NBA Free Agency News: 3 Options for the Knicks


SPANISH HARLEM – With NBA Free Agency only days away, its a good time to talk some Knicks. I know. It’s as though I write about the Knickerbockers a bunch. It’s true. But why not do it again when the organization has so much on the line? They traded Kristaps Porzingis for this opportunity… and because he wanted to be traded. But that’s beside the point. There has been a lot of rumors floating around and soon it will be time to see who was right and was wrong when it comes to determining who will go where. Many fans in New York that still love the Knicks will have a keen eye on Kevin Durant but as a fan myself, I say they only have 3 options.

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Option No. 1

You go after the best of the crop: the Kevin Durants, the Kyrie Irvings, the Kawhi Leonards and see what happens. You ask for meetings and try to knock their socks off as best you can, being one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference. Granted, there is not much to sell on that front but you talk about the change in culture. You tout the drafting of top college players and how they will only get better. Entice them with the allure of New York City and how we have some of the greatest fans in the world (and some of the worst – but no one is pointing a finger). Push the youth on the team and sell them on how they will only get better and all it takes is one great player to lead them. It won’t be easy but you go big or you go home.

Option No. 2

You look at the lower level free agents and try to contend now with what you have. Add someone like Jimmy Butler with another, maybe D’Angelo Russell and look to make a Playoff push. Get yourself a good – possibly great – veteran and compliment him with a Point Guard that can score. Form this young nucleus around two guys that will make the squad better as soon as they sign on that dotted line. It won’t be the marque Free Agent you expected but it will make the Knicks better immediately and keep the franchise from getting left out in the cold for another important off-season. I know most fans would dread this outcome -myself included – but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Knicks go this route to put fans in the seats.

Option No. 3

Stand pat and continue to preach patience, develop RJ Barret, Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson and hope that they continue to get better. Go through another season of losing and look to add more drafts picks, while still having the cap space to add a player via trade or look forward to the next crop of Free Agents in the years to come. This has been the plan all along for Steve Mills and Scott Perry and they haven’t done anything that would make you think they would make a move just to make a move. They have acquired assets in draft picks and cap space but that doesn’t mean you waste them right now just to appease the fans.

Ownership Black Hole: Wilpons of #Mets and Dolans of #Knicks.

Option No. 1 would be ideal. Option No. 2 would be the same old Knicks. Option 3 means they struck out in Free Agency but at least you don’t add bad contracts to make this team good again.

This fan base is tired of being good; we have been good before and that led to a lot of painful loses. We want to be great and don’t care how we get there… just that we get there.

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