The NBA Trades Rule the Internet

SPANISH HARLEM – What a week it has been for the NBA, they took over the airwaves and maybe upstaged the Super Bowl. Everything Anthony Davis was the focal point yet nothing truly happened on that front. The Los Angeles Lakers made a fool of themselves and go into the rest of the season with more doubts than they started with.

Lebron James was a key piece but you always knew there would be more to it. It was the greatest free agent coup for the Lakers to get the best the player in the league but you knew it wouldn’t end there. Lebron wasn’t going to the Lakers by himself and now we know why. Davis was the guy they coveted but it wasn’t going to be easy. In the end, the Lakers never had a chance or so it seemed.

The New Orleans Pelicans never got the trade they liked or maybe they never wanted to trade him at all. Either way, we get another offseason of rumors and more trade possibilities. The Boston Celtics are back in the mix but that’s only if Kyrie Irving stays on the team. He has been rumored as an attractive option for The New York Knicks so things can change in a heartbeat but there have been whispers about the Celtics wanting in on Davis and they would love to match him with Irving for the foreseeable future. Even the Knicks have a chance now if they can get a top 3 pick in this year’s draft, let’s not forget that Davis added the Knicks, as one of the teams he would sign an extension with.

The NBA is fantastic and with all the trades that have gone on lately, there is hope for new teams. Golden State is and always will be a threat; they didn’t make a big trade but added Boogie Cousins. Lebron is a year older and playing in the Western Conference so teams in the East like Milwaukee and Toronto made trades for the stretch run in hopes of going to the finals. For the first time in a long we won’t be seeing the Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers and to be honest, that’s fine by me.

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