oakley is family. Learn to take criticism, man.

And to go as far to say that you wish Oakley gets the help he needs… Hey man, I hope you get the help you need so you can turn this team around. By the way, going and firing your head of security soon after the incident is a bad look.

But what do you care?

Hey Cupcake, this whole you and Russ thing is a feud. Just accept it. Seriously, Kevin Durant, it’s okay that there’s tension between the two of you, but don’t deny it.

Dude you told him you were leaving for Golden State over a text. After seven years together, you break up over a text?

Sue Ogrocki | AP photo

There’s no shame in wanting to go to the Warriors to get your first ring, but show a little more class man.

The New York Yankees are going to have a better season than the New York Mets. Call me crazy, but I loved that Chris Carter signing.

Three million for the NL home run king? Sign me up!

The Yankees added the spark they were missing in their lineup last year, and it could work out perfectly. Sure, this likely means Tyler Austin starts out in Triple-A, but that’s okay. I certainly won’t complain.

But, this team has the youth and talent to make a run at things. With no Edwin Encarnacion up north, the path has gotten a bit easier.

As far as the New York Mets are concerned, there’s just too many question marks.

Will the pitching staff hold up? What will Jay Bruce do? Who plays third base?

Too many what-ifs.

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Okay. I couldn’t write this and not talk about the GRAMMYs. A Tribe Called Quest killed it. Hats off to Bruno Mars. Is just me, or is Beyonce overrated? I loved Katy Perry’s performance. But most of all, Chance The Rapper stole the show! He walked away with three wins and absolutely stole the show. Oh, and Lil Chano From 79th has never sold a single song! Check. mate.

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  • AngryWard

    Leave it to you to take a shot at Durant after the Warriors mopped the floor with the Thunder in OKC Saturday night. Why not talk about your boy, Westbrook? Another awesome triple-double for him: 47 points, 11 boards and 11 turnovers! His team is down by 20 and he’s jawing “I’m coming, I’m coming?” If you need to know why Durant left town, that’s it right there. Look at the scoreboard, fella, and not the scoring sheet.

    As for Yanks/Mets, you can’t argue with Chris Carter’s power, and he should do just fine hitting taters at that little league stadium in the Bronx, affectionately known as Billy Crystal’s Whore Emporium™, (he’ll strike out 200+ times too). But you need to take off your “homer goggles” every once in a while and see both sides of things. You want to talk question marks? Look at the Yankees’ starting rotation fer crissakes. The Mets will be fine, thanks.

    Finally, the Knicks are a disaster, but nowhere near the worst franchise in sports. They are well down the list, far behind the likes of the Cleveland Browns, Arizona Coyotes, even the New York Nets.

    • DJ Eberle

      Well the Warriors clearly have a better team and there’s no denying that. My point is that Durant shouldn’t be oblivious just because he made a mistake. Besides, if KD stayed the Thunder would be just as good as the Warriors like they were. And if Westbrook doesn’t go for the triple double the score is even worse. Westbrook’s not going for a triple double because he’s showing off but because he has to.

      • benwhit

        Yeah but look at their 4th quarter collapses last year with Durant. They could’ve won 65 games. He’s got plenty of “me first” in him I think.

    • Uh, Ward… This isn’t the Chris Carter that starred for your Vikings Destructive Millennial DJ Eberle is talking about here. This guy is a Dave Kingman-esque, small-town .234 hitter in NYC.

  • Cheesybruin

    I only know that rapper Chance from the KitKat commercials to be fully honest with you.

    • DJ Eberle

      Haha most people do, but hopefully that changes moving forward because he’s changing music.

      • How about the Clippers’ new theme song written by Boy George on the new Celebrity Apprentice?!

  • benwhit

    Since when does anyone around here care about being responsible?

    • DJ Eberle

      Haha good point.

      • No wait one cotton-pickin’ moment! We invented #AlternativeFacts long ago in the form of #YeahButStill

  • The Mets will have a more successful season than the Stanks. Put it in the books, @ByDJEberle!

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