NBA Trades: Who Will Knicks Trade? My Money is on…


SPANISH HARLEM, NY – Today is the NBA trading deadline and most fans will be interested to see who may or may not be moved. The news around the New York Knicks has mostly centered on Carmelo Anthony but a new name has been brought up in the news lately and that is Derrick Rose.

On Tuesday, the media leaked a potential interest from the Minnesota Timberwolves about possibly acquiring Rose. Everyone knows by now that Rose played some of his best ball for Tom Thibodeau in Chicago and many are not surprised that Thibs is showing interest in a potential reunion. It doesn’t look like the Knicks will bring back Rose for next season, so it would be in the team’s best interest to see what is out there. Remember, no team wants to lose an asset for nothing, so it will be interesting to see what they see as more valuable -more cap space or a player they can build around.

A Rose by any other name… or team?

The player being mentioned in a potential swap with the Timberwolves is Ricky Rubio, who has supposedly fallen out of favor with Coach Thibs. If this is true it would mean the Knicks are looking for a point guard they can build around, as he has two years on his contract. That’s at an average of 14 million per season, for the next two years. I’m not sure what to make of this because Rubio is a bad shooter but gifted passer, and many pundits think he would fit better on a team with scorers like Melo and Kristaps Porzingis. Take into account that Willy Hernangomez is also accustomed to the Spanish Team style of basketball that made Rubio famous, and you have the potential for some good chemistry on offense going forward. Will Rubio make the Knicks better? That’s a good question to ask but one that’s very hard to answer.

The one thing that intrigues me about Derrick Rose’s contract is the amount cap relief (more than 21 million) you receive if you decide to let him go as a free agent. Most New York fans know the Knickerbockers haven’t had many opportunities to bring in free agents because of past failures dealing with the NBA cap. To make matters worse, having cap space doesn’t guarantee you will get the free agent you want (remember LeBron James?). The pool of upcoming free agent point guards got slimmer with news of Chris Paul verbally agreeing to a contract with the Clippers. And Kyle Lowry is looking for a similar pay day from the Raptors. With the CBA’s new rules in place to protect franchises’ from losing key players, it will make it even more difficult for teams like the Knicks to bring in great players.


With all the dysfunction surrounding the season, I don’t see any major free agent point guard – or any one for that matter – coming to New York. My opinion: roll the dice and trade Rose if you can get Rubio. Although it’s nice to have cap space, it will suck even more if you are not able to sign a replacement.

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  • If the Knicks can make ANY trade that includes Rose, Anthony – or hopefully both – they should do so for a little as tickets to a Nets game. Rose can’t click with K-Zing and Melo is the not the franchise star he was incorrectly marketed as. He has, however, shown an ability to bite his tongue when hammered in public by zany Zen fruitcake Phil Jackson. He has answered all post-game questions and remained calm. All of this while under the shroud of looney Jim Dolan’s circus. He will be an offensive asset to a contender. But he has no future here.

    • InThePaint3

      They have to get the equivalent of a #1 pick somehow. It could be a player but Ricky Rubio is not the answer. A salary dump would be okay too.

      • benwhit

        He’s not the answer but I’d trade Rose for him

    • Buddy Diaz

      I think Melo most likely gets traded during the offseason when teams usually have more cap space to add a player of his monetary value. ‘More rumors are out about the Knicks wanting Rubio in th trade so I think that’s more likely today

      • Drunk In Joisey

        If they really want to get fans excited for the first time in 20 years they should trade both. Blow it up.

      • The Donald Trump

        I love Little Rubio and his little hands.

        • Buddy Diaz

          Can you give Dolan a job in the White House so he has to sell the Knicks, I’ll vote for you in the next election!

          • AngryWard

            The thing with Trump is, you can take a government job in his administration and STILL not give up a thing. So, Dolan could feasibly become Trump’s Secretary of Douchebaggery and still run the Knicks, and not pay his taxes. Ugh. Be careful what you wish for, Buddy. We don’t watch it, and Dolan could be our next President. I’m serious. All of New York hates his guts, so you just know that Trump’s base would vote for Dolan just to stick it to so-called East Coast Elitists. Holy Sh!tcakes! I’m gonna stop talking about this now.

          • benwhit

            Dolan’s no commander in chief but he would own that douchebaggery gig.

          • Buddy Diaz

            That’s scary but your absolutely right, I never thought of it that way

          • Buddy Diaz

            Check this out
            “James Dolan an NBA Outsider for $300K Donation to Trump” via by Bleacher Report


  • Buddy Diaz

    So I was wrong about Derrick Rose, he will stay with the Knicks. I just don’t think they can get anyone to come to New York after what Phil and Dolan has done this year. At least if they completed the trade they wouldn’t be left with nothing.

    Now we get another season of uncertainty because they won’t keep Rose and will overpay for players who aren’t worth the price they pay. This is madness!

  • Junoir Blaber

    Reading this after the tradeline makes me laugh!!

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