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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – As the Major League Baseball season comes to its final days, the New York Mets continue to tease their fan base – that maybe they have more than a pulse. To do so a miracle of miracles must occur: They pretty much have to win out the rest of the season against the Reds, Marlins and Braves. Additionally the Cubs and Brewers need to rattle off a string of losses against the Cards, Pittsburgh and the Reds. The chances of this happening are very slim but yet… What can you do as a Met fan but watch the scoreboard? Yes, the Cubs lost last night to the hated Cardinals but the Brewers won. So here we are sitting 3.5 games out of the second Wild Card. Every game is a must win. Every game for the other guys is must lose. I found myself drifting off to sleep refreshing the app on my phone to see the Cubs finally succumb to St. Loo in the 10th. It ain’t going to happen but the what if it does? Keeps you coming back like a crackhead taking another hit off the pipe and not even knowing why. Why do we do this to ourselves? My problem with believing is that every time I do it all falls apart, so I believe in nothing… like the nihilists in the Big Lebowski.

It’s soul-sucking really. But will I tune into tonight’s game? Of course I will. And I will be crushed when it doesn’t work out, even though that it was I expected all along. It’s all mind boggling really. The only real upside of the Mets failing to make the postseason is that when they don’t, maybe they can fire Callaway and hire someone who knows how to manage a game. Fat chance of that happening. The Wilpons hate the idea of paying two guys to do one job, so may as well hope for the best. This is what its come to. Praying for a miracle 50 years after the last one went down.

Which brings us to the New York Football Giants…

… a team that was the yin to the Mets yang in management style. Well not anymore. They are now the leaders of ineptitude. Great idea to pay Manning big bucks to play two games and pay OBJ to wreak havoc for the Browns. So now they are going to start Daniel Jones in game three. Why not? He has no pressure now. Whatever points he gets will all be given away by the defense so he can sit back and let it go without any fear of reprisal. Set the bar low and it’s real easy to clear. The Dave Gettleman way, genius really.

Come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber and enjoy more existential suffering.

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