More NBA, More Draft, More Free Agency Talk, More of Same Knicks?


SPANISH HARLEM – If you come out to these neck of the woods, you know what your getting. No one is hiding and certainly no one is going to hold back. Today we talk some Knicks, I could talk about the Yankees for days, they are getting healthy and playing some of the best ball in the MLB. But I won’t water your time down. This is NBA Draft time and unlike many Knicks fans, I like to think about the future.

The Good

The Knicks have the 3rd pick in the NBA draft and while many think that RJ Barrett is the shoe-in pick at that spot, rumors have circulated lately that Darius Garland might be the guy they reach for. I say this because he was a legit top recruit before he was injured. Now mind you, he got hurt before the collegiate season started but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great player among the greatest players to play college ball. I’m not here to say that he will be a great NBA player, I’m just telling you that he is good. Like really good, special good, the type of guy that without injury would be talked about as one of the top picks. Am I surprised that he has jumped up the ranks, yes I am, but as a Knicks fans you want the best player you can get.

If you ask me, I want RJ Barrett. I say this because I feel he can be the best player in this draft but I don’t make the picks (though I wish I did, I couldn’t be worse). I like RJ Barrett because he wants to be a Knick, sue me. I also appreciate the fact that he is 6’7 and can score. I want guys that create and guess what, he can pass too, that works in the NBA. He was one of the best players I saw watching college basketball, he put up some of the best stats in the history of the sport at his level. Did I mention that he wants to be a Knick, I’m sold.

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The Bad

Kevin Durant is hurt, that we know… and without getting too sad, I will say FU&K, FU&k and FU&KExcuse my French, I’m not the most healthy-minded person in the world. His injury changed the game. We had every opportunity to sign two two max level free agents. Not so much now. but are you surprised? People can say we are cursed and I couldn’t argue with them. I love this team and if we sign KD and lay low until next season… guess what? We have more money to offer free agents. Then the year after that, more money and more money and more money. I know it sucks right now but you don’t have to use all the marbles this year. Let it be bad for another year, get another good draft pick and build the team, I’m up for anything. I bleed orange and blue (not Mets Orange and Blue but you know what I mean).

Speaking of bleeding, come back tomorrow for Replacement Matt.

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