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MARLBORO, NY – This week we lost one of comedy’s most colorful characters in Don Rickles. You knew you were an entertainment icon if this guy roasted you with unparalleled insults. I remember some of these roasts and his many appearances on all the late-night talk shows but affectionately recall watching him in the short-lived show CPO Sharkey. It was a sitcom that disappeared from the screen, along with everything from Pampers to Panasonic televisions, when the 1977 summer blackout struck. So, as Rickles would say, here’s a column for all you hockey pucks out there prepping for the NHL Playoffs.

Women’s Ice Hockey? The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Women’s World Championships came to an end Friday night when the Gold Medal game came down to the USA and Canada, as it seems every international tournament does. I’m as patriotic as the next guy and am glad the USA ladies won 3-2 in overtime but I couldn’t care less because it’s…women’s sports. The only ladies of the ice I like seeing are those with skimpy outfits cut high in the thigh and who perform in front of international judges. I’ll expect your letters.

Brad Marchand: They don’t call this guy The Little Ball of Hate for nothing, as the accompanying video from Thursday night’s game will show. He is probably the NHL’s Dirtiest Player – and that’s coming from a huge Boston Bruins fan like myself. He’s been in and out of the NHL Disciplinary Department’s doors in the past and received a fine and two-game suspension for skewering Tampa Bay Lightning defensemen Jake Dotchin in the chimes in a game the Bruins needed all their best players contributing… to secure a playoff spot. I guess the punishment equaled one game for each nut Marchand cracked. I’m not ever going to say anybody has a shot to the family jewels coming to him but the Dotchin did cross-check the Bruins forward in the back. He may have initiated the forthcoming lapse of good judgement in the critical game – which Boston ultimately won.

NHL Playoffs The Washington Capitals have scored the third most goals, are the stingiest in goals against, roll out four lines and three top flight defensive pairings, have arguably the best player in Alex Ovechkin, and have won the President’s Trophy as the NHL’s best regular season team. Usually the President’s Trophy is the kiss of death when it comes to winning hockey’s ultimate prize but from the physical beating and smothering the Caps put on the Bruins yesterday, an opening round upset at the hands of the same Boston team is out of the question. Washington probably steamrolls through the Eastern Conference on their way to the Stanley Cup Finals.

In one of the only other match-ups known for sure at the time of this writing, the New York Rangers will be squaring off against the Montreal Canadiens. Provided Chris Kreider doesn’t steamroll Habs goalie Carey Price this time around, I see the physically heavier and defensively well-structured Canadiens winning the series in six games.  Sorry Rangers fans but that window of opportunity closes even more.

That’s it. Please comment below and come back tomorrow for a Buffalo Sabres Hockey Puck, DJ Eberle. And please follow us on Twitter – @CheesyBruin & @MeetTheMatts, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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A man amongst men. Cheesy Bruin kicked cancer to the curb – twice. The Cheese Man’s a big, tough teddy-bear who survived the Bronx despite being an unabashed Boston Bruins fan and Sargent-At-Arms for Angry Ward’s Urban Spur Posse. Nuff said. Doctors have taken most of this throat and had to make him a new tongue from thigh-meat (his own) and still he won’t shut up about the Bruins, Cowboys, Pirates and Cleveland Cavaliers. And yes, his kids do love him.

  • benwhit

    I was impressed by some of the goals in the hockey game. Those ladies are bad ass in my book.

    • Amy2ndRow

      I bet he is single with that attitude! 🙁

      • Cheesybruin

        I mean it’s great that women get to run around and break a sweat like men playing sports but I won’t watch the crap on television. Hell, I even gave the Lingerie Football League a chance and couldn’t watch that abomination either.

        • The Donald Trump

          Trust me. I agree. Fantastic.

      • Many times over!

    • Cheesybruin

      I agree Ben that they are very talented in what they do but I just can’t get myself to watch women’s sports.

      • We categorically and unequivocally deny any affiliation with Mr. C. Bruin’s opinions.

  • GrindingAx

    Rangers need to play to win. If that includes sitting Hank, then so be it.

    • Junoir Blaber

      They can’t sit Hank. He is the most clutch guy on the squad. They need the scorers to score and defenders to play good D.

      • GrindingAx

        The operative word is IF he plays clutch. You are correct that scorers and defenders need to step up. I’m still pissed you from that Brassard is no longer on the team.

        • Not having Brassard stings but let’s be honest; he is not the difference between winning a Cup and losing a Cup.

          • GrindingAx

            He brought some fire with him. They do not play with the same edge as they did with him, Callahan and even 4th liners like Dominick Ward.

        • Cheesybruin

          KING of NO CUPS

    • Not starting Lundquist would subject coach and organization to ridicule for eternity, should it backfire. The same would not be the case if they started him and lost.

      • Cheesybruin

        Maybe Hank can play for the women’s team in Sweden.

  • AngryWard

    Minnesota finished strong, Cheeseman. Any predictions out west?

    • Cheesybruin

      MINN-STL is going 7. Nashville will upset Chicago…you heard it here first.

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