Three Areas the Yankees Should Focus on This MLB Season


SPANISH HARLEM, NY Opening Day Baseball is just a few days away (Sunday, April 2nd) and many teams around the league feel this will be their year. The New York Yankees won’t be one of those teams, though, and that’s something fans will have to get used to this season. Usually the Yankees brass and manager Joe Girardi go into every season believing they have what it takes to compete for a championship, and while many believe they will compete – no one believes it will be for a championship.

The Bronx Bombers will have one of the youngest teams my generation of fans has ever seen. For the team to be good, many things will have to happen over the course of the season to reach their full potential. They may not put it all together this season but the foundation could be laid for the future. Today I will talk about the 3 most important areas the Yankees need to improve this season for it to be a success, with or without a playoff appearance.

1. Development – The most important development the Yankees want to see will be from Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird. We all know what Sanchez did last year and what Bird did the year before that, but the question will be asked: “Can they duplicate that production, day in and day out, over a full season?” They both achieved a great amount of success when called up but many fans have seen this before from players like Kevin Maas and Shane Spencer, only to realize that they were decent players who got hot for a couple months. So far this spring, Sanchez and Bird have shown that they have what it takes to be great players – and that bodes well for Girardi and the offense.

The Yankees have great depth in the minor leagues “talent wise” but having them succeed in every level is a key component that will determine whether this team has what it takes to sustain any success in the coming years. Some of their young stars will play a role and some will be used as trade bait for a missing piece when needed. Either way, the more players they can develop, the more successful the Pinstripes will be.

2. Pitching –  I could of included this above but I want it to have its own category because everyone knows pitching wins championships. This season the Yankees have 5 uncertainties on their staff and that includes the ace, Masahiro Tanaka, who could go down to injury at any moment. There is not much you can trust from this group and that’s putting it nicely. That’s why it’s important for pitchers like Jordan Montgomery, James Kaprielian, and Justus Sheffield to take that next step and get better. They will be depended on at some point this season or the next, and the less holes you have in the rotation, the less GM Brian Cashman will shell out on free agent pitchers.

Cash n’ stache.

3. Win – I’m sure every team wants to win but in Yankee Land that means Championships. Winning games and making the playoffs are two different things, as we have seen with the Yankees the last two seasons. The Bombers have continued to win but not enough to make the playoffs and that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the Yankees this season. I’m sure all the guys want to make the playoffs but if they can churn out another winning season, I think it will do wonders for their confidence, now and in the future. If they can prove they can compete with the very best teams, it won’t be long before this organization contends for a championship again.

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  • AngryWard

    That’s a pretty balanced analysis for a Yanks fan, Buddy. Well done. If I may, I’d like to offer three more areas the Yankees should focus on this year. 1) Lowering their ticket prices. 2) Lowering their beer prices. 3) Lowering their expectations for the immediate future.

    • Buddy Diaz

      I fully agree, they need to lower the prices. I hate watching the game and seeing those expensive seats empty. It changes the whole feel in the stadium.

      As for the expectations, some fans are unreasonable, I don’t see them in the playoffs because the AL East is a strong division. We will need some luck to pass teams like Baltimore and Toronto.

      • AngryWard

        Despite the Price injury, I think Boston should put up enough runs to be competitive as well. That’s a pretty balanced division, except for Tampa Bay. The Yankees pretty much got what they deserved with “The House that Greed Built.” They threw away their cathedral for this concrete monolith where most “real” fans are pushed to the rafters, or out altogether, while the corporate types who can afford the good seats, are too busy stuffing their faces in the restaurants and stadium clubs than sitting outside enjoying the game. It’s a joke.

        • Maureen

          So true. ?

        • Buddy Diaz

          Your right and I agree about Boston. I didn’t mention them because I think they are taking the division. The Yankees will be fighting Baltimore and Toronto for the middle of the division and Tampa was really bad last year so I see them in last again

        • The Price injury: At what cost?

      • benwhit

        Yeah the young hitting is ahead of the young pitching. They’re probably a year away from doing anything. Get CC off the books.

        • Drunk In Joisey

          And back on the booze.

      • You have as much a chance seeing seeing the Greedees lowering prices as you do seeing us curl our hair.

    • benwhit


    • DJ Eberle

      I don’t understand this whole progitive on Yankees tickets being expensive. I go to games and get cheap tickets every year. And “expensive Yankees tickets” are no different than how expensive New England Patriots tickets are. But the one thing you have to remember is Yankee Stadium is bigger than many ballparks and many games are being played during the week. If Yankee Stadium was the same size as Fenway, every game would be packed.

      • AngryWard

        First, what is progitive? You might be thinking of prerogative, but I don’t think you mean to use that here either. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is your comparing Patriots tickets to Yankees tickets. NFL teams play 8 home games a year. Every single game is important. MLB teams play 81. There’s no comparison. And, yes, all the other sports tickets (football included) are overpriced as well. But the Yankees set the gold standard for sports greed years ago, so they have to take some grief. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are trying like hell to pick up the baton and run with it though.

        • DJ Eberle

          You’re right. I typed the wrong word. My point is, Yankees tickets are not actually that expensive. You can get good seats on StubHub two days before a game for like $20 or $30, or even less.

          • AngryWard

            You’re right. You can get very good prices on expensive tickets waiting out the “secondary market.” The point is, the Yankees and others still charge an arm and a leg for their seats, concessions, parking, etc. Those tickets you’re getting a deal on are some other sap taking a bath or a corporate flunky looking to make a few bucks on the tickets he was given by his boss.

          • You get cheap tickets because they suck for the amount of money that it costs to go to a game, so they are suffering at the gate. Next question…

          • GrindingAx

            They need better food and wine selections for the Legends Club! It’s a travesty!

  • Junoir Blaber

    Does no one talk about the Mets no more! We are infested with Yankee fans!

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