Why We Need Sports Now, NY Sports Suck, Mets Fans Helping Mets Fans


EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – Not sure if it is desperation or maybe I isn’t so bad at this pinch-hitting thing. Either way, guess who’s back?! It is I, Pinch-Hit Matt and I am ready to go. That said, if it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it – so I will stick to my tried and true formula: a Song of the Week before getting to the Sports Stuff. The Sports stuff this week will be about Why We Need Sports Now, NY Sports Suck Again and Mets Fans Helping Mets Fans.

Song of the Week: I tipped my hand when I asked guess who’s back? It is the song that came to my head when I was asked to post. The song is one of the greatest songs in history. It is by one of the ear;y greats in hip-hop. The song is by Rakim, and it is called Guess Who’s Back. It is well worth listening too.

Why We Need Sports Now: I don’t want to get into politics too much so I will say this… thank goodness for sports!! I mean has anyone turned on the news today? It is just so much and we don’t even know where to begin. We then have the local news which has stories like a 5 year old boy saves parents from heroin OD by running for help. Like what in the actual funk!?! At least there is sports where you get a break for a couple of hours and get to stop thinking and watch and be happy or if your a New York fan, it is something new to complain about that is far more engulfing and fun than real life.

NY Sports Suck Again: I know saying “again” is funny, because they haven’t been good in a while. The Mets have been an occasional bright spots but boy does everyone suck right now. The Mets are struggling and the Yankees aren’t so bad right now but they will return to sucking soon enough. The Rangers choked and they were the only team with a chance of winning a title. The Knicks are an abyss and the Nets are terrible. The Islanders are not as bad as they were but they aren’t gonna win anything, anytime soon. The Jets and Giants, pft!!! And the Devils are gonna be rebuilding for a while. It is a horrible time to be a NY Sports fan.

Mets Fans Helping Each Other: The other day, I was racing to my car after dropping my daughter off with my mom. I was too late to stop the sanitation ticket but they guy had just gotten into his car, so I chased the sanitation cop in my car until I caught up with him, 6 blocks later. I asked him if it was too late to cancel the ticket. He said “You a Mets fan?!?”, since I had my Mets hat on, and I went “yup, since ’85.” We talked a bit about how the medical staff sucks and this great generation of pitchers would end up being another Generation K under their care. After that chat, he took the ticket back and said it is not in the system yet so he will cancel it for me.

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Junoir Blaber is from Ghana but was transplanted to the Bronx as a young lion chaser. Blaber is the Rain Man of Meet The Matts and is a featured contributor on MTM global partner, Rugby Wrap Up. The name “Junoir” is not a cool African name. Instead, Blaber mis-typed “Junoir” on his Facebook page. But proving that two wrongs indeed do make a right, he embraced his new persona – [June-noire]… Manute Bol is his uncle and his teams are the Mets, Jets, Knicks & NY Rangers… And Manchester United. He knows soccer. [Vomit]. P.s… He has webbed toes and came be followed on Twitter here: @JunoirBlaber

  • AngryWard

    Great story with the Sanitation guy, Junoir. You know what sucks worse than NY sports right now? The Cavs/Celtics series. This is an absolute EMBARRASSMENT to the NBA. I say they invoke the mercy rule already and force Cleveland to play two exhibition games against the Harlem Globetrotters. Let’s see how good they are defending a guy on a ladder or how well LeBron shoots with a bucket of confetti getting thrown in his face.

    • Junoir Blaber

      I am sure the Cavs will take it easier on them and let them play close the next two. I just want to point out that this shows how tough the east was in the 80s and 90s in the NBA. In the early and mid 90s you had Detroit with the bad boys and the remnants of them, The Knicks with Ewing, Sixers w Barkley, Hawks with ‘Nique, Celtics still hanging around, Cavs were always pesky with Price and Dougherty and Reggie was warming up in Indiana.

      Now it is just hot garbage!

      • benwhit

        Imagine if the Celtics somehow win this series? That would be amazing.

  • Cheesybruin

    JB, don’t you find it a difficult task getting 500 words out of the NY sports scene? I’m a big fan of Rakim’s old stuff with Eric B. but not a bad tune you selected. Kudos on getting anybody in NYC to reconsider a parking ticket.

    • Junoir Blaber

      It is. That is why piece today talks about Rakim, beating a parking ticket and why we need sports. I only mustered a 100 words on NY sports and that was to say they suck.

  • GrindingAx

    Junoir, I’m a little disappointed that you mentioned the Devil Dogs of Newark in this fine article. They are not and have never been considered a New York sports team. #paradeintheparkinglotchamps

    • Junoir Blaber

      I deliberated and wanted to say Screw Jersey but the Jets and Giants play there so I felt like I had to be fair to the red-headed step children of NY sports.

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