What A Difference A Play Makes: Jets, Giants, Mets, Duo of Doom and Bills To Unseat Pats


NEW YORK, NY – Comparing the Major League Baseball season to that of the National Football League is like comparing the NYC Marathon to the 100-meter dash at the Summer Olympics. Losing your first 3 games in a baseball season may make for some frowns around the water cooler or freight elevator, but you know your team still has 159 juegos to right the ship. That ain’t the case in the 16-game #NFL, which J-E-T-S fans know all too well. One missed extra point – or case of mononucleosis – can end or save a season. In baseball, the return of a player from the DL IL, emergence of a young player or a trading deadline acquisition can turnaround a moribund franchise. Just look a the Mets. Meanwhile, the NY Giants and Buffalo Bills are walking a bit lighter in their loafers today, after salvaging and solidifying their seasons, respectively. Let’s take a look.

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“Sorry Sammy, you are out of time.”

NY JETS – Put a fork in them. They’re done. Even Buddy from The Incredibles can’t save ’em now, even if he risks a spleen-explosion and subsequent death. Gang Green and their serial-killer-gaze Coach Gase, suck.

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NY GIANTS – The young Jim Carrey doppelganger, Daniel Jones, pulled one out his firm, young a$$ yesterday, as the rumored-to-be next Jets kicker went Norwood on his Tampa teammates. #WideRight gave the Jints a Super Bowl win over DJ Eberle’s Bills and this modern day rendition (and Eagles loss) may have just given them a season. Oh, Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy, we love you so…

Imagine if you will, a world gone mad… One in which the NY Giants could actually plays some defense and Edwin Diaz could save some games.

NY Mets – A stunning reversal. That is what 2019 has been. They can lose out and this guy will be okay with that. I laughed, I cried, I watched, I looked away… but always looked back. Despite a bimbo for a manager and LESS THAN ZERO from The Duo of Doom (TM)of Familia & Friend,

New York’s TeamHow ’bout dem Bills?! If ever a team and city lived and died (mostly) by a snap of the football, it’s the Buffalo Bills and the city of of Buffalo, respectively. Yours truly was at the Bills win over the Jets on opening day. As traumatic as the raping of my wallet was at the beer counter, I do remember some things from that day. Most notably, I recall the Jets kicker missing an extra point and chip-shot field goal. Cut to present day and Da Bills find themselves tied with the Patriots at 3-0 and brimming with confidence behind a QB with swagger, Josh Allen. This is the kid that Phil Simms said was the best of last year’s ballyhooed QB crop. Kaare Vedvik For President merchandise is selling like hotcakes in Orchard Park, as his misses may have the Bills on their way to… gasp… unseating the Pats as the division’s #1 team.

Oh, what a difference a play makes…

Speaking of which, come back tomorrow for Buffalo Ben Whitney, who is yapping around the water cooler right now about the D-Jones Industrial Passing Average… or some bullsh*t stat like that re The Rookie Savior II (Pete Alonso is Savior I).

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