Grinding Ax: NFL Free Agency Frenzy, March Madness Mayhem


White House, NJNFL Free Agency is kicking off , therefore, we get to witness intelligent owners, GM’s and coaches acting amorously towards a group of players who are ready to break ties with the teams and fans who supported them. It’s truly Reality TV playing out before us. Some will hit the proverbial lotto, inking deals that defy common sense! Others will find out that their inflated egos and narcissistic self worth are not in tune with the rest of the world.  I’m always amazed but rarely surprised when these annual transactions seldom turn out benefiting the new team. The curse of the huge contract rears it head season after season.  Some teams love the splash that they make only to drown in their own regret!

Why can’t we sign LeBron? (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

This year will prove out my theory and has already begun. Who is dumber than the Cleveland Browns?  The Chicago Bears! They just signed Mike Glennon to a three-year, 45 million contract. Compare that Mensa Move to a reasonably thrifty move by John Lynch and the 49ers. They signed Brian Hoyer to a two-year 12 million dollar deal. That’s backup money for a guy with a winning starting record. (16-15) It leaves the door open for the possibility of dealing for Kirk Cousins who asked to be traded. “You like that!”

I can’t quit you?

Brokeback Tony Romo thought that he was free to go and explore his worth with contenders. Well, Jerry Jones had visions of grandeur regarding the future Ring of Honor version of Danny White. The problem for bug eyes is that the teams with a tepid interest are NOT willing to give up anything for Heartbreak Tony. Houston and Denver are willing to wait Jerry Jones out.

Big Blew… Brandon Marshall can be a blessing and a curse for the Giants & Eli Mannng.  The talent level at wide receiver is certainly impactful. The question is will the sideline turn into a free for all ?

The Jets… well don’t expect much in free agency from Gang Green. They are in sell mode.  Prepare for another year of discount ticket deals on Stub Hub and EBay.

The ” Wright” Stuff

March Madness has begun and the prognosticators are puking predictions.  I’m going to wait until the brackets are finalized before I pick my Final Four. I will be at MSG tonight for the Big East semi finals.  Villanova looked well prepared today as they dismantled Chris Mullin’s St. Johns Red Storm 108-67…  The Wildcats look ready to take a number one seed and have a realistic chance of defending their title. Unlikely, but not impossible. Exciting basketball for sure for those of us who love college hoops!

Chime in with your disparaging remarks and unwanted opinions!

Stay tuned for Small Matt’s expose’ on Women’s Rugby and the men who play it.


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“Grinding Ax” Walter Hynes (GAW) comes from the same Sports Royalty bloodlines as Short Matt… He’s heaving hatchets off the heads of any deserving Sports Personalities… His favorite teams are the NY Rangers, Detroit Tigers, Dallas Cowboys, NY Jets and Manchester United… A suburban husband and father of two, Walter understands what it takes to be a second-guessing, sideline-heckling parent and coach.

  • Nosebleeds541

    Is there anything worse then being a Browns fan?

    • GrindingAx

      I think the Eagles fans are tortured more due to their delusions of being contenders.

      • Buddy Diaz

        That’s a low blow! I think the Eagles made some good moves yesterday especially for Jeffrey on a “prove it” deal. If the draft goes well they could contend next year.

        • GrindingAx

          Buddy, I’m going to guess that you are not old enough to have ever experienced a championship by the Iggles? They always contend and then the season starts.

          • Uh… They never won. That’s why Dick Vermeil cried so much.

          • GrindingAx

            1960 NFL Championship.

        • You Suck

          The Eagles and Philadelphia suck.

  • BroncoBobby72

    Why would any team trade for a brokeback Romo? He is a choke anyway.

    • Because somebody we can’t remember the name of got 12 million per for two years? The guy is serviceable.

  • Did someone say Rugby?!
    Join us for @SixNationsRugby at @pignwhistleon36 NYC’s best #Rugby Pub.
    3PM EST #WALvIRE. #6N.

    • GrindingAx

      Is that a satellite unemployment office?

  • buffalobilly84

    Podesta is going crazy up in Cleveland. The place eats people alive! Worse then Buffalo!! 🙂

  • AngryWard

    Excellent insights, Grinding Ax. I’m glad the Vikes have done very little so far. And we’ll see where Peterson ends up, but no reason to pay for what he was, rather than what he’s been the last two years… which is mostly injured. Enjoy Big East Semis tonight at MSG. I’m pretty sure that I’m still not welcome there for any sort of college basketball, based on past transgressions.

    • Buddy Diaz

      I would love to hear those stories!

    • GrindingAx


      So much has changed since then. The Transgressions now have their own bathrooms. The Nova game proved that a good team will find a way to win even when they play horribly.
      I think Peterson may end up in New England.

  • Junoir Blaber

    I actually like the Jets moves, better a year early than a year late.

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