Hot Stove Heats Up, MLB Winter Meetings, Patrick Corbin Spurns Yankees

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SPANISH HARLEM – The Winter Meetings are up and running and the New York Yankees hope to get their pitching staff situated before the best options come off the board. Last week, Patrick Corbin spurned the Yankees to sign with the Washington Nationals. The cost: 6 years and 140 million. While the organization tried to wine and dine him during his visit, it seems they weren’t willing to pay more than 100 million to add him. I’m surprised that the Yankees were outbid when he seemed to be the guy they coveted once free agency began.

60 Million reasons to live in D.C., rather than the Boogie Down Bronx.

It had to be a big blow for fans who felt the Yanks would do everything they could to solidify their rotation. Everyone knows their starting pitching was not very good last season and getting the best free agent pitcher available is something you come to expect from this franchise. Money has never been an issue but it seems lately that Brain Cashman has been hesitant to sign pitchers to long deals. If the Yankees were willing to go to 5 years, why not add a year and more money to get a deal done? Corbin, a noted Yankees fan, would have thought twice if the Yankees got close to what the Nationals offered. But the Yankees were not willing to go there and saw their options dwindle, as Nathan Eovaldi signed back with the Boston Red Sox soon after the Corbin deal was completed.

One option would be to bring back JA Happ, who pitched well in New York during a time when the Yankees needed it the most. He won 7 games and didn’t have a loss after he arrived via trade. He impressed many within the organization, as he became the best pitcher down the stretch at one point. While I liked him as a trade, you have to talk about his age. At 36, it’s said that he wants a 3-year deal. That would make him 39 when the contract ends. At this rate, you can expect the Yankees will have to make a commitment that they are not comfortable with so that they don’t lose Happ as well. That makes losing Corbin hurt that much more.

The smart move is to lock up guys early before the well runs dry and it could get worse before it gets better. Signing Manny Machado would help ease some of the pain from losing Corbin.

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Getting another pitcher has to be their top propriety. Now is the time to pounce on those players you want to add to this ball club.

I understand you don’t want to make risky investments but you can’t come away from this offseason with only James Paxton added to your rotation.

That’s it for me, please add your comments below and check out my man Big Ben Whitney talking pigskin.

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