Grinding Ax Walter Hynes: Rick Nash, Eli Manning Are Frauds


“Rick Nash has not convinced me that he has the gumption to push the Rangers offense over the finish line. -Grinding Ax Walter Hynes

When men were men: Richter, @Angry_Ward, Leetch, Messier

PENN STATION, NY –  As I celebrate Year Fifty as a Blueshirts fan, I anguish over the history of this franchise. The numbers suggest that this quinquagenarian may not see another Stanley Cup raised at the Worlds Most Famous Arena!  

Who is to blame?
Rick Nash is culpable for recent underachieving playoff runs. Since arriving, his inflated salary has been shifted into the allowance for doubtful accounts column of the books!  His lack of fire is alarming. He gets speared, cross-checked and tripped without retaliating. He is the Tony Romo of the NHL with respectable regular season statistics followed up with abysmal post season production.  Nash has three points and  plus/minus  of 0 thus far in this chippy series with a dirty Canadians team. Jesper Fast has been the best offensive player at three points and a plus four on a fourth line that has done more than their share.

Where are the stars of this team?
Derek Stepan 
has a whopping one point, J.T. Miller and Kevin Hayes have goose eggs in five games. This has to change if the Rangers are to make any attempt at advancing this season. What started out as the number one scoring team in the league, is now an anemic derivative of the Fall version.  King Henrik Lundqvist has played well against Carey Price in a battle of goalies. Who will crack the code and open up these netminders?  Will it be one of the aforementioned players or perhaps the NHL’s Most Dangerous Iranian, Mike Zibanejad? Is he the ONLY Iranian who ice skates? For Junoir Blaber’s sake, I hope my criticism of Nash propels him into finally stepping up when it counts!

Okay… Let’s drop the puck and wrestle us some pigskin.

Check your closet/ trophy case for counterfeit memorabilia! As a sports enthusiast, I have my share of authenticated autographed and Game Worn items that I have invested in throughout the years. The business of Sports Collectibles is a billion dollar industry. Websites such as Ebay are filled with signed  items from our favorite teams and athletes. We trust that legitimate entities that are selling these items and authenticating them to justify the premium pricing for limited editions and “Game Worn.  Eli Manning owes any unsuspecting collector an apology and their money back!  Why would he jeapordize the Manning Family Name and expose himself to a true sh&t storm of litigation by defrauding us along with the largest collectible company, Steiner Sports? He is a Dumb Ass! This will lead to all kinds of trouble for Eli Gump and cost the collectible industry millions. Let’s see how this plays out!

Chime in with your incoherent banter and come back tomorrow for the authentic Cheesy Bruin; he’ll be wearing a counterfeit Bobby Orr jersey… And check us out on Twitter @MeetTheMatts, @GrindingAxWalt, @Matt_McCarthy00 & Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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“Grinding Ax” Walter Hynes (GAW) comes from the same Sports Royalty bloodlines as Short Matt… He’s heaving hatchets off the heads of any deserving Sports Personalities… His favorite teams are the NY Rangers, Detroit Tigers, Dallas Cowboys, NY Jets and Manchester United… A suburban husband and father of two, Walter understands what it takes to be a second-guessing, sideline-heckling parent and coach.

  • benwhit

    I think Eli is innocent. I’ve never seen him that upset. He spoke like a man wrongly accused and I don’t think he’s smart enough to fake that.

    Also, Rick Nash has been a beast. I see plenty of fire.

    • butch gorings nostrils

      The youngsters and other offensive players have allowed Nash to finally be at ease. He is playing some good hockey! I smell big things for him!

      • GrindingAx

        Let’s hope

    • AkvinTanner

      Eli is guilty as sin. The email that they have says it all. These guys are all greedy.

      • benwhit

        We’ll see. There might be more to the email in context, as they maintain. I’m not rushing to judgment.

    • GrindingAx

      I’m hoping my negative reinforcement results in a Nash scoring streak.
      Eli is probably no different from other players handing over any items to Palm them off as game worn. He just got caught.

  • Cheesybruin

    Walt, your comparison of Nash to Romo is pretty spot on. But honestly, have you seen Nash play the past two games getting to the net with reckless abandon? I pile on this guy with plenty of criticism but he has been one of the Rangers better forwards the past two games.

    • GrindingAx

      I’ve been watching and yes, I see a moniker of effort. I point to his even plus minus as reference that he’s not changing the game……Yet.
      Bruins scored those two or goals….Nice…Hope for the matchup

  • Bigblue154

    Nothing will happen to Manning. The NFL loves that family. It will get taken care of and everyone will forget it by season start.

  • AngryWard

    Looking forward to the game tonight. If it sucks, I’ll then be looking forward to watching “Silver Streak” on Netflix. I think you’re right in your comment that dozens (if not hundreds) of sports stars do the same phony things with supposed “game-worn” gear. Though my friend Mike D once bought a game-worn Butch Huskey batting helmet and when he received it in the mail he opened the package and said said it smelled like an untended animal cage. That sounds authentic to me.

    • GrindingAx


      I would suggest Slapshot as an alternative to the Rangers.

      • AngryWard

        A great alternative, as is “Goon.” Still, I’m a sucker for Wilder and Pryor on a runaway train.

  • Junoir Blaber

    Mats helped the Rangers get series win. Goober Manning didn’t even know why he signed, he is just that dumb.

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