New York Knicks Get 3rd Pick In NBA Draft. What Will /Should They Do?


SPANISH HARLEMWhere do I begin? I guess the best place to start is when I found out the New York Knicks were among the last 4 teams for the 1st pick in the NBA draft. I had just seen the other two teams that were tied with the same odds, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Phoenix Suns, fall in the draft. The feeling that went through my body was one of joy, and just before I was truly happy with the idea that the Knicks would get Zion Williamson, I paused the television and decided I didn’t want to watch it anymore. Feeling joyfull scared me because there was no way the basketball gods would bless my favorite basketball team. So, I waited… and waited some more… then the update came up on my phone and showed me that the New Orleans Peckers Pelicans had just won the NBA lottery. I was pissed. I said Fu!k internally more times than I count. My next objective was to find out where they landed and when I saw that they got the 3rd pick in the draft, I got depressed. I said to myself “We couldn’t even get the 2nd!?”

Okay… Now it’s time to move on; to help all Knicks fans off that NBA ledge. It’s not the end of the world. The sun will shine again and the Knicks will have the 3rd pick in the draft. It could be worse, even though the franchise dropped again in another draft where they had the opportunity to win the lottery.

Most people that know the NBA expect the organization to draft RJ Barrett. As fan of this team you have to walk away feeling good about the opportunity to bring in a stud athlete that has the potential to one day be a star. The thing I hear the most about this kid is that he was the highest rated player going into college, even more so than Williamson, when they both decided to play at Duke.

We all know how the story played out: Zion became a sensation and Ja Morant leaped-frogged a bunch of highly-touted players to become a top 3 pick. While that might seem like the Knicks get the guy the other two teams don’t want, they are still getting one of the best players in a top-heavy draft.

Oh, and how could I forget… Kevin Durant is the most coveted player in this upcoming free agency and guess what team is favored to land the basketball player in the world? The New York Knicks. Am I hedging a bet on this? Lets just say I would if I had a lot of money to burn. Sure, there is the possibility that Durant signs back with the Golden State Warriors. He could sign with any team, really, that has the cap space to add him. But no other team has been linked to him as much and for good reason. When so many prominent NBA insiders go on the radio or national television to say they believe he will join the Knicks, you have to think there is something to it.

If K.D. comes to New York, that changes everything. And rumors that Kyrie Irving would join him makes this summer a fascinating time to be a Knicks fan.

The NBA off-season begins in about a little over a month. Then it will really gets fun, with two max slots available and drafts picks the opportunities are endless.

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