Who Is To Blame For This Knicks Mess? And Buddy Diaz Picks Super Bowl Winner


SPANISH HARLEM – Being a Knicks fan hasn’t been easy lately, and by “lately” I mean the last 20 years. The team has fought hard, yet the loses pile up. It’s draining for the fans and probably more so for the players… I hope. There are times when they seem focused and determined, there are also times they seem dejected and lost. Who is to blame? We’ll get to that and my Super Bowl Picksright froggin’ now!

Okay, now

When the Knickerbockers play, you still don’t know which team will show up. You hope you get the team that showed up in Atlanta (and last night) but there are some nights you get the team that played the Wizards on Tuesday. There is no consistency and that’s what irks me. Right now the Knicks sit 3 ½ games out of a playoff spot, so the season is not over. Most fans are conflicted because they don’t know what will happen with management or what the roster will look like in a couple of weeks. One minute Carmelo Anthony is getting traded, the next minute they win a game and you fall in love with the team all over again.

This situation seems to occur every season and fans are tired of it. Can you blame them? You constantly hear that management wants to make the team better; they want to win. But it feels like Groundhog Day all over again – maybe because it is! I don’t know what the Knicks need to do to finally get over the hump but I do know the transactions that Phil Jackson has made haven’t worked out well. Trader Phil has moved some quality players, yet has nothing to show for it. So how do you expect me to feel when there is talk about trading Melo?

I want the Knicks to win. I want them to have players I can consistently root for. I’m tired of seeing different players! Not knowing what the team will look like from year to year sucks. The roster will change again with the impending free agency of Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings. That’s not a formula for winning in this league and I won’t be surprised if Anthony waives his no-trade clause. After all, why would anyone want to play for a team that has no direction? So far the President hasn’t brought in a major free agent. No offense to Courtney Lee and Joakim Noah but when Kevin Durant was out there, New York wasn’t even a blip on his radar.

So ask yourself this: “Who is really to blame for all this?” We can argue about it below in the comment section.

Now on to some football…

As Sunday draws closer, everyone is getting Super Bowl Fever. People are planning their parties, deciding what to eat and wondering whether they will take Monday off (I know I will). All good things to look forward to but the most important thing is the actual game.

The Patriots are once again in the Super Bowl (surprised much?) against the Falcons. Much has been said about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and its deserving when you consider what they have done together. The more I listen to sports radio, the more I get the feeling that New England will win but the great thing about sports… any given night, any team can win!

I like Atlanta because I dislike New England. It’s as easy as that. But I also like the Dirty Birds because they are fun to watch – if Matty Ice can play the way he has the previous two weeks… Falcons come out on top 34-30.

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  • Zinger36

    The best move the Knicks didn’t make was going after Durant. He would not have fit in at all.

    • First off, welcome to Mattville! And we concur. As long as Carmelo Anthony is here then a scorer needs to stay away.

    • DJ Eberle

      What do you mean KD wouldn’t fit? He’s one of the best players in the league. He wouldn’t not average 26 ppg because he’s on the Knicks. Joel Embiid is on a below-average Sixers team but he still thrives.

      • Buddy Diaz

        I think Melo and KD together could of been interchangeable from small and power forward. Killer small ball lineup with Porzingis at center

  • Drunk In Joisey

    Dolan is to blame. Pats are too good right now for Atlanta.

  • Fans are to blame. Stop going. Stop watching. And Buddy Diaz is the biggest culprit of all, defending Carmelo. Note the tagic irony in “defending Carmelo.” If they can get a box of used baseballs for Anthony at this point, it would be a coup. We have said from the beginning that this guy was awful for this team and this city and the fact that there is anybody out there that still “defends” this guy is remarkable.

    • Buddy Diaz

      You would make the worst Gm/president!

      wait… are you really Phil Jackson because that would make sense, seeing how you run this website into the ground

      • Junoir Blaber

        You would make an awfuller GM. Melo is a cancer and needs to go. He is a rich man’s JR Smith.

        • Buddy Diaz

          Wow, Melo is a hall of famer. You outta your god damn mind!

  • Dude

    dolan is ultimately to blame. the season ticket holders who enable him with constant sellouts at exhorbitant prices are also eqaully to blame. i also blame the ghost of david stern because he always had in for the knicks, so he can’t go unmentioned.

    • Buddy Diaz

      Thats new to me, was there some type of rift between Dolan and stern?

      I need to know more, I’m intrigued!

  • benwhit

    Dolan and the fans. Glad we sorted this one for you Buddy.

  • Different Matt

    I blame Allan Houston for the Knicks woes.

    • Junoir Blaber

      Time Warp Tony??

  • Buddy Diaz

    My blame Pyrmid would start with Dolan because he either meddled too much or brought in the wrong people to run the franchise which have hurt this franchise to this day.

    Then Phil Jackson because He hasn’t done anything well, whether it’s trades or adding talent. Oh and that whole triangle thing being forced upon the team is rediculous!

    Lastly would be the fans because I do believe their reactions may have caused Dolan and company to trade players and or fire coaches. I.e. Trading Ewing (which I wanted at the time but in hindsight was stupid of me)

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