Spring Training Highs and Lows: Yankees and Mets look to Future, Ponder Wright.


SPANISH HARLEMHello Baseball! Oh how I have missed you. There is nothing like Spring Training Baseball, when every team thinks it has a chance.. Every young outfield prospect is Mickey Mantle and every veteran pitcher is coming into camp the healthiest and strongest they ever been. The highs are the highest because reality has not set in yet… it’s what makes Spring Training so much fun.

Can He Do It Again?

Most Yankee fans know by now that this will not be your typical Yankee season. Familiar faces like Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira are gone and replaced with players like Matt Holliday and Chris Carter. There are holes in the pitching staff and no one knows what they will get over a full year from Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and others but there is excitement for the future and if all goes well, this could be the core you see for the next 3 to 4 years.

The Yankees organization has refrained from adding any big money contracts the past couple seasons and that will benefit the payroll for the future because sooner or later the team will look to add some players and if you have the right pieces in place then there is less holes to fill via trades or free agency. It’s not an exact science but the good teams do it better than most. The focus will be on Joe Girardi early on but he has lead a young team before and won Manager of the Year with the Marlins in 2005

As for the Mets, they go into Spring Training with arguably the best rotation in baseball (when healthy) and although they have Yoenis Cespedes in the middle of that order; the lineup around him can be very different from day to day. Many Met fans will want to see if Adrubal Cabrera can repeat his offensive production from 2016. On the other side of the field, some players are looking to bounce back from injury like Lucas Duda and Neil Walker but the glaring question on this site has been “What to do with David Wright?” (Let’s just say he doesn’t have too many fans here – read this piece!). We also still don’t know what will happen with Jeurys Familia and how long he will be suspended but the team is still good… how good will depend on the Starting Rotation!

The path to this Baseball Season starts now and although the win-loss records don’t mean anything yet, hope will carry you through.

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  • AngryWard

    Zack Wheeler already has “elbow tenderness” after one bullpen session. Let the Mets’ Injury Parade commence!

  • Dude

    should have traded wheeler for cespedes instead of fulmer… oh well. gsellman is the real deal so wheeler schmeeler

    • Dude, we disrespectfully disagree, you lunkhead. Wheeler was proven to be a top 3 starter on most clubs. Fuller was a prospect. An everyday star slugger was gotten in return for a proven commodity. You’re 20-20 look-back is mere cowardice! No offence. (Canadien spelling) for Different Matt, who’s up tomorrow.

      • Randy Levine

        Nilsson Schmilsson

      • Dude

        Wheeler was offered in the deal for Gomez that fell through so not really that far fetched. Not implying that I thought that at the time or would not do it again in a heartbeat. Just saying think if we had fulmer last year instead of Nancy boy wheeler. No need to lob insults at me guy.

  • SentFromMyBlackberryWireless

    Porn star piles on NFL Draft prospect’s miserable day

    • Drunk In Joisey

      Jim Kelly must be proud.

    • AngryWard

      A college kid wanted to hook up with a porn star? Shocking!

  • DJ Eberle

    I still expect the Yankees to contend for a wild card, at the very least. I love their youth and think some guys could be major players down the stretch. Also love the signing of Chris Carter. I think Luis Severino can regain some of that 2015 form and Chad Green should be more consistent than last year. Curious which prospects could help the Yankees down the stretch? Look no further: http://tlgets.me/kdh

    • Buddy Diaz

      Dam I wanted to highlight your article in mine. I totally forgot so I apologize about that. I thought it was a good read especially for those wanting to know about the Triple A team.

      Chris is a good “buy low sell high” kinda guy. The media is worried about how many at bats he gets but it’s a long season and he is an asset if he plays well.

      • DJ Eberle

        No worries, my man! Thanks, I appreciate it!

        Oh yeah, the Chris Carter signing is looking better and better every day. Hopefully Tyler Austin can rebound from his latest setback, though.

  • benwhit

    The position players are an ugly puzzle for the Mets. Too many OFs, but none that can play C, a hurting corner IFer situation, and crappy catchers.

  • Schilling’s Ketchup

    Haha gotta love the part in the linked Wright article that calls for him to “vacate the captaincy”? Imagine that presser: “Hi…everyone…I’d like to rescind my honorary title that comes with no official job duties. Please just call me Dave from here on out. Thanks” . That’d almost reach Piazza’s “I’m not gay” presser levels on the awkward and unnecessary scale.

    Our other 3b options are pretty blah. And in the rare event one of those two are actually good, keep in mind despite his hot finish our much praised SS was dreadful from May thru July so we may need our other 3bs to play some SS. Dave “don’t call me captain” might as well stick around.

    • Buddy Diaz

      Yea I didn’t understand that either but the people here think you need to be an everyday player to be a captain. Mattingly was a great Captain even though he was injured half the time.

      Back injuries have ended many great careers too early!

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