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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I want to publicly apologize to my fellow staff writers. We are suppose to support each other and I haven’t been holding up my end these past two weeks. I will do better going forward, or at least try because I have a good reason for being so bad this week and late with today’s piece. Earlier this week, my wife gave birth to our first son and second child. No his name is not “Trenoir” but if he choose to be a soccer player or musician, he should definitely consider that to be a stage name. So with all of that happening you will see me hit the comments for the past couple weeks, after I hit you with this piece. Today’s topics will be: Sent Away Callaway, NY Rangers, NY Knicks.

Sent Away Callaway: I don’t think anyone was surprised to see Mickey Callaway be fired by the Mets. One it is pretty evident to all that GM Brody Van Wagenen didn’t like him and started overruling him from the VIP box upstairs on certain decisions. What made it worse to watch as a Mets fan was the Noah Syndergaard situation and the Mets Bullpen. The Syndergaard situation required that Noah pitch to the back-up catchers because he performed better. However, the back-up catchers were not as good at the plate. So Calloway let Van Wagenen bully him into forcing Syndergaard to pitch to starting catcher Wilson Ramos, DOWN THE STRETCH WITH THE PLAYOFFS ON THE LINE!! You can guess how poorly that worked out. How can you be a pitching coach and not lay down your life for your pitcher during a critical stretch of games. It just was so spineless. Secondly, the Mets bullpen was a heaping trash fire this season. Like again, he is a pitching coach that is now manager. So I expect him to clearly identify the problem and do so hands on work to fix a critical part of the team that is costing them wins. I mean the Mets bullpen blew like 9 games this season and they missed making the playoffs by less than that so do the match. That is just criminal to me and why I gladly say go away Callaway.

NY Rangers: The Rangers are 1-0-0 and it is not time to pop the champagne yet. There is a very long season ahead but I have a good feeling about this team. They don’t scream Stanley Cup or anything but they do scream competitive and playoff bound. We all know once you get to the playoffs anything can happen. The net remaining a mess as King Henrik Lundqyist has decided he will die in between the pipes so the future netminder for the franchise is still up for debate. However, they bolstered the attack and bit down and renovated the defense. This gives the Blueshirts a fighting chance this season.

NY Knicks: I said last week that like a compass pointing North, the Knicks will suck this season. And then I thought well the Eastern Conference is a wasteland. It has the defending champion Toronto Raptors who will be missing the Playoff MVP and the Philadelphia 76ers and then who else? Brooklyn will have a decent season with Kyrie Irving until they get Kevin Durant in a year and then you have the Bucks with the Greek Freak. After that four is just a mess of mediocre teams not nearly good enough to be 10 games over .500. So the smart money is that the Knicks have a collection B and C level players that might be able to scrap out a place in the playoffs somewhere between 6th and 8th or just miss it altogether. These are the Knicks so they will likely miss out.

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